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A Man From Another World – Episode 2

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Later in the day,Anne had gotten some hand full of customers which she just attended to,and they customers were heading their way out of the cafe to their business,Rick came in smilling as usual,he met Anne cleaning some left overs on the table the customers used in eaten,she never knew someone was right behind her,there he made her scream in fear cause she was not expecting anyone to do so to her.




he said as he tapped her from her back,there she screamed,


“ha Rick, what’s that for,you made me scared,why will you do that?,


she said trying to adjust her posture, with a little smile plastered on her face.


“Sorry miss,just wanted you hear you scream you know,well am sorry if you don’t like it”,he said trying to frown a bit

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“oh you don’t have too,it’s fine,but next time you don’t have to make me scared that way”,she said


“ok,it’s fine”,he said smilling


“What do you care for”,Anne asked Rick


“I just need my normal”,but add a little ice, thanks


Few minutes she was back with Rick’s order,after he finished eating,he asked her a question she was not expecting.


“Anne,I noticed you are always alone,and you run this little place ,where some times not all the people around comes here,cause it’s not fancy enough in their face”,he asked while watching some children running down the street, playing


“Yeah!!!!,she breath in then out


“yeah it’s true I run here alone, actually my dad passed away some years back,so since from there things has been worst for my family,my mom is an old woman,but tho she is able to do some few things,she can still go to where she wish to,but she retired in her place of work,and her pension is not sufficient to feed me and herself with our house rent,so I had to start up a little business that could put one or two things in the house,since am the only child to my parents”,she said sadly,as some tears fell from her eyes

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Rick felt the pain in her as she told him about herself,he never felt this way before to another woman except his wife,well he should not think about her now,he thought to himself.


“It’s ok,you know I can be of assistance to you,I can help you so you could make this place a fancy cafe,so that any passerbys who pass might want to have a taste in your cafe”,he said with some smiles on his handsome face, trying to cheer anne up.


“Oh thanks very much,I have never in my life see a man as good as you are,thank you”,she said and smiled a bit


“ok can I have your bank account number,so I could transfer some money for my coffee and snacks,I don’t have any cash here”,he said trying not to make Anne feel suspicious that he want to send her the money he told her about,but want to make it as a surprise to her.



“ok,here it is,she said, calling out her bank account number to Rick,after which he transfers a whopping sum of money into her account.


“Oh,the network is fast,and I just received an alert,of the money”,she said as she checked the amount payed into her account,she did not believe it,she thought she was been dreaming,she had to Cross check the amount carefully,there she screamed and looked at Rick , that was not even paying attention to her behavior, neither do he made it a big deal that he transferred that amount to her,he only watched her reaction and told her not to worry herself,that she should starting the preparation of getting her cafe fixed up,so she could have more customers and even attendance if she feels her customers are too much for her to handle alone,Anne smiled and gave him an embrace even before he could utter another word,she cried on his shoulder cause she was so happy,that she cries tears of joy.


Rick,felt some electric shock in his system,as Anne was still on his shoulder,he was feeling strange there he knew he needs a woman beside him,he missed his wife so much. He accepted the hug Anne gave him,and told her not to worry about anything,and assure her that if she needs anything she should not hasitate in letting him know,she nodded unable t


o speak,then he went back into his office,after she waved him off.


Anne’s joy knew no bounds,she danced in her little shop,while listening to some old time music she loves right from when she was little,she then sat down and thought about Rick,the money,she checked her account again, unbelievable $50,000 dollars,it’s will reach her to do this cafe,and still save from it,and even fill her mother’s kitchen with alot of fresh foods,and fruits.


she thought then hurriedly ran into a stall,where she bought three full bags of food stuffs, both fruits and some can foods,then she closed for the day at her cafe,then hurried home to make preparations of cooking a tasty meal for herself,her mother and perhaps Rick,


“hmmm Rick


she thought,let her give it a try,so when she cook the meal,she will call him after she goes to his office,then hand him the food,he will be surprised to see her bring



him food”,she thought then smiled,her mother Mrs Helen watched in a distance from the sitting room,how her daughter was all smiles, filling the fridge with things,and humming a song,while swaying her round butt to the ryhme of the song.


“What got my daughter so happy today that made her dance this way for over a year now,”,Mrs Helen said while walking nearer to Anne, smilling and watching Anne danced


“And where do you get all this stuffs from,cause I know the cafe won’t provide all this foods you know”,she said to Anne


“Well mother,am so happy today,can you believe one of my favorite customer, bought his lunch at my cafe today,and he told me that my cafe needs to be refurnish so I could get alot of customers,and if I may like a could employ in an assistant,so he transferred into my account $50,000 dollars to do all the necessary”,Anne told her mother everything that happened


“hmmm my dear,hope he is a good man,and I hope he is not married,cause that’s how some married men do “,Mrs Helen told her daughter, Anne did not tell her mother that Rick was a married man,she already started falling in love with him.


She prepared the meals in no time,she sets some for her mother, herself and took some to Rick in his office.


“Hey,she said after knocking on his office door


“oh Anne,how is it and how may I be of help to you,he said ushering Anne into his beautiful office


“Oh it’s not much,I just prepared a nice meal,and I decided to dish out some for you,maybe you could like it,she said waiting for Rick to collect it from her which he did,after saying a thank you.


Anne watched as Rick ate the food after praying on it,he ate it’s with relish,and still thanked her for it,Anne then promised him to always bring any meal she cook to him from now on,then she left.



Rick and Anne has become closer than anyone could think,he started liking her,but he still loves his wife,and his wife Celine rollings loves him, but she is too busy to see she is going to loose her man to a woman outside,if she do not create time for her husband,and gives him what he desire as a man.


Will Rick and Celine be in good terms after she’ll get to know about Anne?


Stay stunned









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