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Inseparable Lovers – Episode 30

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Chapter 30



JeoGi (J.G)’s POV





“Don’t you get it? I’m getting engaged to MIN LISA! Lisa the devil! The Lisa we all know!”.



Wait, what?!!!


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I look at him as if he has grown two heads.



Is he joking?



I stare at his serious expression.


He is not joking!



I was left speechless.



“I got into an argument with father about the engagement and he wanted to send me away but Lady Heisha begged him and somehow I was confined instead”, he explained.

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“So, in one sentence, you are getting engaged to Lisa. Unbelievable! Are you really going to do it?”, I asked with curiousity.



He sighed heavily, then continued:



“I will. But who says I’ll marry her? Over my dead body! I will just accept father’s decision on the engagement because I am powerless but let’s see who will force me to marry her after I am independent. I will break up with her and live my free life, that’s my plan. And I’m also gonna do it because of my mom and sister. Mom has been enduring for long, I can’t just mess things up now”.



“Hm, that’s a big plan. But you know Lisa, she will surely use the engagement as an opportunity to do dirty things”, I said and he scoffed.



“Who cares about her?!”.



I chuckled to his remark.



“Dude, you need to be strong for your mother and Bella!”.



He smiled lightly.



“There are a lot of people out there envying me, but they don’t know what am actually facing in my own world. Such a life!”, He mumbled as he leaned his head on the cushion and folded his arms, staring into air.



I look at him pitifully.



Suddenly we heard Bella’s voice approaching the bedroom.


“Oh my! I can’t believe they finally let me in. Bunch of the witch servants!”.






Holding a tray with two teacups and small teajug, she walk to us, frowning.



“Oh Gracious Lud! Is this Jason?!”, She exclaimed with her mouth widely open.



Here comes the drama queen!



Placing the tray on a table, she sat beside Jason, touching his face tenderly.



Frowning, he grabbed her wrists to stop her.



“Aww, look at you, you look like a widower. They must have punished you really hard. It’s Lady Heisha, right? That witch! I’m gonna pull her hair outta her head!”.



I burst into laughing.



“Ew!”, Jason groaned.



“Okay okay! I made you guys some tea. Specially for you, J.G!”, She said to me with a dentitional smile.



I gave her a thumb up and she giggled.



I moved closer to the table, picked up the teajug, then poured the content into one of the teacups.



“I’ll enjoy it ma’am!”, I said jokingly.



“Humph! Specially to him? What about me?”, Jason said with a playful frown.



Bella turned to him.


“You’re a big bully!”, She replied with a snort.



I chuckled before gulping down the tea.



“Hm, seems like you know alot about me, Bel!”, I moaned to the refreshingness of the tea.



“It’s perfect!”, I added.







“Puf! Show off!”, Jason mumbled.



“What’s your problem, un?”, Bella snapped at him and I laughed.







Not long, I left the Tan Mansion but not without paying Jason’s mom a greeting.



When I got home, I sent a group message to the guys about Jason being on confinement.


But I didn’t tell them about his engagement.


It’s his privacy. I’m sure he will tell them himself.







Author’s POV





The weekdays passed on smoothly, Jason and Bella had been absent all through.



It’s already weekend – Saturday.



Candy sat on her queen-size bed, watching a movie – money heist – in her laptop with a bowl of rice chips wrapped around her arms.



Their sleepover at Lina’s house ended last evening which was on Friday.


Lina’s mom was still in the city, so Lina couldn’t come back with them.



Crunching the chips, she moans with satisfaction.



Not a bad idea to have fun on a cool weekend without Lina. ___She thought.



As she stretches her hand out to grab the cup of fruit juice on the nightstand, her phone started ringing.



Instead of grabbing the cup, she moved her hand to pick up the phone.



Han ChanSoo calling…



She furrows her eyebrows at the sight of the caller, then paused the movie on her laptop before picking up.



A chuckle came in on the other line.



Oh! Sorry, I didn’t realize you’ve picked up the call. Hey!



ChanSoo said.






Ulm, Candy! Can I treat you for lunch today, please? A restaurant was recently opened along my street and I heard the meals there tastes good.



He said cautiously.



Well, Candy is now on good terms with him since the prom party.


Candy, are you there?



He called out when he heard no response from her for many seconds.



Candy was actually in deep thought, trying to remember if she has any plan for the afternoon.



She checked the time on the wall clock. It was almost eleven.



Okay. Pick me up by one o’clock



She replied.



Feeling overwhelmed, he said:



Thank you Candy! See you later



Then, he hung up.



Candy placed the bowl of chips and her phone down before she got down from the bed.



Smiling, she rushed into her dressing room to pick out an outfit.







Few minutes to 1pm, Candy has dressed up.



She settled for a casual outfit: a cream short sleeves blouse tucked in a blue tummy flay skirt that reach her mid-thigh with a blue knee-length fitted coat over them since it was autumn.


As she crouch to put on her sandals, Bon entered the room.



“I can see you left your manner in your room again”, she muttered.



“Whatever!”, He rolled his eyes.



“ChanSoo is waiting outside!”, He added and Candy’s heart made a loud bump at the mention of ChanSoo.



“He has arrived?”, She asked foolishly.



“I just told you he is outside. Durr…”, Bon mumbled as he strode to the door.



A realization hit him which made him stopped on his track before turning back to Candy who was applying a lip balm.



“Wait! Why is ChanSoo here, waiting for you? Why are you dressed up? Don’t tell me you are going on a date with him?!”, He exclaimed, cupping his cheeks with his palms.



Talking about a date, Candy’s cheeks flushed.



“He is treating me for lunch, stop spouting nonsense!”, She snapped.



“Wow! And you are dressed like that?”, He said teasingly.



Candy looked down at her dressing.


It’s casual and cool, aside from the fact that they’re branded.





“Hahaha, I’ve gone on many dates with different girls…”



Candy interrupted before he could complete his sentence.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories



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“Don’t you dare compare me with your flings! Who doesn’t know you, you are a big flirt! Of course you would know the interpretation of women’s dressings. But the way I’m dressed is not your business!”.



She chirped, picked up her clutch before storming out of the room.



Bon burst into laughing at her outburst.







Candy walked to the parking lot where ChanSoo leaned on his black sport car, operating on his phone.



He was also wearing a knee-length coat but his was black colour.



“Hm, seems like you came to show-off your new sport car!”, Candy said jokingly and that was when he noticed her presence.



He look up at her approaching him before smiling at her comment.



“I guess that is your trick of saying ‘its beautiful’ “, he replied and she scoffed playfully.



“Let’s go!”, She said and he opened the passenger door for her.



“First move of being a gentle guy!”, Candy whispered and his cheeks turned light pink.


“Hey guys! Don’t forget to kiss! It’s the most important on a date!”.


Bon shouted and they both quickly turned to see him standing and waving at them on the second floor porch of the mansion.



Candy look away as her cheeks flushed in embarrassment, before entering the car.



“Bon, you’re really good in embarrassing me! Wait till I come back!” ___ she said in her mind.
















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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman .M. Zainab





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