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7 Days With My Crush – Episode 3

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episode 3






by simrah Saeed.




Mia’s POV..




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He adjusted in his sit and stared into my eyes..


“marry me” …




What! the! is he okay right now? I didn’t know when I burst out laughing, marriage?




“I’m being serious here and you are laughing your ass out , are you crazy?” he questioned ..




“no, it’s you that’s crazy what sort of stupid request is that? who does that” I said with an eye roll.


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“it’s a contract miss Lockhart, the marriage is just for a 7days and I’m paying you a huge amount of money, damn you” he yelled..


It was then I remembered the money again . Just 7 days ?…




“I’m confused here why did you want to get married just for seven days?” I asked..




“it’s none of your business Miss, we had an agreement” he snapped..




“alright then I guess you have to look for another person because I ain’t marrying to you without knowing the reason” I did as if I wanted to go and took my bag .. God I need this money, let him call me back else I will loose a hell of money….




“wait” God aren’t you wonderful? he did call me back… I turned and folded my hands waiting for him to speak…




“my father wants me to get married before he can pass me my inheritance that’s coming as the new CEO in his companies , he will pass it to me the 3rd day of my marriage and then after 3days you can go on your own ” he explained..




“how do you intend telling him after words ” I asked




“That’s simple, I will tell him we divorced because we are better off friends than lovers, he will understand” he said and shrugged. It might work anyways….. it’s just for 7days isn’t it ..?




“then I’m in ” I concluded, I can’t even wait to see Jen we are gonna be rich oh my God! I will


have to spend a whole week with this ruthless crush of mine ….




“really? ” he grimaced…




“yeah so first you have to give me my 50bucks” I reminded him..




“I will but we haven’t finished this discussion” he spat angrily…




until you give me the money, then we can continue my dear future husband” I said grinning while he stared at me with hatred .. I’m Mia I know what he’s capable of doing, he didn’t intend to give me the money . I laughed hilariously. He didn’t know the type of stuff I’m made of…




“okay fine” he said and brought out some money and threw it at me. really? I took it stylishly and counted it, it was 100bucks…




“hey take your change” I said stretching forth my hand..




“I’m not as poor as you are, you can keep the money ! can we continue now? ” he said impatiently .. I felt pain in my chest as he said I was poor. his words pierced through me like a nail.. oh God Mia why will you be affected by his words , it’s true anyways I can’t change the fact that I’m poor… get over it….




Kayden’s POV.


I think I really hit the right spot, her face went pale before she hid it with a smile. Mia Lockhart be ready for hell, you will see the stuff I’m made of after we get married! She don’t know what’s coming for her . . hell is the only thing I’m seeing. I will make sure the 7days will be the worst moments of her life.. you can say I’m heartless, I don’t care . I don’t forgive easily, I have to retaliate yeah I must… But shes pretty saucy , anyways I know how to handle the type of her..




“so can you sit so that we can sign the damn contract?” I told her and she didn’t hesitate before doing that. Good! my word really shut her up… I brought out the contract so that we can finalize it before signing..




“so in the contract, it has rules to be followed and the first rule is that we share the same room” I announced..




“no we can’t, I can’t live in the same room with Mr grumpy, yuck” she said dramatically…




“well suit yourself cute dimple because it’s a must. Don’t you know we have to consummate our marriage?” I said with a wink while she throws me an irritating look…




“you better wake up from your dream” she said and looked away… isn’t she charmed by my handsomeness like the rest? this girl won’t stop amusing me..




“as if you can resist this hot body” I said referring to my self..




“well Mr grumpy, have any one told you how ugly you look? oh maybe there are scared of telling you, you look like an old masqu…..”




“shut up already and sign the contract and leave” I yelled throwing it to her while she sighed before she took it and sign .. how dare she tell me am ugly, me Kayden Brooks. the Korean sweetheart number one most handsome bachelor alive. wait! is she blind? God this lady here is so tough . I will so deal with her…..




“here take” she said and passed me the paper…


yeah in the contract , I can bring any girl I want home and she won’t intrude that’s what she just signed.. . Really? is she not going to be jealous? she didn’t even show any form of likeness for me.. she’s really a hard nut.. ..




“I will come take you for shopping next week before going over to my parent’s okay” I said and she nodded… ( More interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App)



“then, as a gentleman I am, I will drive you home I guess your work could have been closed by now” I said sarcastically…




“no thanks, I can walk myself home, I will take a cab” she said and started walking out..




“there is no cab this evening again, did you know how many hours we spent in there because of your stupid demands and stubbornness?” I said…




“I don’t care, don’t just take me home” ..




“well I insist miss Lockhart, I’m taking you home and that’s final” I said sternly hearing her sigh..


yeah u think I won..




“fine” she said and I opened the passenger side for her murmuring ‘thanks’ … then I sat and we


took off…..




Mia’s POV..


okay then , as he insisted on taking me home I have to comply . but I won’t let him drive peacefully .


I bristly stood up and turned on the music increasing the volume . oh my God it was my favorite song ‘ like you ‘ by Tatiana…


I started jumping in the car forgetting Mr grumpy… but I stopped Immediately the music got turned off…




“what’s wrong with you , did you want to break my ear? the music is so loud and you are shouting like a madwoman , don’t dare me next time” he said angrily.. Mr angry cat, when is he even not angry self. gosh! but I am not going to listen I really want to frustrate him like right now. I hissed and turned on the music again and this time very very loud..


baby you are strong


you are wise.




you are worth beyond the thousand reasons why.




you can’t be perfect babyyyyyy




cause no one is perfect darling.




oh no no there’s no body in the world like you….


I was shouting atop of my voice singing that I didn’t even noticed the car has been packed. did I tell you I have the worst singing voice? yuck I suck at singing. you wouldn’t want to hear my voice when I’m singing even Jenny leaves the house anytime I wish to sing except we want to do the madness together. yeah! that’s how poor I am in music…. I di……


I was cut short from my song madness when I was dragged out of the car by Mr grumpy..




I won’t let you destroy my ear drum with your horrible voice and noise. Now suit yourself and find your way home” he said, entered his car and left for real…


what! this man is heartless, he really did leave me here by this time of a night… no cab now how do I get home…


oh Mia look at how you ruined everything for yourself.. but I only wanted to frustrate him now.


God! …


I had no option than to trek home which is a mile away from where I’m standing and it’s already late…


Next time I won’t mess with him again .


wicked man……..






7days with my crush .
























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