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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 17

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Chapter Seventeen



Theme: Burial reception.











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Date: 12th, March, 2029


Time: 3:00pm


Location: Frederick’s Mansion, Martha bedroom.


Cara’s Pov:


“Mum, ohh Ethan she looks awful.” I exclaim walking into my parents master bedroom. My mum lays on the bed, a white bedsheet covers her midway, Her face looks so pale and lifeless. Ethan sits besides her.


“You’re here.” Ethan acknowledge. His eyes fills with sorrow.


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“How is she.” I ask staring at mum. She seems to be in some kind of trance. Her eyes are wide open gazing at the ceiling. I’ve never seen her in such state before, i guess I always thought she’s never capable of falling sick.


“She’s still breathing. I guess that’s a good news, right??” Ethan says his eyes searching mine for comfort.


“Yeah.” I reply squeezing his hands reassuringly. “She will be okay, she has to be.” I added.


“Yeah. Mr Paul (Family doctor) said he’s not sure if she will ever come out of the trance, he said it could develop into a coma.” Ethan informs me and rubs his palm on his face releasing a tired sigh. He must have watched her during the night.


“Hmph, well I hope she wakes up, she cgas to, though Istill can’t believe Stephanie is dead. Is hard to wrap around my head. I feel like I’m in a trance of my own.” I sigh, settling next to Ethan on the couch.


“Same here. Frederick must pay for this. I’ll make sure of that.” My head cranks up at the mention of father’s name. What does he have to do with this.


“You don’t know??.” Ethan asks on seeing my confused expression and I shook my head sideways, signifying a ‘No.’



“Please tell me he has nothing to do with this, he can’t possibly kill his own child.” I utter, my eyes searching Ethan’s for any possible sign, I didn’t see any. That bastard.


“He locked her up in the dungeon for five days. With no food or water.” Oh my God, how can he be so heartless. My heart constrict at the thought of my little sis in a dark cell, utterly alone, hungry, scared. That bastard.


When I was little I also got my own dose of punishment, but never once did I get locked up with no food for more than a day. And I know what’s like to stay in that horrible cell alone. Poor Stephanie.


“Where is he.” I demand, my eyes bloody. I could murder Frederick right now.


“I know what you’re thinking and believe I would have done it, especially after what he did to mum. But the imbecile is out.”


“What do you mean by what he did to mum.” I ask.


“See those marks on mum’s body (I nod my head taking a closer look at mum) well Frederick instructed Lucas to whip her just after she lost her daughter. Isn’t Frederick compassionate.” Ethan gave a humorless laugh. His fist clench and unclench.


I study the marks, they were not that visible. Ethan must have used the conceal cream on her as I look at the marks on mum’s body I felt do much anger in me. I really want to murder Frederick and his bloody sidekick Lucas.


“He’ll pay for this.” Ethan repeats, clenching his fist so tight his veins pops out.


“Martha, Martha. I’m back. The dinner went much better than I expected.” Frederick says in a happy voice, walking into the room. He stops immediately once he saw me and Ethan.


“Oh the both of you are here, what a surprise.” He utters.



“Your daughter is dead and you went on a stupid dinner.” Ethan says, giving him a deadly glare and stands up from the couch.


“Yes of course, you don’t expect me to cancel my dinner meeting with the President, over a dead child.” Frederick answers in a bored tone.


Ethan not being able to control his anger anymore rushed over to Frederick and gave him a punch on his face. Father looks so surprise, I guess he did not expect that.


“What the…” Ethan cut off whatever father was about say with another punch. Father falls from the impact and Ethan waste no time and sits on top of Frederick, raining more punches on his face.


Soon enough father’s loyal servant, Lucas hurries into the room and drags a heavy breathing Ethan from his boss. Ugh I hate that man, what a show spoiler.


“You….. You…..” Frederick yells pointing fingers at James, his battered face glows




How do you love getting a taste of your own medicine, father. I would had love to ask him that. But I’ve to play the good child remember.


Frederick not being able to say a thing, walks out of the room, breathing heavily.




Date: 16th March, 2029


Time: 3:00pm


Location: Frederick’s Mansion, Martha bedroom.


Cara’s Pov:


Days passed, and mother hasn’t still woken up. Ethan and I has been taking shifts to check up on her, Sometimes Evan shows up, but he never stays more than a minute, I could tell mum’s condition also has a toll on him.


“You’re here.” Evan raise his head up, his eyes holds sorrow.



“I’ll be going now.” That’s what he always does, is like his avoiding me and Ethan.


“She’s going to pass through this. She’s like the strongest woman I know.” I said and Evan looks at me and smiles weakly.


“Yeah.” He nods, reassuring his self.


“You shouldn’t blame yourself, is not your fault.” I added.


“I wish I could believe you.” He state simply, walking away. I sit on the bed and watch mum closely. Please mum wake up.






In the middle of the night I felt a hand touch my face. My eyes shot open immediately , only to see two pairs of eyes that belongs to nobody else than my mum. She’s awake.




Date: 18th, March, 2029.




Location: Frederick’s Mansion, garden.


Cara’s Pov:


I stood in the highly decorated garden. Everybody seems busy, with nothing exactly, none of them actually mourning Stephanie. They never did new her after all.


Stephanie has been lowered to the ground and I’m currently in the reception.


Surprisingly mum has been calm since she woke up, too calm for my liking.


I sip from my wine, and watch dad laughing with some of his business partners, I guess to him this is just another one of his business parties.



I look around, my eyes lands on Evan dress in his black Armani suit, his sleek black hair shines in the night light. His eyes looks so dull and I have this intense feeling to reach out to him. So I did.


“Hey.” I smile, standing next to him. He nods acknowledging me.


“It feels so surprising.” I says and I nod in agreement knowing his talking about Stephanie death.


“You might not believe me, but I did care for her.” He adds and takes a sip from his wine not meeting my eyes.


“I know.” I sate simply.


“Can I have a minute.” He asks.


“Why not.”


He walks away leading me out the garden, he takes a familiar route. The path is now covered with tall grasses.


Soon enough the familiar house come into view. A story building with tiny windows. Mum had begged father to build the house for us when we were all still little, it’s more like a playhouse. Though she would never admit, she did it because she didn’t want us to witness her, serving as a punching bag.


Walking into the house, I expected it to be dusty, cobwebs everywhere but I’m wrong. The house it’s so sparkly to my surprise.


Evan notice my stare and smile, sheepishly. “I’ve been keeping it clean.” He says scratching the back his head


“Ohh.” I didn’t know what to say.


I walk over to the toy piano and run my hand through it. No dust.


“It’s still working you know.” Evan says behind me.



“But it’s been so long sinced played.” I whisper. I take the leap of faith and sits down, and start to play it. Just like Evan said, the piano still works perfectly fine.


“So what do you want to say.” I asked standing up from the chair, my eyes only on him.


“I’m sorry.” Those words, simple but heavy. All these years, I’ve waited to hear those exact word from Evan a long time.


“I forgive you.” I said simply and smile at him warmly.


“No you can’t just forgive me. I’ve hurt you and Ethan. Have been a bad brother, a pain in the ass. And now all because of me she’s dead.” He says grimly.


“No!! No.. don’t you dare blame yourself Evan. Nobody knew she was going to die.” I cry out.


“But I watch Lucas throw her in that damn cell, and I did nothing . I killed her Cara.” He utters, his eyes held sorrow and pains.


“Even if you tried stopping father, he still would’ve locked her up. Evan please don’t blame yourself.” I wrap my hands around his body, I let him draw the comforts he seeks from me.


“Wow what a nice family reunion.” A voice I know to well says mockingly.


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