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His Nanny – Episode 16

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Later that day


Sylvia and the kids came back


They were already sleeping


I collected stacy from her hand and took her to the room Sylvia looked really down and the kids too


Am sure they didnt have fun like she was expecting sylvia was unnecessarily quite

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She went to her room without uttering a word Lets just say today didnt go well for everyone ***


After Dinner


I took the kids to their room and left


i entered the bathroom and took a shower


i was about to sleep when i heard a knock on my door


I opened the door and saw mitch holding a teddy bear and starring at me “What is wrong ,why are you up”i asked squating down to meet her height “Can i sleep here kira”she asked


“Of course you can ,is stacy sleeping”i said



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“No stacy is playing”she replied


But i thought they were sleeping before i left


I entered the kids room and starred at stacy in her crib


immediately she saw me,,,she swang her arms excitedly and giggled I carried her in my arms and went to my room


Mitch jumped on my bed and lay down while i rocked stacy to sleep and telling them stories


“Good night mommy”mitch muttered with her eyes closing slowing


Omg she called me mommy


I cant believe it


Minutes later they both sleeping beside me I starred at them smiling


I’m going miss them soo much


I kissed their forehead and slept off




I went to my kids room to check on them but found it empty


I ran into kira’s room without knocking and found them sleeping peaceful my heart relaxed


There is something about kira,the way she connects with my kids



her cooking,,,everything about her


i just cant believe that shes leaving because this past few month with her been really great


I head back to my room and found sylvia sleeping on my bed


I closed the door back immediately and went to sleep on the couch downstairs




Its been two day since kira left


I was beyound happy when i heard she is leaving Now there will be no one to drag Austin with me


Austin have been the one doing almost everything and working from home


Today Austin will be going on a trip for three days and i will be left alone with the kids


This is the perfect time to bound with them and make them like me so Austin wont think about getting another nanny




I managed to bath the both of them after struggling for hours


Mitch insisted that kira should come and bath her herself


After pleading ,she finally agreed .


I took them to my room to stay so i could take my bath


I came out from the bathroom and my eyes almost popped out of its sockets



My whole expensive makeup was destoryed My powder was all over their faces and hair my eyeshadow was used as sprinkles My concealer ,My everything


“My kyile makeup palate” i yelled


They both starred at me with puppy eyes


“BAD KIDS ,,BAD KIDS” I yelled angrily and to my surprise


They started crying


I was confused


How do i make them stop crying


“Please dont cry”i begged


it was like my plead triggered their tears the more This time increased the shouting


I ran downstairs to the fridge and packed all the candy and chocolate for them “please dont cry,,please i beg you”i gave them the candy and they threw it away


I sat down on the floor confused and joined them in the crying To be continued





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