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My First True Love – Episode 7

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My first true love


Chapter 7


The next day; Marisa and I got up early to go to school. She asked me what happened yesterday, since I told her about the dream that I had.


She said it was probably because of what happened earlier with Jack, but I doubt it.


There was something else though. I remember feeling cold, but I also remember


hearing Alexander’s voice.


What can all of this mean?


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When we got to school; I saw Jack waiting for me in front of the school with a huge smile on his face.


“Hi” he said coming towards us.


“I’ll just go inside; I’ll see you later Jane…Bye Jack” she said before leaving me and Jack alone.


“So…how are you feeling?” Jack asked sounding concerned.


I saw concerned in his eyes, but I also saw…love. I felt sad for a minute, because I haven’t being honest with him; he needs to know about Alexander. “I’m fine now, thanks” I smiled up at him. He smiled and nodded.


“We better get going or we are going to be late” he said.


“Yeah, let’s go” I was about to walk away, when all of the sudden, I felt him grab my hand.


I looked up at him and saw him giving me a smile.


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I didn’t say anything after that; I was going to regret this later.


I was now in Bio studying about DNA, when all of the sudden, I started feeling really cold. I started shivering like crazy.


“Is something wrong Ms. Force?” Mrs. Compton asked.


Everyone stopped talking and now they were staring at me. GREAT. “No, it’s nothing, I’m just very cold”


“Cold? The room is fairly warm; maybe you should go see the nurse. I’ll write you a pass” she said, while looking for a pen and paper.


I nodded, I looked around and saw everyone whispering, but most of all, I saw Wendy, giving me a death stare.


Apparently she is still mad at me since Jack and I got together. I hope she forgets about it though, I wouldn’t want to see her like that.


“Jane?” I turned around and Mrs. Compton gave me the pass.


“Thanks” I grabbed my bag and exit the room heading towards the nurse’s office.



When I got to the nurse’s office, I stopped for a minute. There was something wrong, I felt the air getting colder, then I saw a shadow. Wait, how can that be possible?


“Can I help you?” I turned around and saw the nurse giving me a weird look.


“I…yeah, Mrs. Compton sent me here, I’m not feeling well” She nodded and


opened the door so I get in.


“So, tell me what’s wrong?”


“I’m just feeling really cold; I think I’m going to get sick”


“Ok, let me see” she grabbed a thermometer, just to see if I had any fever.


“Yeah, I think you’re getting sick, it’s better if you go home and rest for the rest of the day”


“Ok” She wrote me a pass and let me go.


Great, now how I’m going to get home. Should I call my mom?


No, she is probably doing something else. I’ll walk.


And that’s how I went home, I walked, but I can swear that I was being followed by something.


I kept turning around, but there was nothing. Not until I got home.


The same black car was parked in front of my house.


I was scared; I didn’t know what to do, should I call the police or my parents? Once I enter the house, I started shivering again, the room was cold; I was freezing.


I walked up to my room, to my relive there was no one at home, but I was still scare.


I locked the door and the windows. Now what do I do?


I pace around the room, not knowing what to do, I called Marisa. “Hello, Jane where are you? I’ve been looking everywhere for you”


“I’m home, look, there is something…or let’s just say someone is outside my house, the black car…it’s being following me around lately” “Wait, what? Jane, you’re scaring me”


“Marisa, I need you to call my parents, I’ll call the police”


“Jane, be careful , I’ll be down there with your parents as soon as possible”


“Ok, hurry”


I hang up, and went to see if the car was still parked in front of the house.


It was gone.


Please let this not be my imagination, I’m going crazy.


I took deep breaths trying to control myself, when I hear a loud noise coming from the bathroom.



I took a deep breathe and went to see what it was. The door was closed and the lights were off. It was quiet.


Then mist started coming out of the door, I started coughing.


The room was filled with mist and darkness.


I couldn’t see a thing, I couldn’t find the door nor was I able to breathe any longer.


The last thing I heard was a male’s voice calling my name.






Darkness was filling my head, there was no escape.


“Jane, please wake up” I heard an anxious voice calling me.


I somehow found the strength to open my eyes.


I open them slowly, my vision was blurry, I couldn’t distinguished the figure that


was in front of me.




I opened my eyes, and what I saw in front of me left me speechless.


There in front of me stood Alexander; the love of my life, and my first love looking at me with shock and sadness in his eyes.


“Jane, there is no time to explain this, but you’re in danger, you have to come with me now”


I didn’t know what happened next, everything just went too fast for me to see…


No confusion again, Jake isn’t Alexander..




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