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Romeo And Juliet – Episode 6

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chapter six



Ryan pov



“So u mean u don’t know d reason u ran after me?” She asked and gave me a weird look.


“Look I don’t know,” I said before I was cut off by a guy.


“Vivian,” d guy called.


“Vincent,” she called back while d guy hugged her.


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‘Who d hell is he?’ I thought jealous.


She pulled away from d hug.


“It’s been long,” d guy said.


“Yea,” she said and moved back a bit.


She look uncomfortable around him.


“U look beautiful,” he said and wanted to touch her cheeks.


But I hold his hand while they both looked at me surprised.


I don’t know maybe I did it out of jealousy or to protect her as her bodyguard.


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I cleared my throat.


I released his hand.


“Who are u?” I asked like a professional bodyguard.


“Who is he?” He asked Vivian.


“He is my bodyguard,” she said.


“Oh I see, am Vincent, ” he said and offered his hand for a handshake.


“Who are u?” I asked again without shaking his hand.


“Ryan he is my fiance,” Vivian said.


“Oh ur fiance, what ur fiance?” I asked as my face widened.


“Yes, it is nice meeting u Mr Ryan,” he said smiling.


I look at him angry and sad.


‘Well it is not nice meeting u’ I thought if only I could tell him.


“Same here,” I said.


“I miss u,” he said and held Vivian’s hand.


There was nothing I could do, I couldn’t stop him from holding her hand or touching her face or hugging her bcos she is his fiancee anyway.


And am not even sure about what am feeling for her.


I remembered Linda’s word: “is it Vivian u like”.


Do I like u Vivian? Am not sure.


Even if I do, does she like me? I wish someone could answer me.


Later in d evening



Vivian pov


I keep thinking about Ryan, he wanted to tell him something before Vincent interrupted.


Speaking of Vincent I don’t really like d guy, he is handsome, tall he looks good but I don’t like him enough to date him or marry him but dat is not d the same for him.



He has liked me since our childhood.


And the worst thing is dat I overheard him and dad talking about our wedding when he came over.


And if I told my dad about my feelings, “His saying will be my friend’s son or no one.” He doesn’t care about my feelings even Vincent who say he loves me doesn’t care.


My heart skipped back to Ryan reaction toward Vincent.


I wonder why he held his hand, ‘was he jealous,’ I thought smiling.


But I didn’t get to hear his reason, I really want to hear his reason and also what he was doing with dat bitch.


Am sure u guys are wondering why I hate Linda.


Well we used to be best friend until my best friend took my first boyfriend as if dat was not enough she framed me for stealing things and made our other friends turn against me.


I wonder why she went to see him, am really curious.


I stand up from my bed, put on my slipper and went out of my room to Ryan’s room.


I knocked on his room.


“The door is not locked,” he said and I entered.


He just came out of d bathroom, a towel was wrapped around his waist as water was dripping off his body.


I gulped down heavily.


“What are u doing?” He asked


I couldn’t answer, I was looking at his sexy abs.


“Are u there?” He asked waving his hand across my face.


“Yes,” I said trying not to look at him.


“What are u doing?” He asked.


“Hmm, first can u put on something better?” I asked.


“I don’t want to,” he said. Do u have anything problem with dat?” He asked.


“No,” I said looking down.


“So why are u here? He asked again crossing his arm on his chest.


I looked up try not to look at his abs or body.


“Why were u with Linda?” I asked looking at him eye to eye.


“She asked me to see her,” he said.


Even his eyes is attractive.


“For what reason?” I asked and looked down.


“She said she liked me and he want us to date,” he said.


‘I knew it,’ I thought.


“So what did u say?” I asked eager for his answer.


“U want to know?” he asked moving closer to me while I stepped back but he keep moving forward till there was no place for me to go bcos of d table behind me and he placed his hands on d table.



“I told her no but she asked who I like,” he said.


“Who?” I asked still looking at d ground.


He lift my jaw up.


“I don’t know,” he said and brought his head closer to me.


“But I do know dat I feel weird around her,” he said.


“I feel jealous when I see her with another guy,” he said.


“Ok,” I said.


I wonder who he is talking about.


“Why are u so beautiful? ” he asked.


“What,” I said surprised.


“Ur lips are tempting,” he said and touched my lips.


“Stop,” I said and held his hand.


“Why? Tell me u don’t want me to,” he said and I couldn’t talk.


“U also want me to,” he said.


“I want to kiss u,” he said.


“U have beautiful lips,” he said


“U are beautiful,” he said and brought his face closer and crushed his lips on mine.


It didn’t take a second for me to respond back.


We were still kissing when someone entered.




Ryan don seduce Vivian ooo .


Who d hell entered and spoilt d moment for us

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