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I’m Proud To Be Black – Episode 16

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Episode sixteen


Min ah’s pov


“Dad there’s this girl in my school, she’s always getting on my nerves” i said to dad who was in our library.


“Do you think i’ll believe you, you know you’re troublesome” dad said while i looked at him a little angry.



“Dad this is the first time i’m reporting someone to ypu so you have to help me talk to her” i whined.


“You know what i really admire her even though i’ve not seen her cos she’s first person who has stood up to you” dad said again


“Dad”!!! i yelled angrily

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“Ok i’ll just talk to her, why aint you reporting this to your mom cos you guys are partners in crimes”. Dad said again.


“Just forget about mom i want you to do this for me instead” I said and kissed dad on his cheek smiling to myself before scurrying off.


#Next morning.


Alexa’s pov


We were having maths class, and as i was trying to open my textbook i found a rat inside and screamed running to the front of the class almost in tears.


“Miss alexa what’s wrong” the maths teacher asked.


“i found a rat in my textbook” i explained.


“Dead or alive cos if was alive it would have been dead” the teacher said walking to my seat.

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You mean you disrupted my class cos of a dead rat” the teacher said again.


“Get out” he yelled pointing to the door.


“But i have a phobia for rat” i explained And by this time the class was laughing at me and making teasing sounds at me.


“I cant believe the queen of sassy almost killed herself cos she saw a rat” min ah said and class laughed again.



I ran out of the class crying. One thing i hated most was being cos i was scared of a rat. I always cry when i’m teased.


#lunch time


Ah!! teacher i think i saw a rat in my food ji soo screamed and jumped out of the chair making kyung seok and ji soo laugh while bursted into tears.


Woah she cries too kyung seok said and they laughed.


“Just leave me alone i said crying like a baby” resting my head on the table.


“Wow queen sassy whats wrong or did you see a rat again” min ah teased but no one laughed.


“You what it wasn’t even funny just go back to slums were you belong” i said angrily an ji soo whistled while nam shin and kyung seok held their mouth trying not to laugh.


“Just wait till i get you” she said trying to walk away but i placed my leg infront of her unnoticed and she slipped on my leg falling to the ground making everyone in the lunchroom laugh and she ran away in embarassment.




“Miss alexa mr jimmy wants to see you, he’s outside the lunch room” some said to me and ran off.


“Wait mr jimmy” ji soo said giving me a questioning.


“What did you do this time that the owner of the school wants to see you” kyung seok’s asked


“Ask that to my butt” i said to them pointing to my butt.








I saw min ah standing close to the man or should i say mr jimmy.



“Daddy thats her” min ah said pointing at me and when i looked closely i almost died of shock, mr jimmy also had that shock on his face too.


“You dare call my mother a slut when your mom was the obvious whore” i yelled attacking min ah but dad pulled us apart.


“You dont you even lay your finger on me” i said rudely to dad or mr jimmy.


“You shouldn’t talk to me like that i’m still your father” dad said.


“You lost the right of being my father the day you left my mom, get that into your thick skull” i said giving min ah who had been standing there shocked one last glance.




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