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Drama Queen – Season 4 – Episode 5

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Mona Lisa


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I entered his room and met him on the bed with his laptop.


I dropped Blue and the bags.


He tied a black bandana on his packed hair and had white long sleeved shirt and white short on.


He looked up as I got to him and smiled. “You are back.”


“Yap.” I answered.


He dropped the laptop off his thighs and turned to me with his killer smile.


“Did you miss me?” he asked.



‘Why’s he asking that. Of course I did. Should I tell him? Of course.’

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“Oh well, yes..” I said.


“Aww that’s so sweet but why are you not adding something?” he asked.


“What’s that?” I asked.


“Have you forgotten, what you promised me,” he said.


“Oh..” I chuckled.


He grabbed my hand and pulled me to him. I landed on his legs. He got his face close to mine.


Can he just stop doing that? It’s making my heart pound.


“How much did you miss me?” he asked. I could feel is eyes on my lips.


“Uhm 80%” I said.


“I didn’t hear that,” he said.


I smiled. “80% oppa,” I said.


He smiled. “I just love the way you say it.”


“So can I get off your legs now, oppa?” I asked.


“Of course not. Why did you miss me 80% when I missed you without counts?” he asked.


I rolled my eyes. “I don’t know..”


He smiled. “That’s okay…”


He said and with that placed his lips on mine and the next few seconds, I was on the bed.


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I opened my eyes and just then he withdrew the kiss and smiled at me.


“Go and freshen up. Dinner should be served in few minutes,” he said.


“Oh yes,” I stood up, grabbed Blue and the bag and walked out.


‘I didnt even ask him about the ‘something he has for me.’


I walked into my room and I got shocked at what I was seeing.


There were so many shopping bags in my room. About fifty of them or even more.


“What’s this?” I wondered. I walked to one of the bags and opened and it was a dress.




I opened another one and it’s shoes.




I couldn’t help but hastily check all the bags and there were dresses, shoes, slippers, undies, home wears, bags, jewelries.


I exhaled with a drop of shoulder.


Who else if not Michel!


“Why would he even buy me all these. Aren’t they too much. Why would he get all these dresses for me when I have enough wears.”


I sat at the edge of my bed and sighed.


“This is too much…but there are all pretty and expensive. I can’t believe this.”


My phone began ringing.


Michel was calling.


I quickly picked it up.



Your room look loaded right? Ahh so don’t you think that your Oppa deserve a kiss uh. A long kiss?



Why would you get me all these. I didn’t..even ask for…them I said.



That isn’t what you should be asking me right now. You look great in black and pink so I got you more of that. You should be thanking your Oppa, don’t you think?


No! I’m not saying any of that to you. You are just showcasing your wealth here.


Look at how expensive all of them are. Tch! I snapped.



Then… I don’t mind if you don’t say thank you to me.. But you are wrong Babe, I’m not showcasing my wealth but I want to spend it with you he said.


you can’t spend it on dresses, shoes and bags. Argh!



Then should I get a car for you or do you want a mansion on jeju island… Or…



That’s enough.. I don’t want any of that. I said.



Oh…okay, just tell me what you want and I will get it for you he said.


I exhaled.



Well I really want to tell you but I can’t tell you because I love everything you got for me and I can’t be ungrateful enough not to say thank you. Thank you, Oppa I said.


You can tell me anything you want me to do for you and I will. he said.



Are you sure? I asked.





I smiled.



Go to Jeff, J guy, Best, TedyA and tell them that you’re sorry for being a different person to them all these while then let them know that you love them. I said.


What! Of course that’s easy… I thought it was something like climbing a mountain or diving into a sea he said.


I chuckled. Really? I should have made it more strict



He laughed. I’m going to do that. Watch me



Really? When?



Right now



Uh? I stood up and rushed to the door and as I walked out of my room, he came out from his too.


Smiling, he walked closer to me.


“You think I won’t do that?” he asked.


“No, I’m happy that you can,” I said.


He took another step closer, placed his hand on my hair and stroking it, he said. “I’m not a bad jerk as you think, right?”


I smiled and shook my head. “You’re still a jerk.”


He chuckled. “That’s so mean, Maniac.”


I chuckled.


Just then we heard coming footsteps and we turned. It was Jeff.


Jeff slowed his steps on seeing us but made to go to his room when Michel stopped him.


“Jeff” he called and walked to him.



I watched.


“Jeff, I have something to tell you guys,” Michel said.


“Okay, I guess I should go back downstairs cos the rest are there,” Jeff said.


“Yeah. Let’s go,” Michel said.


I smiled and followed behind them.




At the sitting room, all the idols faced Michel. They all sat down, waiting for him to say what he has to say to them.


I sat on a chair close to the staircase and watched them.


“Hyung, are you alright?” TedyA asked.


“I don’t think,” Michel said. I smiled.


“What’s wrong hyung?”


“What’s wrong?” Best asked.


Michel adjusted on the couch. “Uhm actually, I want to apologize to you..for being a different person to you all these while. I know I’ve been unfair and a jerk. I knew I was but I couldn’t just stop. I’m gonna be who I really am from this moment and I promise to do anything you want me to do to earn your forgiveness.” he said.


‘That’s nice’ I smiled.


The boys glanced at themselves looking surprised.


They look speechless but also happy. It was written all over their faces.


“I also want to let you guys know that I’ve never stopped loving you. We’ve been together for years that anything should break us apart. I love you Jeff, I love you Best, I love you J guy, I love you TedyA. You guys had being supportive and my backbone all these while not minding how rude and a jerk I became. Because of a heartbreak I became a really bad member and leader.. That was so unthoughtful of me,” he said and faced down.



‘It’s okay Oppa. It must have been though for you’


Everywhere went silent. The flower boys could only stare at him in surprise.


I guess they never thought he’d do something like this or maybe they weren’t expecting it anytime soon.


What a pity, he shocked them all.


All thanks to me.’


I smiled.


He raised his head. “Ehm…you guys can take your time. I will be waiting for your answers,” Michel said.


“If…if you mean what you say, then can we have drinks together?” Jeff asked him.


I could see Michel smile at him. “Of course, let’s have a drink.” he said.


“Wine or beer?” Best asked.


“Wine!” TedyA said.


“Shut it.. Beer!” J guy snapped at TedyA.


TedyA sneered at him.


Michel smiled. “Beer then”


J guy clapped. “Good! Let’s get started. We will have them with chicken. I will call Ms Oh.”


“No, that’s fine. I will get them,” Michel said and stood up.




Jeff stood up. “I will help you.”


TedyA stood up. “Me too. I want to help you hyung.”


‘Wow, this is how it’s supposed to be’


As Michel, Jeff and TedyA were heading to the kitchen, My eyes and Michel’s met and we smiled at each other.


I secretly gave him a thumb up.


Minutes later, they returned with plates of mouthwatering chicken and a lot of beers.


‘Whaaaat… Why’s there so much beer. Are they planning on getting drunk?’


They all sat down and faced the drinks and plates of chicken.


“Yessss……. There’s so much beer… Let’s drink and celebrate,” J guy said.


I sighed. ‘Argh … I shouldn’t be here. I would just go back inside.’


I stood up and made to take a step but J guy halted me.


J guy!


“Mona, you can’t leave. You should come have one beer,” he said.


I sighed and turned to them with a smile.


They were all looking at me, including Michel. He was already holding his can of beer.


‘Aighsh… I get drunk by drinking just a glass of wine. I can’t try beer. Why couldn’t he just ignore me..’


Anyway, I flashed a smile at them. “No, I’m okay. You should enjoy the night. I feel sleepy. I should go to bed,” I said.


“No way you can’t… Don’t worry, sleep is gonna leave once you take a gulp of this and a bite of this,” he said raising the beer and chicken.


‘I don’t want to get drunk..what do I do now’



“I don’t think she wants to..” Jeff said.


“Mona has a really light head. She’ll get really drunk while still having her first round,” Michel said.


I gave him a quick glare. ‘Arghsh…must you say it so confidently.’


“We all know. We remember the drama in the plane. Wow your love story feels like a movie. From enemies to lovers… This is worth celebrating,” J guy said.


“Yeah, sure,” Best joined.


“We weren’t enemies,” Michel said.




“But something similar.. Have you forgotten, Maniac and Jerk. ” J guy said, laughing.


“Stop it,” Michel said.


“You can’t believe a maniac. I can’t let a maniac stay here. She’s a crazy maniac..” J guy mimicked Michel.


“Stop it J guy..” Michel said.


The rest was laughing including Jeff.


I smiled.


‘I should join’


I walked to them and sat beside Michel. “Can I join?” I asked and looked at Michel who was looking at me too.


“Owww she’s really going to drink..” TedyA said.


“Sure you can Mona. Have a drink,” J guy said.


“You can’t drink beer Mona, you know that,” Michel said to me.


I smiled. “It’s okay. I’ll be fine.”


“Sure?” he asked.


“Yeah,” I said.


“Okay.” he smiled.


I turned to the table, grabbed a can and opened it.


“Wow she’s really going to do this,” TedyA said.


“Don’t take to much Mona,” Jeff said.


I smiled at him. “I know”


“Then, let’s toast to a happy comeback of Michel’s real self and toast to his new relationship with Miss Mona Lisa..” J guy said out. “Let’s toast!”



We hit our drinks together, raised it up then took a gulp


“Chaaaaaaa! This is nice!” I said with a smile.


“Yes it is,” J guy said.



I picked up a chopsticks, took some chicken and ate.


“Uhmm yummy…” I said.


Michel looked at me and smiled. I smiled back.







[Lia’s residence]



Lia’s pov



I walked out of the bathroom and headed to the dressing table to apply creams on my skin.


I did that and then wore a nightie which after doing that, I went to the bed and laid down.


As I closed my eyes, Leo took over my thoughts.


He’s been doing that for days now. I’ve been like this for days now. Ever since Yora told me about her past with him, I’ve been like this.


I thought I would hate him after that. I thought my love for him was going to die immediately to never surface again but It wasn’t so! Instead I want to see his call and I want to hear his voice.


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I should be disdaining him for what he did to Yora but instead, my love for him is still strong and nothing changed about it.


I still love Leo and I can’t help myself. I can’t stop it no matter how hard I try.


‘This is so wrong of me. I can’t even tell Yora because I’m scared she’d feel hurt. What do I do.’


I sat up picked my phone.


‘Leo who doesn’t stay three days without giving me a call had not five days now. I can’t believe it. I can’t say it’s because of Mona Lisa. It can’t be her anymore because Michel has her now. Who would Leo be with right now? Could it be that Li Sugar again?’


I woke my phone and scrolled to his number.


‘I should just give him a call, say hi and let him know that it’s been a while. Yes just that. ‘


I exhaled and clicked on the green button.



It rang.


I placed the phone on my ear waiting for him to pick up but it wasn’t picked.


I sighed and took the phone off my ear.


Just then the door opened and Yora walked in in her nightwear, looking excited.


“Babe, guess what!” she said, standing in front of me with a smiling face.


“What’s that?” I asked.


“Come on just guess anything,” she said.


“Yora I’m serious, I can’t guess” I said.


She shrugged. “Alright then. I will just tell you. Mr Walter called. He says he want to meet you! Come on girl!”


“Who’s Mr Walter?” I asked.


She jumped on the bed and touched me on the neck and on my forehead.


“What are you doing?” I asked.


“Checking if you are alright friend. How can you ask me who Mr Walter is when you were the one who told me about him then I told you I know him and would help you connect with him.” she said. “Are you alright?” she asked.


“I’m fine…and I remember him now but it’s been months now. I don’t think I want to meet him again,” I said.


“Why! Come on Babe, we are speaking of a multi millionaire here. Don’t you want to make millions for just a night with him?” Yora asked.


I sighed.



“You are going to do this one Lia. I can’t let this opportunity slide off your finger. You must hold it tight. You have to… I can’t believe this.. I’ve already told him that you are ready so you can’t make me a liar. I can’t let you miss this opportunity… No way Lia, no way this time around…”


I sighed.







[Silver House]


⭐Michel’s pov⭐


Mona hit the empty can noisily on the table and laughed out.


“This is nice…I want to drink more…” she said in a drunken voice.


“Right! Have this,” J guy said and stretched another can to her.. He was drunk too.


I grabbed the can from him and found out it’s empty.


He grinned and dropped his back on the bed.


TedyA and Best were already sleeping but surprising Mona isn’t but she’s so drunk.


I drank too but not much as they did and I’m not drunk at all. I hardly get drunk.


The last time I did was the night Sugar called off our relationship.


I don’t even want to think of it cos that night was horrific.


I drank so much till I got drunk.


Mona turned to me with a grin. Her eyes dizzy. Her cheeks red. She reek of alcohol.


The whole place do.


I wonder why they had to choose Beer over Wine.


Mona placed her hands on my shoulder, still grinning.


“Oppa, I want more beer..” she said.


I shook my head. “No, you can’t have more beer. You are so drunk right now and need to get on a bed,” I said.


She laughed out and shook her head. “No, I want more.”


“No you can’t, come on I’m going to take you upstairs,” I said and tried getting up but she dropped her head on my chest with her face up, her eyes staring deep into mine.


I exhaled.


“Don’t I look pretty?” she asked, grinning.


I smiled. “Yes you are.”


She laughed. “Of course I knew it! You can’t stop staring at my pretty eyes and you can’t stop kissing my pretty lips,” she said and licked her lips. “Oppa let’s kiss. Let’s do the long kiss, you wanted it, didn’t you?” she said and pouted her lips with her eyes closed.


My eyes fell on her lips and I really wanted the long kiss but not in this kind of situation.


I placed my finger to her pouted lips and she slowly opened her eyes and made a sad face. “What is it Oppa.. Use your lips, not your finger.” she said.


I shook my head. “There’s no kissing after drinking so much beer.”


“Who’s kissing?” J guy mumbled from where he lay.


Mona grinned and asked. “Then what should we do after drinking soooo much beer?”


“We go to the bed and sleep,” I said.



“Really? I thought we are supposed to have a long kiss,” she said and put her hands on my neck.


Okay, I know what to do.


I carried her in a bridal style and got up.


She laughed out and spread her hands. “Awww my boyfriend is so strong…” Crossing her hands on my neck, she let out a sweet smile and asked. ” Oppa, you will carry me like this when we get married right?”


I chuckled.


‘You look sweet when you talk about marriage’


“Answer me Oppa,” she said.


I smiled. “Yes I will and I will also give you a piggyback ride,” I said.


“Really?” she asked, grinning.


“Yes, really.” I said .


“Then are we going to have a long kiss too?” she asked, pouting her lips.


I smiled. ‘Cutie’


“Yes we will,” I said and headed upstairs with her in my arms.



I’ve built my home in your heart” she began mumbling a song.



That’s where I’m going to live on from now on


I’m not searching any more


I’ve got the best place, in your heart.


I smiled and looked at her, she had fallen asleep.





I opened the door, got to the bed and gently dropped her.


I placed her head on the pillow and covered her well with the duvet.


She look so pretty when she sleep.


She’s always pretty.


I leaned close and kissed her forehead.


“Goodnight girlfriend,” I said and turned to leave but a hand grabbed mine. Her hand.


“Don’t go.” she mumbled. “Don’t go, I’m scared of the whisper witch…”


I chuckled.


She still remember that even when drunk?


Is she really scared?


I smiled and got on the bed. Moving the strings of hair covering her face, I said. “It’s okay. I’m gonna be here all night. Just sleep ok.”


She gave no response.


I spent half of my night staring at her.







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