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His New Secretary – Episode 2

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episode 2


Ella’s POV.


” grrrrrrrrrrr”


Oh God I regret setting this alarm now it has disturbed my sleep. I rubbed my eyes sleepily and came down from the bed .


After the incident with that Mr Armani and suit don’t mind him I gave him the name , that was the exact thing he was wearing yesterday . He’s so rude ! God shouldn’t allow me to meet that jackass ever again else I will just rip destroy his arrogant handsome face , I can’t deny the fact that he’s handsome but I believe the only handsome people are those with a good heart not some one like him .


I dismissed his thought and entered my mini bathroom , I took a warm shower before coming out and hastily dress in my best professional outfit. Well I’m not one of those that are all curvy , I’m just plane but still I’m beautiful , yeah I like myself the way I am .


I did my silent prayer before heading out forgetting about breakfast , all that I need right now is the job . I badly need it .


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I payed the cab man and entered into the company luckily for me, I guess the activities just began .


good morning please I’m here for the interview” I said to the lady at the receptionist , she gave me a confused look before replacing it with a smile ..


you are welcome , the CEO will like to see you now and you might be hired as it’s only you that came for the interview” she said and smiled sweetly at me and equally giving me a pitiful look which I understand . But how on Earth will I be the only one for the interview huh? is he that cold ? anyways I don’t mind so long it pays very well.


thank you where can I meet him ?” I queried .


the office on the third floor , by the way I’m Jeanne and you are?”


Ella will do ” I replied , she seems friendly, we might get along if I possibly get the job here ..(Join Group) More stories @ www.generalloaded.com


alright Ella good luck” I passed her a smile before walking toward the elevator ignoring people’s comments like


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who’s this one ?


I can’t wait to see Mr Emmett yell at her ! she will leave by herself!


there kept murmuring as I pass by them . If I get this job I will prove to them that I’m not his former secretary but Ella , I will work here for a year and even more . That’s a promise.


I pressed the elevator and it took me to the right floor . My heart began racing ,


God I don’t want to loose this job opportunity please my mum needs my help . I gently knocked on the door and waited for what seems like forever before I heard a “come in ” the voice alone looks so cold, how will the CEO himself be ? maybe a he devil


I entered into the office and oh my! it was wow , the best design I have ever seen in my entire life .

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He was backing me rolling on his chair, I bet he’s cute . Only his retrieving back is smoking hot


” quit drooling and sit your ass down ” wait how did he know I was staring at him ? and he’s truly rude crap .


good morning sir ” I greeted and took a chair opposite him still backing me .


hold your greeting , are you capable for the job?” he said in a cold voice . jeez! I hope I will be able to bear it ..


I’m very well capable for the job sir ” I replied.


but you failed the first interview” he replied making me confuse . But I haven’t done any interview yet now , is he serious right now?





you heard me young lady you failed the first interview which is drooling at the CEO and you did ” he said coldly. This is serious? no wonder no one came for the job . He’s really an asshole.


pardon me sir ” I said through gritted teeth, I can swear it’s not from my heart . I


will so deal with him but let me get the job first .


are hired ” I almost jumped up on hearing that but immediately he turned I composed myself .


He is now facing me and I was trying my possible best to avoid his gaze .


your work starts now ” he said and that is when I was forced to look at him . Our eyes met and….


you ?” we said simultaneously. Oh my God! don’t tell me I have loosed this job just like that


“I ..I ..I ” I tried to talk but I couldn’t while he smirked at me .


it’s good to see you again Ms Carter” huh? how did he know my name ? I can’t remember telling him neither have he gone through my CV. he’s really weird.


are you going to stare at me or you get to work immediatetly” he grinned while I sighed in relief but how he gave me job without going through my credentials.

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