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Crazy Baby Mama – Episode 23

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Episode 23






I glanced at the door before taking my eyes back to the phone : The message reads ✉ma’am the child wouldn’t stop crying you have to come over….Address:


At an abandoned warehouse 2kilo meters from De Luca’s hotel *✉ by scorpion What’s this about? I asked my subconscious mind.


I quickly took the phone rushing out to the living room….

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Stephanie wasnt there anymore maybe in the kitchen

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I wanted to confront her and ask her what the message meant but stopped midway to the kitchen


“I’ll have to think fast…I need a plan!”I whispered to myself walking outta the house.






I hopped into my car, picking a pen i copied the address in a piece of paper just incase of emergency as I drove into the street.


“The child wouldn’t stop crying you’ll have to come over” were the words that kept replaying in my head….Zoe’s missing and that message has to do with a child or could it be Zoe?…


But Stephanie won’t be so heartless in kidnapping my child will she? How did she even get to know!…


I was frustrated as I hit the stirring angrily…..I think I should see Nadine’s nanny

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maybe she could help with some information about nadine…





A knock can on my door as I opened my heavy lids, my head was pounding…I laid on the bed breathing heavily as I glanced around


“God please protect my Zoe she’s the only one I have left in this life would be useless without her” I muttered tears streaming down my face.


I stood up walking towards the door as I opened it to see a lady with a tray “just set it on the table” I said sniffing


“ok ma’am” she proceeded and kept it on the table…she turned to leave before saying “ma’am is there a problem?


I could call the securities if you want” she said “erm…am fine there’s no need for that”


I managed wiping my eyes


“if you say so ma’am…I’ll take my leave” she walked away.




I got dressed quickly as I rushed outta the room heading for my car. I got in igniting the engine to life as I sped off in a jiffy…. *




Am never gonna forgive jeremey if something happens to Zoe!! He ruined me once but not again…I’ll do anything to get my Zoe back even if it costs my life!!


I arrived at my house to find jeremey talking with the nanny,he noticed my presence as he turned to me


“Nadin…” I didn’t let him complete his words before giving him a stinging hot slap as he held his cheek with red eyes, The nanny flinched before walking away scared


“You son of a bitch!!!….Haven’t you done enough??!!” I fired hot tears running


down my cheeks


“I shouldn’t have listened to you let alone given you the chance to take zoe…you couldn’t protect her! And you call yourself a father huh!”



His face looked pale as he stood there watching me he was crying! his eyes red as the lava…


“Is it my fault that am impotent and can’t bear a child!!” He yelled pain written all over his face


What does he mean impotent?


“What do you mean Jeremy?” I asked confusedly


“For your information am hopeless just as you are!…I feel pain thinking that my daughter’s out there in the wrong hands! Am impotent and Zoe’s the only hope I have she means a lot to me…so if you gonna stand there doing nothing but let the past keep hunting you am gonna find my daughter!!” With that he left driving away…


I was speechless as I watched him disappear into the street


My life is a mess!!! I screamed digging my fingered in my hair frustratedly tears


overcoming my face….





After I was done eating I decided to head for the room so I could get dressed to meet the boys that were holding that whore’s daughter They might have sent an address I think…


But first I’ll have to get rid of Jeremy, he shouldn’t suspect me or anything… I headed for the room..


“Jeremy!!” I shouted but to my surprise he wasn’t in “where has this dog gone to again?!..”But where’s my phone?” I furrowed my brows searching the room thoroughly for my phone


“I left it here didn’t i?…I did I can remember”


If Jeremy’s not in then does it mean he took it? i asked myself bitting my nails No no he can’t!!…Am doomed! I panicked pacing up and down the room


“I need plan B…if I can’t take the child then the mother would do” I said smiling








I drove as fast as I could…I picked the phone ( Stephanie’s phone ) as I read the address..


Stephanie is very clear the cause of this mess! She kidnapped Zoe! How could she, well I’ll have to deal with her later but right now I need to find Zoe.. *





I arrived at the address, I alighted from the car taking my silent pistol with me ( The gun has always been with me in my office just in case of incasity)…


I walked slowly and quietly inside the ware house glancing at every was a very big warehouse with crates, boxes etc occupying everywhere and could serve as a blockage….I passed through many door before finally reached a door which was slightly opened as I peeped through.


I could see two men with heavey loaded guns smoking and behind them was a door ‘I think Zoe’s in there’…


I left and hid behind an empty box piled almost to the roof


I racked my brain for a plan when the perfect one came….I picked up an empty can


as I threw it far away from my direction so they would suspect the sound was coming from me…And great it worked


They ran out to the direction where it had fallen and I took the opportunity of entering as I locked the door behind me proceeding for Zoe I forcefully pushed the door opened as I took the men off guard…


I gave them an head shot as they fell to the ground dead


I rushed to zoe loosing the ropes that where tied on her hand. She was shaking and couldn’t even say a thing….



I finished untying the ropes as I lifted her up to my shoulders with my gun still in my hand, I walked outta the place opening the door I locked few minutes ago as my gaze landed on the men earlier..


They knocked me down before I could shoot at them making my gun fly away from my hand landing at the far side of the wall


I fell to the ground and they snatched Zoe outta my hand as she struggled with them to set free…


a cold metal pressed against my head…one of them with black curling hair was pointing a gun to my head he glared at me “you asshole…you think you’re smart huh” he punched me hard on the face making my lip bleed with a cut,


I groaned


“you’re gonna regret this fu.cker!!”I fired, He booth my stomach as I started coughing blood uncontrollably… I felt pain


“just…le..let us go and I give you 2minutes to do so else!” I warned even though I didn’t know what to do


He laughed like an animal “you still got guts aye!” He punched nd kicked me continuously until I became weak breaking a nose and arm


“Daddy!!” I heard Zoe’s tiny voice


“Awwn daddy’s little girl” the one with blonde hair said mockingly and they both burst out laughing


“Hmm how about you watch your baby girl get shot in the chest?” He said as my heart skipped and eyes widen in bewilderment


“but the madam didn’t ask us to do that” the other said


“Shut it….we Dont take orders from women” he said before cracking the gun


pointing directly at zoe and all I heard was the loud sound of the gun “Noo!!!!!!!” I screamed wide eyes as I watched Zoe fell to the ground….



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