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The Bad Boy Diary – Episode 34

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Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C




#Chapter 34








**Clara’s POV continues**


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I tucked my hair behind my ear cos I lost my hairband while gripping on him at the movie.


“Will you be scared?” he repeated.


I know I will be scared. I will be scared but what will he do about it?


“Yes I will,” I said.


I heard him sigh.


“Sure?” he asked.


“I am,” I said, looking at him.


He pushed his hair back and somehow I loved the way he did it.


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He look troubled or rather worried. Then he tapped on the steering wheel.


“Im sorry,” he said.


I nodded with my eyes still on him. He kept tapping his hands on the steering, then he faced me, his lips opened but closed back again and he looked away, but then looked at me again.


I decided to say something.


“What’s it?” I asked.


“I was thinking.. if if you are gonna be scared, then we.. we can sleep- I mean, I can stay. With you tonight,” he stammered.


I had no idea why it made me chuckle. I mean what he just said.


I enjoyed my three seconds chuckle before shaking my head negatively. “No


Drake, you don’t need to, im not a kid seriously. I’ll be fine,”


It took him awhile before he said,“Alright,”


Drake I really don’t know what you are up to!


Really? Or maybe you are just worried or is there something else?


Your hand brushed on my boobs at the movie theatre and now you saying if im scared we can spend the night together.


What im I even thinking, im so exhausted. I just need to go inside and sleeeep.


“Goodnight Drake,” I said and picked my purse.


“Goodnight Clara,” he reciprocated and with that I got down, closed the car door and walked to my apartment.


But I knew immediately I got in that I wasn’t gonna be fine, the darkness frightened me. I immediately found the lights switch and the lights came on.


My sitting room, dining and the small corridor to my bedroom.


What was I scared about?


I remember the door was still open and I closed it.


I walked further in and looked around. I couldn’t help but play music, Celine Dion tracks as always.


I headed to my bedroom and getting to my bedroom, darkness!


Darkness feared me! I switched on the lights instantly, scanned around before sitting on the bed and dropped my purse. I pulled off the flat shoes I wore and curled my toes to release the little pains the shoe had given me.


I recall my phone and I can’t deny that I miss it but it’s better. I’ll get a phone when im so much better.


I have to brush, bathe, then sleep.



I pulled the black trouser I wore and found it pretty hard to pull it off my shin and feet cos it was pretty tight but anyways, I did and I felt a relief, the black jacket followed, then the yellow top followed, Leaving just the underwears.


I stood up and walked into the bathroom, picked up my brush and did a slow brushing.


Then removed my undies, and dropped them with the few dirty clothes.


I have things to wash tomorrow and I really need to visit a boutique. I’ll do them


tomorrow or next.


I don’t even know.


I got into the shower and turned it on.


The cool water poured on my na.ked skin and I loved it. I closed my eyes and flung my hair back.


Memories about Drake’s hand brushing my breast and mine on his trouser zipper.


All the times I was clinging on him and gripping to him.


Ahh What’s wrong with me? Why am I thinking about all that?


Then my thoughts diverted to the movie; The nightshadows, the mares, the skeletons, the dr-


Fear gripped me and I opened my eyes wide but the water was disturbing and I turned it off.


I sighed.


“What’s wong with me!! when will I understand that those things weren’t real! I just hate the way I get frightened during and after horror movies, Im just scared! Drake you caused this! but it’s just for tonight, I know by tomorrow night, it won’t be this way.”


I picked up the soap and began soaping my body.


I did it so quickly, I wanted to get out of the shower.


I turned on the shower and it washed the soaps away and I came out and dried my body and hair with a towel, then wrapped it on my body, also tied my hair with the head towel and went out of the bathroom.



I opened my wardrobe and picked out a flowery pajamas but then I jumped on great fear as the doorbell rang.


God! my heart flew! like all the demons in hell’s hunt are here to take me!


I almost had a heartache cos of a doorbell ring!


Clara what’s wrong with you for heaven’s sake!


Then my mind settled back and that was when I began to wonder.


Who’s at the door? Who can that be?


Is it Drake? it must be him, who else!


Im scared of going to that door but I got no choice, I have to go!


The doorbell rang again and I pulled on my pagamas, packed my hair with another hairband and walked out to the sitting room and over to the door.


I did the cross-sign, breathed out before opening the door to see a smiling Drake, with a black headset around his neck.


I can’t deny, sonmehow I felt happy.




Happy that he’s the one standing here not the skeleton from hell’s hunt, or happy that he came?


I have no idea but I felt the happiness and relief. Both of them.


I didn’t stand at the door for him to explain why he’s here but I left the door for him to come in.


I had no idea why, but I just think I need a company right now, or maybe tonight cos im so scared like hell!


He came in and closed the door.


“Your sis have been calling, I had my phone switched to Silent and she called fifteen missed calls, I have to call her immediately I saw it and she was asking so much about you and really wanna speak with you tonight, so I had to come. I’ll call her back now,” he said.


Oh Danelle, she’ve been worrying about me even after I told her not to.


What a sweet sister I’ve got.



I watched him call her back. I picked the remote and paused the music that was still playing.


He placed his phone on his ear then spoke.



“Hey Danelle, im with her now, i’ll give the phone to her,” he said then stretched the phone to me.


I took it and placed it on my ear.



“Sister sister sister i’ve missed you,” Danelle was calling.


That made me smile.


“Danelle, how are you?” I asked.


“Sis im fine but i’ve been worried about you, how are you feeling now? have


you eaten tonight? I hope you’ve not been crying? are you really fine sis?” she


filled my ears with questions.


I smiled.


Drake went for the couch and sat down.


“Danelle im very fine, I told you. So don’t worry much about me,” I said.


“Ahh I know you will be, Drake is there,” she said and I arched my brow.


Drake, really?


I ignored that.


“How’s school Danelle? hope you’re studying hard, remember your exams are at the corner,” I said.

“Ah sis I am trying, Im trying my best,” she said.


“Alright, take care of yourself ok,” I said.


“When are you gonna get a phone sis so I’ll be calling you? I think Mr Derick isn’t going to take my phone anymore,” she said.


I chuckled.


“I guess before this week ends. I hope you read tonight?” I said.


“Argh sis! I told you im trying,” she said. I smiled.


“Alright, goodnight Danelle, bye.”


“Bye sis, hand the phone back to Drake please,” she said.


I walked to Drake and handed the phone to him.


He kept smiling.


I wonder what Danelle was telling him.


Then he ended the call with;


“Yeah ofcourse, I know, alright goodnight Danelle.” He dropped the call and looked at me.


“You are really lucky Clara, to have a sister like Danelle, she’s the most caring kid sis i’ve ever seen,” he said.


It me smile.


“Yeah I know,” I said.


He stood up, kept his eyes on me for too long before saying,


“Goodnight Clara,” he said with an expression that I could guess was the reluctant to say those words.


I know he wanna stay, maybe cos he care. Maybe cos he’s worried that i’ll be so scared or maybe because of something else but I can’t say yes to him, even though I really want him to stay cos of the fear that was coming back again.


I can’t tell him to stay because need him to protect me from the fear of tonight. I can’t tell him that!


I’ll be fine, sleeping alone.


“Goodnight Drake,” I said. I also realized that I took quite long in replying him just the way he had taken quite long to say ‘goodnight to me’


He shook his head with a sigh, “Clara, im sorry to say this but you don’t look like you want me to go,” he said, making me arch my brow in pretence. “What do you mean?” I asked.


Yeah, he was right, but I just have to hide it.


Not that I wanted him to stay because of anything else but because im gonna be scared and I just need someone to stay with me. But you know that can’t be possible.


Would he even sleep with me on the same bed? Ofcourse no way! he’ll still sleep here in the sitting room and I at the bedroom and it won’t still change anything. It’s better I sleep alone and know that im alone.


“It’s written all over you Clara, that you are scared but you don’t just want me to stay,” he said.


I quickly shook my head, “Im fine, goodnight,” I said.


He sighed, then shrugged.


“Fine Clara, but if you get too scared, you can use this,” he said as he removed the headset and placed it on my head as the speakers pressed softly on my ears, then he stretched his phone and my mouth opened to say something but I had no idea what to say.


What’s he doing? giving me his headset and phone!


He realized I wasn’t going to take it and without knowing his next move, he took my hand and placed his phone in my palm.


“Drake what are you doing?” I finally asked.


“Listen to songs with it, it will make you feel less scared. Im sorry for letting you


watch a horror movie at night,” he said.


“But-” I was going to say but he cut me short.


“No Clara, just have it for tonight. You need it,” he said.


“Drake you’ll need your phone!” I said.


“No one calls me this late, even if they do, you can pick it up or ignore it or switch the phone to airplane mode so they don’t keep calling,” he said. “Drake I still-” he cut me short again.


“Im your friend Clara and it hurts me that you are scared of something that I should have prevented,” he said with so much sadness and I just couldn’t help it.


‘Why is he feeling so guilty! He said for us to go but I told him I still wanted to watch the movie!


Why’s he still feeling guilty!’


“Drake you don’t have to feel guilty! remember you said for us to go but I said ‘no,” I said.


“I could have still stopped you!” he said with so much pains. I felt it.


“Drake you-” he cut me short for the third time.


“It’s okay. Goodnight Clara, sleep sound,” he said and turned to the door.


When he walked out, it took me awhile to finally close the door.


His phone in my hand and his headphone on my head.


I breathed out and tapped on the screen. A cute meme picture was used as his wallpaper.


The screen lock was ‘slide’ and I couldn’t open it.


I just felt that I shouldn’t.



I removed the headset and picking up the remote, played back the music. t The second to the last track was playing.


I dropped the remote and headed to my bedroom.


[From Author Rejoice✅]



I got in and layed on my bed, dropping the headset and phone on the bedside table and pulled the duvet over my body.


‘Drake what’s wrong with you? why are you caring so much?


What do you even want! I can’t be your prey.


Noah did and he succeeded but not again.


You are a playboy, who doesn’t know even though it was heartbreak that made you take that path.


Well what im I even thinking? You didn’t tell me you love me that’s why you care unlike Noah.


You said we are friends and friends care for eachother.


I wonder if you are being sincere cos I still remember your moves the week I packed in here.


Im just so confused but I can’t deny that I like the way you care.


I had no idea you can be that caring even as a playboy but I know why! because you weren’t a playboy untill three years ago. It’s obvious that you are so caring but pains made you drop that part of you’


I kept thinking and getting scared by every little noise…


I couldn’t sleep. It was getting to 1am. I need to just sleep!


I decided to use the headset. I had no other choice and I don’t wanna go to the sitting room to watch any romance movie alone. I don’t even wanna watch anything romance.


I sat up and picked up the headset and phone. I place the headset on my ears and tapped on his phone, then slide and scrolled down through so many Apps till I found Audio player and the video player App was beside.



My finger went to the video player and about five movies, all action movies and other video clips too.


Stupid me. I thought I’d see ‘porn’ but there was no porn.


I clicked the exit and went to gallery.


Clara just go to music!


but my finger wasn’t listening. It clicked on the gallery and so many pictures appeared.


His pictures and pictures of different women and screenshots, nothing very serious.


I flip through all of them, mostly his.


I can’t deny that Drake is a handsome guy.


Every posing fits him, any hairstlye, any outfit. His smiles.


His pictures at gym appeared, he wore no shirt as he held a dumb-bell and I saw my eyes staring at his perfect stature for too long.


I flipped to the next, then next. I kept flipping through so many pictures till I stopped at one.


It was a woman and a man with Drake among, and another boy much younger than him.


It was a selfie picture as they all were smiling widely.


Then It came flashing,


“This must be his dead family. He said he had a yonger brother and this is him, this is Drake and then his dad and mom,” I muttered with sudden sadness.


After staring for too long, I was so pained that I felt tears gather in my eyes.


What would I have done if I lost my mom and my sister in some fire outbreak.


Would I even live to face the unbearable pains?


I would die with them.


I flipped to the next picture and it was still his family, by the time I was done with


the pictures, my tears have rolled down.


I wiped if off.



‘This pictures are just too perfect! it must have been such a wonderful family. Drake you were really strong to get through the pains of loosing your family.’


I clicked exit and finally went to the audio player, I connected the bluetooth and played the first song on the audio player. ‘Adele- Hello’


Really? I can’t believe Drake got music like this on his phone.


I scrolled down and found so many others songs of Adele and few of Sia. Others are Chris Brown’s, Drake’s (his name sake, lol), Lil wayne, Dj Khalid, Eminem and so many others that I wouldn’t even wanna listen to.


I marked the whole songs of Adele and Sia, as ‘Play next’


I had no idea when I drifted to sleep.


I had a dream.






<b> TBC



What dream?


The BadBoy Diary


(Helping Her Get Over Him )




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