Adebimpe, The Facebook Girl ???? (Season 9) Episode 1 - 24

Adebimpe: The Facebook Girl – Episode 207

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“A call from betty?”

“At this same period?”

“I hope it’s not what I am thinking?”

“Henry had found out about everything”

“ Bimpe had told Henry who the real father of Daniella is”

“Henry then informed Betty about it”

“Then Betty decided to call me and call it quit”

“I am finished already”

“Everything is over”

I was so lost in the thoughts of the unknown future as the phone rang three times and I wasn’t picking up, the fourth call came in and I checked the screen again, it was still a call from Betty. I wiped my face, cleared my throat and summoned courage to pick it up this time around.

BETTY: hello dear,

ME: **cracked voice** hello Betty, how are you?

BETTY: I am good. Why aren’t you picking my calls?

ME: I am so sorry about that, I was watching a movie and the sound was so loud that I couldn’t hear the ringing of the phone.

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BETTY: what happened to you Onihaxy ?, your voice is sounding somehow.

ME: I am fine dear.

BETTY: stop lying, you are not fine. I have known you for a long time, I can easily tell your mood from the sound of your voice.

ME: I’m serious dear, I am OK.

BETTY: you aren’t telling me the truth Onihaxy. Well, I already knew what happened.

ME: ****scared and screamed with my heart beating at a very fast speed***** yeeeeeee!!!!, you already know?

BETTY: yes now. So why are you lying to me that you are fine when I already knew that you are not.

ME: *****crying and sobbing***** I am so sorry Betty; I was scared to open up to you about it, but now that you already know, I don’t know what to say again.

BETTY: but Onihaxy, why would you be scared to open up to me and ask me anything you want?, have I ever complained to you before that I was tired ?, or did you ever ask me for anything and I told you that I won’t be able to do it?

ME: ****confused, what is betty saying?, me?, asking for something ?****** I am so sorry dear.

BETTY: so, how much do you need exactly?

ME: *** still confused**** how much that I needed?

BETTY: Onihaxy, stop pretending to me, I don’t like it. I knew you are broke and that was why your voice sounded somehow, I have known you for years now and I know it when you are broke from the sound of your voice.

ME: **** smiled, this girl nearly got me sha***** hmmmmmmm.

BETTY: so, how much do you need?

ME: ehhhmmmmm 70,000 naira.

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BETTY: just 70,000 naira?

ME: yes dear.

BETTY: so it was because of just 70,000 naira that made you to be beating around the bush since?, I will send a western union of 100,000nairaequivalent to you on Monday.

ME: thank you so much dear. I love you so much.

BETTY: I love you too dear. Please feel free to ask me anything at any time you want. We are going to spend the rest of our lives together, so we should share everything and anything together.

ME: thanks dear.

BETTY: you are welcome. So, let’s talk about the main reason why I called.

ME: ok dear, I am with you.

BETTY: firstly, I will be writing my last paper tomorrow.

ME: waoooooh!!!!!!!!!!. Finally, my baby will be rounding up.

BETTY: abi ooooooo. My certificate should be ready latest in a month’s time. Also, I have started making arrangement for an accommodation in another city far away from here, where daddy or any alien wouldn’t be able find us.

ME: ok, that is good dear.

BETTY: I have also started talking to people about our jobs. Mine will be faster though, because I had my qualifications here. But I am very sure that you will get a placement soon.

ME: thanks so much my dear. You have really been a heaven sent to me. I am so grateful to you for everything.

BETTY: don’t mention dear. So, when should I travel down to Nigeria so that we can have our registry wedding and return back here together?.

ME: I don’t really know the arrangements on ground oooo.

BETTY: hmmmm. I thought you and Henry had been planning this for a long time?

ME: that is true, but it’s been a while we talked about it. I ought to have asked him about it again but you know that his wife lost a pregnancy recently. So, I couldn’t ask him again so that it won’t appear as if I don’t have human feelings for what happened to his wife.

BETTY: hmmmmm, you are right anyways.

ME: maybe you should try talking to him yourself. You know that you are his sister; he might be able to discuss it with you.

BETTY: ok dear, you guys should hurry up ooo. I have graduated and finish my part oooo, it’s now your turn ooooo.

ME: ok dear.

BETTY: can you guess the second reason while I called?

ME: hmmmmmmmm, you know that I am not too good at guessing.

BETTY: just try now

ME: eehhhhm, you daddy had agreed that we should marry abi?

BETTY: ***hissed*** not that jor. He didn’t even know you

ME: your engaged husband in Nigeria has called off the wedding?

BETTY: no, try one more time.

ME: I am tired of guessing. Please tell me what happened exactly.

BETTY: I have been feeling feverish for some weeks now. I tried some medications but I was still feeling the same.

ME: hmmmmmmmmmm.

BETTY: I would have thought it was a pregnancy but I have seen my menses after I left Nigeria.

ME: ****took a deep breath***** so what is the nature of the illness?

BETTY: I went to the college hospital for a test two days ago and you won’t believe the result of the test.

ME: what was the result?

BETTY: the result shows that I am two months pregnant.

ME: ****screamed***** really!!!!!!!!!!!

BETTY: yes dear. I was even surprised because I saw my menses weeks ago. I was told that some situations like that do occur where people will be pregnant and also be having their menstruation at the same time.

ME: waoooh

BETTY: so, I was given some drugs to use that will stop the menstrual flows.

ME: waoooh. I’m so happy. in fact, I am the happiest man on earth right now.

BETTY: so what do you think?, are u suggesting an abortion?

ME: eeeeehhhh!!, abor!! what!!!!!, you want me to get you arrested abi?

BETTY: but I was thinking you aren’t ready to father a child yet. Or are you?

ME: I am over ready my dear.

BETTY: hmmmmmm, just pulling your legs about the abortion anyways. Just want to tell you thatI am two months pregnant.Thanks so much for sending me on another nine months course when I thought I had already finished running courses.

ME: ***laughed out loud***** you aren’t serious Betty. I can’t wait for us to be together and forever.

BETTY: I can’t wait too my dear.

ME: has henry heard about the news?

BETTY: not at all, you are the first person I am telling. I will call him after this call.

ME: he will be very happy to hear this news.

BETTY: off course he will. Let’s talk later; I want to study for tomorrow’s exam.

ME: ok dear. I love you so much

BETTY: I love you too honey. Bye ***hanged up***

I was having mixed feelings of joy and sadness after Betty’s call that I don’t know if I should be crying for Daniella’s paternityrevelation or rejoice for Betty’s pregnancy news. I looked at the wall at it seems the world was about to come to an end, I looked out to the sky through the window and the bright moon was giving me a kind of consolation. I fell back to the wall and was lost in another round of thoughts.

“And this girl truly loves me…….”

“She is always ready to give me anything and everything”

“Now she is carrying my baby”

“ Bimpe is also out there”

“I don’t know if my secrets have been finally blown into open”

“I don’t know if I am to rejoice or cry”

“I don’t know if I am save or not”

“Help me lord………………….”

To be continued

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