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The Lost Princess – Episode 21

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Chappie Twenty one


:O Labby:O


Few days later


“You don’t have to quit, you know” Max said as he joggs along with Ann one morning.



“Yeah I guess staying at home sucks” she rolled her eyes.


“You know I could work out some things for you like put you to another department” he informed.


“Yes you spoke well but I would still be seeing you and I know how you can be, you could sneak up your face in my office” she snapped.

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“It’s true,I really don’t want you to stop working for me, how about we meet later today at my office” he stated.


“Your office?” Ann asked suspiciously.


“Yes I promise to keep my hands to myself,I will be a perfect gentleman and please dress cooperatly I have a surprise for you” he smiled.


“Ok then see you in the afternoon Max” she said and jogged off.


“Bye” he replied.






“So?” Ann asked whilst sitting down in his office for what seems like forever .

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Max keep staring at her


“Mister” she snaps her finger at his face.


“Yeah madam follow me while I fill you in” he stand up from his seat and moves towards the door with Ann behind him.


“Am taking you to the other company am managing Lawson and Co this Noble company belongs to the the Lawson’s the king to be precise so we actually need a CEO, I want Marie to be the CEO when she comes back but the post can’t be vacant for long so Anabelle instead of quitting will you please be the CEO of this company” Max asked hopefully.



“Woah that’s cool I mean huge but do you think am up to the task?” She smiled brightly at him.


“Huh not that I think, I know you are up to the task, you have been working for me close to a year now and I saw a very hard working lady,so I will be taking you there now” he informed.


“Wait” Ann stopped “when you mean taking me there,are we taking the same car?” She asked.


“Yeah we’re” he replied.


“No” she yelled childishly “I can’t be in the same car with you”.


“Why?” He asked confused.


“It just that…….. you know.” She stuttered.


“Ann I promise you didn’t I , you have to trust me I can’t do anything against your wish” he said.


“Are you sure you know I can’t resist and am also not going back on my words” she replied battling her eye lids.


“Uhg” Max groaned “madam you are over reacting I won’t touch you I promise” he promised.


“Ok I have your words, you must not break your promise” she warned.


“I won’t” he laughed.






“Ladies and gentlemen if you could remember few months ago I left an information that the New CEO would soon be here, so ladies and gentlemen am



proud to introduce to you the new CEO in the person of Miss Annabelle Richard please make her feel welcome” Max introduces Ann to all the employees. working at Lawson and co.


Ann walked to the podium.


“Good afternoon everyone am Annabelle Richard the new CEO please cooperate with me” she greeted with her eyes sweeping across the room.


“Mr Nelson please help Ms Richard settle down and Ms Banky you are her personal assistant and please let all endeavor to work together with her” Max said.


Ann walked back to where she was sitting and the meeting commence with them filling her with what has been going on in the company after some hours the meeting was dismissed.


“Ms Richard can I show you to your office?” Nelson asked.


“Sure” Ann smiled


“Max Max” Nelson hailed


“My man how are doing?” Max asked as they stroll out of the conference room


“Am fine guy, Miss you look familiar” Nelson asked looking keenly at Ann


“Did i?” She asked


“Yeah now I remember” Nelson replied with glint in his eyes “the drunk lady shaking her ass”


“Oh” she replied embarrassed “Max didn’t inform me that I made a fool out of my self that day”


“Nope why would I tell you when you look so cute while dancing” Max replied


Ann blushed



“Please where’s the office Mr………”


“Nelson” he replied


“There is your office” Nelson replied pointing to a door “I and Max will be in my office do call me if you need anything” he says and pull Max along with him and Ann disappeared into her new office






“Max what are you doing?” Nelson asked immediately they entered his office


“What do you mean what am I doing?” Max asked


“Who’s she? Is that Marie?” Nelson asked


“She’s not Marietta she’s my PA” he replied


“Your PA how does she fit in the picture”


“I like her”


“So?” Nelson asked


“Oh” Max smacked his head


“Max!!” He yelled “what’s that for”


“I like her and I can’t let her walk away from my life” Max explained


“Huh Max are you in love” Nelson asked


“Nah love is a strong word, I just want her close to me but she’s pushing me away” Max said sadly


“Doesn’t she feels the same” Nelson asked



“She did” he replied


” so what happened?” Nelson asked


Then Max went on explaining what Ann said he should do “Well bro it’s not that hard is it?” Nelson asked


“It is don’t you remember you are my partner in crime”


“I know i am but it love we are talking about here, love is about commitment and sacrifice” Nelson advised


“Hmm” Max hung his head in his hands


You have to think what you want through before she slip out of your hands” Nelson advised again


“Wow” Max exclaimed “this is the first time you actually say something reasonable in your life”


“You are foolish” Nelson laughed “Thanks” max replied ‘ let me check on her” “Heee” Nelson smiled




“Hello princess how are you” Max greeted walking calculatively into Ann’s office “Mr Anderson what are you doing here I thought you left?” She asked “Ann come on what happened to Mr Max huh” he frowned



“Nothing happened Mr Anderson and this is my office now” she replied not raising her head from the laptop she’s typing from


“Huh ok dinner tonight, you in?” He asked


“Nope” she snapped


“Please Ann please” he begged


“No Max” she shook her head


“Why?” Max sighed


“Am not going back on my words Mister, until you stop Casanoving around and put a tag on what we are doing am not going anywhere with you” Ann replied firmly


“Huh” Max groaned “you are making this difficult for me and am not Casanoving around is that even a word?”


“I don’t know” she shrugged


“Ann please I promise to change please” he begged


“Max” she smiled. “you know you promising to change doesn’t change anything until I see the proof I won’t follow you anywhere”


“Huh” Max replied pathetically “I guess I have to take my leave now”


“Bye” she replied.



To be continued



Am back who missed me



Do you remember Nelson



Who’s thinking what am thinking about the company



Max you love her just admit it



Lost Princess



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