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The CEO Is Her Body Guard – Episode 17

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I woke up the next morning, I took my phone and behold the call was still on.


“Huh?….did he forget to end the call?” I said about to end the call when I heard from the other line.



…. you’re awake?” Leon asked.




“Leon?…., did you forget to end the call?” I asked

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I didn’t”






“It’s 10 hours 45 minutes call!!, do….

do you know how much you’ve just exhausted… my whole



are you crazy!!!” I yelled.




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I heard him laugh at the phone and said “I just miss you too much…..

when I get back I’ll tell you something”


“When will you be back?” I asked





“I won’t tell you….

am going to surprise you…..

” he said



“Buy something for me when you’re coming back…” I said



“What would my rare Gem want….

you know I can give you the world” he said and I laughed saying


“Dream on Leon…..

you’re not Leonel Mavis…..

only him have the power to do so” I said


“This Leonel Mavis….you seem to have a crush on him” Leon said.



“Don’t be jealous okay?, even though I don’t know him in person…..

his mysterious and keep a low



but hearing his name makes me you know……I think am crazy but I’ve been in love with a guy I don’t



even know……all I know is that he’s from a rich family and he’s handsome……”


“Do you still love him?” he asked his voice calm.


“I don’t know either…..ever since I met you…. everything changed and left me confused” I said


“Don’t worry baby when am back you won’t be confused anymore……” he said


“Am hungry Leon…..” I yawned


“You want me to come and feed myself to you…’s not too bad….I can satisfy your hunger…..if you’re hungry for me” he teased


“Fuck you!!” I yelled


“Yes you can me when am back….but my size is really big can you fit it???” he said and my face turn red……I looked in between my legs…..’can I fit in?……no Gem….don’t fall for him’


“Go away am ending the call!!” I quickly end the call before he drives me crazy.


Leon had a large smile on his face.


“Haven’t seen you smile like that in a long time” grandmother said and Leon turn around only to see his family staring at him. “I told you she’s your perfect match”.


“Leon you found a new girl?” Mr President asked


“None of your business” Leon said as his face darkened again


“Leo we just want to meet her” his mother said.


“Why?, so you can tell her you don’t like her and wants her to leave me like Rose?”


“Leon stop comparing that girl with a slut!!!” his grandmother yelled. “Remember about Christmas….I’d love


to meet her”.




Rosemary stayed in her room all day and purposely refuse to eat and her stomach began to hurt….she pick up


her phone knowing Leon must have arrived by now and called him.


When Leon saw the caller he hasitate before he picked the call.


“Rose I told you……..”


“Ahh….help please….oh Leon it’s you….am dying….in pains….ahhh” she yelled and the call end. Leon was worried he do still care for her….after all she’s his first love.


“Turn the call around…..” he said to the driver.




I heard a knock on the door, I didn’t bother to go check the guards does everything and I was been spoilt with laziness.


“Gem….!” he called….


“Oh Kelvin hi” I said smiling.


“You’re a good person but I can’t let you get hurt and fooled by my so called best friend anymore….”


“What do you mean?” my smile disappeared as he played a voice recorder for me


“Do you love her?” it was Kelvin voice.


“No….why should I love her….I only pity her….we are using her get what we want….when am done playing with her I’ll trash her away….” it was Leon’s voice.


“But she loves you” Kelvin said again


“Gem is a fool….her sister is into me too….

she kind of hot

….can’t wait to you know” they both burst into


laugher. I was crying….







I can’t believe this

…..I’ve been fooled by fake voice note before…..and”



“His fiancee is his real lover…..did he tell you he travelled…..

?, well that’s a big lie……

he’s in my cousins house


who is his fiancee Rose…..

here” he handed me a video….it was Leon walking into her house, entered her


house pin and entered.







“It’s on live stream….

this is happening right now” he said and Leon quickly ran up to Rose…..and help her up.


She rested her head on his chest…..

Leon gave her pills and even put the cup of water in her mouth.


She raise her head up and kissed Leon….”Leonel Mavis…..

i love you” she said and I didn’t believe my hears.


Kelvin end the video.








“There is alot you don’t know about Leon….

who is Leonel Mavis of the J guards corp….

he was using



now his fiancee is back….

I can’t let you ruin everything…. please miss Gem leave!” he said pointing at



the door…………..





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