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War Of The Supernatural – Episode 40

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Episode fourty






Saphira’s POV



“ Jeff is gone!! ” I cried..



“You guys has taken my Jeff from me” I cried…


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“Hush baby! It’s gonna be okay” Mum said and pat my back..



“Don’t you dare touch me!” I yelled and violently pushed her-but luckily for her, she was caught by dad..



“’ve taken my Jeffrey from me..i..I have lost..I have lost everything” I cried uncontrollably…


“I..I’m sorry my child..I didn’t expect him to give up his own life for


you..maybe I was wrong, Jeffrey has really changed for good” Lord Andrew said..



I raised up my face and gave him a hard stare..I remembered how I tried to tell him that Jeffrey has changed but he refused to listen..


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“You! Because of you my Jeffrey has left me..” I cried with a clenched fist..



“I’m sorry..I’m really sorry” he said…



I’m sure this is a dream..I don’t think Jeffrey has really left me..I hate this kind of dreams- I really wanna wake up and see my Jeffrey’s cute face..



But what if it’s reality? What if Jeffrey is really gone?



No! That can’t be..



I pinched my cheeks..



“Ouch! It hurts.” I muttered..



“What’s wrong? What are you doing?” Dad asked..



“Uhm..I’m trying to wake up from this dream..I mean, my Jeffrey is not really gone..I think,I’m just having a bad dream” I said staring into space..



“No my child! You’re not dreaming..Jeffrey is dead,he’s gone” dad said..



“No! No dad!! Don’t say things like that..Jeffrey can’t leave me” I said almost freaking out..


“Don’t do this to yourself..Jeffrey is gone and you have to accept it”



“No! No! Jeffrey promised never to leave he can’t leave” I yelled..



“Look at me Saph” dad said and lifted my face up..



“Dad I want Jeffrey” I cried..



“I’m sorry but I can’t do that for you” he sadly said..



“But why?”



“Cuz’ he is gone! He has gone forever,so you’ll have to forget about him” dad yelled..



“No! No! Jeffrey!!!! ” I screamed before falling into unconsciousness..



Pumpkin’s POV



I sadly stare at Saphira who was lying on the bed helplessly..



When she had passed out,we quickly rushed her back home..



After a while,she opened her eyes..but she didn’t say anything,she just kept on staring into space..



“Saphira!!” I called but she didn’t reply..she kept on staring like someone who has lost her senses..






She will occasionally say with tears dripping from her eyes..




I had called one of the doctors in my kingdom to find out what’s wrong with Saph…



I’m sure he’ll be here any moment..



“My poor baby..please just say something” I cried caressing her face..



I have really hurt Saphira..I don’t know if she’ll ever forgive me..



But I was only trying to protect her..After everything that corovi did to us, I couldn’t bring myself to believe that he has changed..



But after what he did today,I now believe that he has really changed..but it’s too late now cuz’ he’s gone..



I have failed my own daughter..



“Don’t worry mum..big sis will be fine” Mirabel assured and rest her head on my shoulder..









“Of course mum! As long as her brother is here,no harm can befall her” kizito said..



I chuckled..



Just then,the door cracked open to reveal the doctor and jin hoo..


After several check ups on her the doctor finally dropped the bombshell..



“Your daughter is fighting with reality..she has refused to accept the fact that her love is no more..if she continue like this,her soul will gradually fade away”



“What?? ” jin hoo asked..



“No! No! This can’t happen! Doctor you have to do something..” I cried..



“I’m sorry but there’s nothing anyone can do about it..she’s the only one that can save herself.”the doctor said..



“Thanks guys should see the doctor off” jin hoo said to the children..



“OK dad!” They said,walking out with the doctor..



“No! This can’t be happening” I cried..



“You have to get a hold of have to be strong” jin hoo said and hugged me..



“I have failed my daughter when she needed me most..I couldn’t even support her..I’m a bad mother,I don’t think she’ll be able to forgive me” I cried..



“Don’t say that! I’m sure she’ll forgive you..”






It’s been one week now and Saphira hasn’t even said a word..I bath her but she has refused to eat anything..



She now looks pale and weak..



Tears flow freely from my eyes as I watch Saph ..



She just sat down on her bed,staring into space as usual..



“Saphira you’ve always been a strong lady..please you’ve to fight..” I cried,caressing her face..



“You’re in this condition because of me!I’m really sorry! I’m really sorry” I cried and bent my head..



All of a sudden,I heard her sniffing..



“What’s wrong?” I worriedly asked..



“Jeff..Jeff” she said and stood up to her feet..



Omg! Saphira just stood up!!



“ standing” I excitedly said..



“Jeff..Jeffrey is here” she said,going outta her room..



“What?? Where are you going?” I asked and hold her back..



“Let me go!! Jeffrey is here” she said and pushed me away..



She ran out of the house…



I quickly ran after her..



“Jeffrey is gone” I cried running after her..



“No! He’s here..he’s even calling me” she replied,running into the garden..



“Jeffrey! Jeffrey!! I’m here..I’m in the garden..where are you?” She yelled,searching around..



My daughter has really gone mad..



“Saphira!!” A familiar voice called out..



I quickly turned back and guess who I saw?



“Jeffrey!! ” Saphira yelled and ran to him..



They embraced,crying out their eyes..



I couldn’t believe what I’m seeing..I just stood there staring at them in shock..



“Where..where have you been? You just left me alone here why” Saph cried..



“I’m sorry but you look pale..let’s go in, I have a lot to tell you” he replied..



“You sure do” …





We all sat down listening to what Jeffrey had to say..



“So you trying to say that the reason why you didn’t come back since was because you were trying to settle things with your brother?” Saph asked..



“Yeah..when I Disappeared from earth,I was shocked to see myself in our palace at that was a great opportunity to settle our scores” he replied..



“But I thought you tried to poison your brother?” I asked..



“Yeah I did that because I hated the way he ruled the people..he treated them like a slave so I had to kill him in order to put an end to his evil reign..but when I got there,he was already changed and the people now love their king” he said..



Wow! He was never a bad person,he only became bad because the people whom he was trying to save were the ones who wanted him dead..



“But you were stabbed with the sacred sword,why didn’t it kill you?” I asked,confused..



“Uhm..I’ll answer that didn’t kill him because the bearer of the sword did not intend to kill him..Saphira did not want to kill him and that’s why the sword only made him disappear” Lord Andrew said..



“I’m really sorry..I have watched you kill many humans,that’s why I wanted you to die just the way you did to them..maybe I went too far, I’m sorry” Lord Andrew said..





Authoress Ruthie’s POV



Saphira and Jeffrey forgave all who has offended them…



That same day,they were joined in holy matrimony by Lord Andrew…



Jeffrey now works in his father in law’s company..



But he has planned with his wife Saph to open their own company in the nearest future..











“I have being watching you all this look so there something you’re not telling me?” Jeffrey asked with an arched brow..



“Yes there’s! I have gotten a new boyfriend!” Saph chuckled..





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“Yeah! Are you jealous” Saph asked pouting her lips..



“Of course I am! Who’s that mother fvcker?”



“Jeez! Don’t use such words on my baby”



“Your what?




“Yes jeff!Our baby is my new boify..I’m pregnant!!!!! ”



“Are you serious right now?.”



“Of course I am! The doctor said I’m three weeks pregnant!!”



“Wow!! We’re pregnant! We’re pregnant!!!” Jeffrey yelled,jumping in excitement..



“So I’m gonna be a father? From now onward,I don’t want you to do anything in this house..All you have to do is sleep,eat,go shopping and sleep”






“Yes! A queen who will be producing a heir for the king deserves all the best treatment in the world”



“You know what? I’m the luckiest woman in the world for having such a husband like you”



“And you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me..I love you baby”



“I love you too!!!”








What did you learn from the story?

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