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The Single Wife – Episode 5

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*Episode five*


Doctor, “how is she?” terry asked after she saw the doctor leaving the delivery room. She’s fine, “she was strong, she’s now a mother of a boy and girl,” the doctor said. Waow, may I see her, terry asked excitedly. Yes, but only after she’s been transferred to her room, excuse me the doctor said and left. Thirty minutes later, terry was sitted beside becca as she held her niece while becca held her nephew. Sisy, “what are their names,” she asked excitedly. I wish your brother was here so that we would name our children together, she said staring at the ceiling. Its okay I shall call him, terry assuared her. Family members visited becca at the hospital regularly, they brought different gifts for their nephew and niece. On the third day, klaus showed up, becca was exicted but her excitement didn’t last long as Sheila had escorted klaus to the hospital. Klaus just held his children and smiled. “What are their names,” he asked. I was hoping we would name them together, becca replied smiling at him. Don’t tell me she called you to name her children, “aren’t they her children?” Sheila asked arrogantly. Hes my husband, and he equally…..yea


your husband on paper, Sheila rudely interrupted her. Becca didn’t realize it when she started crying. Oh yeah, go ahead cry baby, Sheila mocked her while klaus played dump(such a looser). You can name them as you wish becca, “I will be seeing you at home, let’s go sheila,” klaus said and left with his mistress. A day later, becca was discharged. Terry and her mother in law picked her up as klaus was nowhere to be found. On arrival, becca was surprised. A party had been held to welcome the new mother home. Her friends and mother were there. She was overjoyed to see her best friend maureen, the two talked literally about everything. She breastfeeded ryan and Abigail and later put them to bed.More interesting stories from Topster Stories.. She refreshed and joined the



rest at the party. Becky, “I’ve noticed your husband is not yet here, where is he?” her mother asked. Mamsi(filipino name of mum) dont worry klaus will be here she said and hugged her mother. Her mother congratulated her and assured her that she will always be there whenever she needs her. Klaus did show up but as usual Sheila escorted him. She flirted and even kissed klaus as becca watched. She walked around the party as if she was the legal wife of klaus. Maureen, who was aware of what was happening, approached her friend and questioned her for how long was she going to endure sheilas behavior. Becca just stared at her friend without uttering a word. Sisy, if you don’t do something then I will, terry said furiosly. I have heard enough of this woman, she’s disrespected me enough, “i don’t care if klaus loves her or not, im gonna show her where she belongs,” becca said and walked towards Sheila. She grabbed her away from klaus and pushed her towards the door. What is your problem? Sheila yelled at her. Your stay here is over, you may take your leave, becca replied equally yelling. And who gives you that right? ” klaus how dare your wife do this to me as you watch?” She asked furiosly. Waow, “You said that right, im his wife that gives me the right to throw you out,” becca replied smiling. Look becca, you are just his wife while am his….


“Mistress, yes, that’s what you are. You are just a mistress sheila.” becca said to her rudely. Sheila got mad and tempted to slap becca but she held her hand and slapped her instead. “Stay away from my home and husband!” becca yelled and pushed her outside and locked the door. If you wish, you can follow your mistress, becca said to klaus and headed towards her room………..


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