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Crazy In The New York City – Episode 46

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Julia’s Pov


My chest felt like it was about to explode and my head began to spin, a wave of nausea rushed through me and I saw my life flash before me, the walls of my life came crumbling down.


“Chronic… What?”


The doctor looked at me and scribbled some words down.


She hands me the note but I don’t accept it instead I stand up my whole head gone blank and I try to process and digest the news the doctor told me.


Just yesterday I was really happy because I got a call from one of the guys I ordered to set the house Adrian brought for Celine ablaze.


The job was done successfully and I was so excited only to come to the hospital today to get a bad news.


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I entered the car and placed my head on the wheel.


“What have I become” I sighed tiredly as tears fall from my face.


Supermodel Julia dies of Leukemia, the same Leukemia she had lied of just to get back at her sister.




Celine’s Pov



“She’s going to be okay, stomach pains are natural. It’s just an abdominal twinges due to the bad news she heard” The doctor said smiling at me and placing a shoulder on Adrian’s shoulder who looked like mess.


“Are you sure Doctor dont you think you need to check something else” I sigh and sit up folding my arm under my chest.


“No Mr Vandermir, she’s going to be okay”

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“But doctor I…”


“Adrian!” I exclaimed and held his hand. He looked so scared and it was funny seeing him so nervous, when I heard the bad news of my house setting ablaze I felt a cramp and I tried explaining to Adrian it was just a cramp but he refused to listen to me and instead carried me to the hospital barking at the innocent drivers on the road.


“Am going to be okay” I mouthed and held his hand.


“I just wanna go home please” I said tired of smelling disinfectant.


Adrian nods and pulls me up and I pull off the white cloth given to me.


We got home and I made lunch, Adrian as usual kept on looking at my stomach.


“Why are you looking at me like that?” I chuckled and he comes closer pulling me to him but carefully this time around, it was obvious he was being protective of the baby.


“I just remembered the first day we met” He said, I frowned a bit but didn’t say anything.


“Yeah I challenged you in a club and you placed a wager on me promising to reward anybody who caught me” He laughs and holds my chin.


“You know I was so frustrated then, I mean how could one girl make life so terrible and difficult for me, but am happy she did”


He brings his lips closer and I close my eyes ready to feel his lips on mine.



My body flared with heat, beginning from the point where his soft lips touched mine and spreading down to pool in liquid heat between my thighs.


A moan escaped me as Adrian traced the outline of my lips with his tongue, coaxing me to open up to him. I gave in and moaned again as his tongue slid into my mouth, exploring every corner while his arms tightened around me pulling me even closer until I could feel the evidence of his desire for me pressing against my thighs.


My knees turned to jelly and I sagged against him, surrendering to the desire that raged between them.


Noticing my cravings he smirks and lifts me up bridal style.


“Wooh someone’s hungry” I teased earning a low growl chuckle from him.


We got to the bedroom and a kiss was all I need before everything spiraled out of control.


His arm came around my waist, pushing me back onto the silken sheets. We fell in a tangle of arms and legs, mouths still melded together as our arms

were entangled together touching and feeling.


I moaned as Adrian’s hands gripped my hips, tugging the hem of my dress to my thighs, rough callused hands stroking my bare skin with such expertise, stoking the fires of thirst within me till I feared I would spontaneously explode with need.


My fingers frantically reached for the hem of his t-shirt, dragging the fabric up till I could touch his hot, firm abs.


I triumphed in the shiver that racked through his body at my touch, the gesture making me bold enough to rip the shirt off him, all the while conscious of his hands creeping ever closer to the source of liquid heat pooling at my core.


I cried out as his fingers slipped past the flimsy panties I wore and sliding into her.


“Adrian” I moaned wrapping my hands around him and arching off the bed from the force of the orgasm that racked my body, my fingers gripped his steely forearms like a lifeline while Adrian’s mouth swallowed the sounds with a kiss.


I bit my lips when he added another finger and kissed the gap between my breast.


He trails his lips down to my belly button and sucks on the empty hole before going further, his tongue pushing further into my already wet core.



My hand gripped his hair and the other grabbed the sheets, I was a moaning mess.


As the shivers subsided, I was conscious that he’d moved but only to divest himself of his clothing. Then he was back, taking me to heights of pleasure again and again with his hands and mouth until I thought I could stand no more. He was ready to thrust into me but the buzzing of his phone stopped him.


“The” Adrian growled , he raked his hand through his hair and shut his eyes, with jaw clenched he stands up and picks his phone.


“You know am beginning to regret having you as a best friend”


I chuckled when I realized it was actually Romeo calling.


Adrian’s Pov


I sit on the bed beside Celine who sits up and rest on my back, her soft breast pressing against my bare back making my thoughts run wild. I swear Romeo deserves to be hanged to death.


You can’t have all the fun while am here working my ass off



Thats your job you motherfu.cker, why did you call



Well you know your ex girlfriend is so fu.cking crazy, we searched the house and her room then found a bottle of aspirin. But it wasn’t aspirin




I sighed and held Celine’s hand.



That’s enough evidence now, so her case is declared wanted. Expect the face of your ex girlfriend in all broadcast and news in NY


I have no idea how I ended up with such a woman, I doubt if she’s actually Celine’s sister. I mean how can they be so different.


I drop the phone on the bed and rake my hand through my hair.


“Is everything okay”



“Sure” I said and kissed her hand.


I turn around to continue where we stopped but Celine raises her hand in resistance.


“I need to see Erin to discuss the wedding plans and all”


“Honestly” I exclaimed waving my hand up ”


“The wedding can fu.cking wait. I want my wife now”


She chuckles putting her dress back on.


“Wife? am your wife after the wedding” She kisses my cheek and walks to the closet.


“You know if I die of blue balls just know you are the one behind it”


She lets out a loud laughter and throws her dress back on the heap walking out with a towel wrapped around her chest.


“Blue balls doesn’t kill, a failed wedding might” She walks past me but I shot an arm and try to stop her, she ducked, avoiding my touch but I hold the towel and tugged watching as her body becomes completely exposed.


“Seriously Adrian, Your mom is going to give me a tongue lashing if I come late”


“Fine” I say and give her back the towel and pick my phone, she stands still and watches me completely unaware of what I was about to do.


Hey mom I greeted happily, Celine gasps and frowns.



Good afternoon



Yeah mom, I just called to tell you Celine won’t be coming today. We need to go to the hospital to do some check up


Is everything okay? Mom asked in a concern tone.



Sure mom, the doctor just gave us an evening appointment. I really wished she should come.


Just make sure she’s okay



Sure Mom, Bye


I cut the call even before she could reply, Celine looks at me stunned and amazed.


“Mr Vandermir, heaven is far from you” She tells me, I ignore her words and pull the towel off her body.


“How can heaven be far when it’s standing right in front of me” I pinch her nipple and earn a soft moan from her.


“Don’t touch me young man, my body is the temple of God”


She swipes my hand away


“Then let me worship there” I cut off her protest with a kiss and continued where we stopped, her moans and screams which were music to my ears filled the atmosphere as she came 5 to 6 times.


Celine’s Pov


Erin and I walked through the section of wedding gown, my eyes admiring every each of them.


“So how was the check up yesterday” Erin asked ignoring the talkative sales girl.


“It was fine” I swallowed the non existing saliva and thought about the “check up” yesterday.


Fine is an understatement for that type of check up.


“Well you are certainly glowing, tell me how was the CA the doctor gave you”



I haven’t heard the word CA before but I guess it’s something they give pregnant women during check up.


And since my freaky husband decided to lie, I just have to play along.


“It was great”


“There’s nothing like CA Celine” She smirks.


“Ma” My cheeks flare up and I couldn’t hide my embarrassment.


“You think I don’t know the man I gave birth to, am just glad he decided to stick with only you”


I smile and my eyes catches a beautiful wedding gown, I don’t know what impressed me. Was it the beautiful flowery embroidery stitched on it or the design of the dress, whichever it was I am picking that gown.


I couldn’t help but have the feeling that someone was watching me but I ignored the feeling, I guess it’s just a pregnancy thing.


“Erin can I ask you a question?”


“Sure why not”


“Do you love your husband?” I asked.


“With all my heart Celine”


“So why are you not with him” I knew the answer but I wanted to hear her point of view.


“Sometimes you just have to make a choice, but trust me Celine I see him almost everyday. After all he is Adrian’s father”


I chuckle and looked at the transparent glass, the reflection of someone showed and immediately I looked up, the person wasn’t there.


“Are you okay” Erin asked.


“Sure” I replied and tugged my hair behind my ear.





I waved at Erin as she drove away and and waited in the restaurant for Adrian to come pick me up. I would have gone home myself but Adrian refused because all of a sudden it’s dangerous for pregnant women to enter cabs. He’s more of a drama queen than I am.


“Good afternoon Miss. Please what can I offer you” The tall dark waiter asked.


He was looking at me strangely and I felt somewhat uncomfortable.


“Ermm Orange juice” I said and he nods and leave not before stylishly dropping a piece of paper beside me.


“Seriously, the guts” I thought to myself and looked at the content of the paper.


I gasped after reading it, Adrian walks in and I dispose off it immediately.


“Mom left you all alone” Adrian says I an upset manner and kisses my cheek.


“Hmm” I nodded.


“Are you okay, you look tense” I nod and watch as the waiter brings in the orange juice.


“Thanks” I smiled and collected it.


Adrian’s Pov


The look on Celine’s face proved that something was wrong and when she received the orange juice, her hands were shaky.


“Babe is everything okay?” I asked and she nods. She takes the glass cup to her lips and drinks it slowly before finally emptying the cup.


“So how was the shopping”


“It was fine” She replied and tapped her fingers on the table.


She closes her eyes and groan.



“Babe!” I call out and walk towards her, praying everything was okay.


She touches her stomach and screams out.


“Celine tell me what’s going on” I ask confused.


She bits her lip and closes her eyes, confused and not knowing what to do I carry her bridal style ignoring the concerned audience.


“Babe am here okay” I whispered, praying nothing bad happens to the woman and baby I have come to love so much


I get her in the car and scream at the driver to start the car.


“Baby it’s going to be okay”


She stops groaning and hugs me deeply, I didn’t know what was going on but I wrapped my hand around her.


“Am okay Adrian” She cries and hugs me again, I pull away and wipe her tears.


“Tell me baby What’s going on, why did you do all that”


“The waiter guy sent me a note asking me to fake a stomach ache once I drank the orange juice if I wanted to live, I didn’t know what he was talking about but decided to play along”


She sobs and cries on my shoulders, I pat her and whisper soothing words to comfort her.


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