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The Bad Boys’ Girl – Episode 16

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Episode 16



Violet’s POV



A million thoughts ran through my head as Dylan’s face neared mine.



“This wasn’t in the plan but if we didn’t do it, Dylan would end up having to beg Kacey and the plan would have in vain. ”



Fortunately just when Dylan’s lips were about to touch mine, the bell rang and everyone began leaving the cafeteria. Dylan and I quickly made our way out of the canteen before Kacey would have the chance to stop us.


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Once we were out of the cafeteria, we looked for a secluded place to talk.



“So… ”



“Yea! ” I said nervously.



“Would you really have allowed me kiss you? ”



“I don’t know Dylan. ” I replied truthfully.



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“Would you let me kiss you now? ” He asked staring at me intently.



“What!? ” I asked staring at him in shock.



“Uh I didn’t mean it that way. It just came out! ”



“Ookay? I’ll see you later. ” I said leaving him and walking to class.



What the hell was that all about?






“You bitch! ” I heard someone yell as my hair was pulled from behind.



“Owww! ” I yelled as I was thrown to the floor.



I looked up and saw Kacey angrily staring at me. I also noticed that I was surrounded by five more girls.



“Since you can’t get it into your head that he’s mine, I’ll just have to teach you a lesson. Girls! ” She yelled.



One of the girls slipped her hands under my arm as she lifted me up while another girl stood in front flexing her fingers.


I understood what was about to happen but they were all in for a surprise.



When the girl in front tried to punch me, I avoided it and placed my legs around her neck such that she couldn’t move while hitting my head on that of the girl behind me.



Once the girl behind me let go, I landed on the floor along with the girl in front who I flipped such that she landed on her back, hitting her head hard on the floor.




The girl holding me before ran towards me and attempted punching me but I dodged it and instead kicked her in her stomach with my knee.



With those two down, two other girls rushed towards me at the same time. I dodged all their attacks and ended the whole thing by hitting both their heads together.



With both of them down, the only people left were Kacey and another girl. The last girl seemed to be the toughest of all the them. She was taller and more built.



In less than a minute after she rushed at me, she already had me pinned against the wall, choking the life out of me while I struggled in vain to get free.



“Sheila will only be letting go of you if you agree to let go of Dylan. Is that a deal? ” Kacey asked smirking.



“Never! ” I managed to say already losing consciousness.



“Okay then. Suit yourself. ”



Sheila tightened her grip on my neck as I continued losing consciousness.



All of a sudden, I gripped Sheila’s ears and pulled them really hard.



Surprisingly, she let go of me, screaming as she held her ears.



“Oww! My ears! My sensitive ears! ” She cried and truthfully, when she removed her hands from her ears, they were very red.



“You! ” She growled rushing towards me but I was able to defeat her this time.



With her down, only Kacey was left.



Seeing as her gang was down, the smug look that had been on her face before had been completely wiped away. It was replaced with a look of fear.



She stared at me for a while before turning around and attempting to run away. Unfortunately, she ran right into Dylan who stared at her, arms akimbo.



“When will you learn Kacey? ” He said stepping beside her to my side.



“Violet is not someone to be messed with. ”



“And don’t forget it! ” I said glaring at her.



Surprisingly, she nodded before making her way out of the hallway.



I smiled looking at Dylan who smiled back.



With the way things are going, Kacey should be apologizing to Dylan anytime soon which means my work here will be done very soon.






Dylan’s POV



“Kacey, what exactly do you want now? ”




“You Dylan! Only you! I’ve missed you baby. ” She said cupping my cheeks.



“You forget that I have a girlfriend now Kacey. ”



“I know Dylan. I know but baby, please I’m sorry. I just really need us to go back to the way we were before. Please Dylan! ”



“That’s the thing Kacey. We can’t go back to the way we were before. ”



She pouted.



“Why not? ”



“We can’t go back to the way we were before. You didn’t allow me to have any female friends without you and the girls paying her a visit. I can’t do that again Kacey. ”



“But I was only trying to look out for us. I didn’t want anyone to take you away from me. ”



“That’s the thing Kacey. No one was ever going to take me away from you but if you want us to work, I need to have my freedom back. Deal? ”



“Alright deal! I missed you so much baby. ” Kacey said placing a kiss on my lip which I returned even though my mind wasn’t at peace.



This was what I wanted all along right?



Then why am I not at peace?



What exactly is wrong with me?







Who knows the answer to Dylan’s question? Could he be having feelings for Violet?



Who else has missed our naughty Kyle? He’s coming back in the next episode.





The Bad Boy’s Girl


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Written By Tyna

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