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Sequence 42








© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman




Shalom carried his sweet wife from the bathroom to the huge bedroom.


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The air-conditioner was on and the room was comfortable enough. The bed was huge and covered with white sheets with red love-shaped patterns on the edges. The wonderful light was subdued and romantic, creating the mood for a tender night.


Shalom dropped his wife gently on the bed and turned around to stare at the huge screen of the television which showed a news report about a court case where three people had been sentenced to long prison terms. He scowled and pointed at the screen.


“Do I know these people, Adobea?” he asked. “They look familiar, especially that man that looks like a hippopotamus!”


Adobea looked on the screen and saw the face of Samuel Larbi.


“Yes, my love, you know them,” she said with a slight shudder. “I’m happy they’ve been sentenced to long prison terms. But, please, we’ll talk about them later. This is our night and I need my husband.”


He smiled goofily at her and headed towards the bathroom again. “Shalom!” she cried plaintively. “Where are you going to now?”


“Just a moment!” he said with a smile. “I’m going to pee-pee and come.” Adobea chuckled, shook her head and stood up. She walked to the huge dressing-mirror and sat down on the stool in front of it. She admitted to herself that her happiness had bloomed and covered every inch of her, enhancing her beauty. Adobea reached for the bag of special creams and oils she had purchased just for this occasion to make her body special and aromatic for her husband. Shalom came back into the room and looked at her.


“Herh, Adobea, Adobea!” he said impatiently. “Why are you sitting in front of the mirror at a time like this?”


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She laughed gently and looked at him.


“I want to put special creams and oils on my body, my love,” she said sweetly. “Just for you.”Read more interesting and erotic stories from


“Ah, my sweet wife, you look so beautiful and delicious and lovely and desirable and sweet and wonderful and great and angelic as you are! You don’t need anything special because you’re already special!”


And just like that tears came into her eyes because, as always, he made her feel so special. She sighed and for one wild moment she wished it would be like this, that from time to time he would lapse into this child-like loose-talking profane man.



But she knew she would get used to Jack Larbi and his ways because she loved him so. She watched him as he looked down at his erection. He had been spotting that erection for close to forty minutes now. Such a virile man!


“You keep looking at it,” she whispered. “What’s wrong, my love?” He smiled goofily at her.


“I think there’s still some pee-pee in there,” he said. “Because of my erection and maybe some sperms in there the pee-pee wasn’t coming right. It was coming jaka-jaka styles!”


“Maybe, when you make love to me, it would be better!”


He smiled at that and moved towards her. She stood up and he caught her in his arms. Their kiss was wet and sweet and long as they revelled in the sweetness of the moment.


Again, he lifted her up and put her gently on the bed and this time he lay beside her and continued to kiss her sweetly as his gentle hands explored her throbbing eager body.


His gentle fingers moved from one proud breast to the next, then travelled across the plains of her belly to her silky thighs, down to her calves and caressed her feet gently.


They moved up her calves and thighs again and rested on her sweet core as he began to caress her sweetly.


Adobea bucked with the sheer electric pleasure racking her body. His lips were now on the hollow beneath one ear, kissing and driving her crazy, and then he claimed her throat and kissed it gently as his fingers continued to excite her wet mound.


“Sha!” she moaned, out of breath. “I can’t take it any longer!”


“Don’t call me ‘Sha’ biaa!” he giggled against her throat. “Would you like it if I call you Ado?”


Adobea giggled in spite of her desire and then gasped immediately when his sweet tongue moved across her left nipple as he licked it so wonderfully. He moved to the other nipple slowly as she squirmed with the dizzying heights of her desire. Her hands moved around his face and finally gripped his shoulders high as his lips moved across her belly and his tongue made her buck when they played around her navel.


She was momentarily shocked by the great sweetness and mind-blowing spasm that shot through her when he kissed her navel. He did it again and this time she



groaned loudly and bucked up her waist almost violently. She had never experienced anything like it before.


He looked up and smiled goofily at her.


“Herh, Adobea!” he said. “Your erogenous zone is around your navel! I’ve discovered one! You like it like alikoto, don’t you?”


He suddenly got off the bed and moved to the wall.


“What are you doing, Shalom, my darling?” she whispered throatily. “Stop killing me!”


A moment later the room was flooded with the harsh white light of the na.ked bulb, causing her to shut her eyes tightly for a moment.


“Shalom!” she cried with mild reproach. “Put off that light! It is too bright!”


“I like it!” he giggled as he put his hands on his waist and looked down at her. “It makes me see every little bit of you without any shadows! Ahhhh, aren’t you beautiful, my sweet wappi wife? You’re the most bomcious, finecious, loveliganga woman in the world!”


Again, tears pricked her eyes as he fell beside her and yes, she was grateful to see such an expression of love on his face and his great desire for her too, and understood why he wanted the brighter light.


He parted her trembling thighs slowly and then his tongue flicked her inner core and rained deliciously on her.


“Ahhhhhhhhshhhhhh!” she screamed with unbridled pleasure as his right hand came up to excite her left nipple and his left hand gently rubbed into her navel. She could not control her body bucking as her thighs scissor-closed around his neck and her head arched backward in a rictus of sheer uncontrollable desire.


“Herh, Adobea, you’re killing me, you’re killing me, Adobea! Release my neck, release my neck!” he groaned. “Don’t break my neck, Adobea! Put it around my shoulders instead!”


So she draped her thighs around his shoulders and screamed as he worked on her, and then her body simply began to rip in a series of crazy and violent spasms as she began the most powerful orgasm in the world!


“Adobea, my darling, don’t come yet, wait for me, wait for me, Adobea!” Shalom said as he pried her legs apart and moved up her body. She was still screaming when she felt the most delicious girth spreading her, filling her and coming in deeper and amplifying that amazing orgasm so that her arms jerked wildly on the bed out of control and her thighs gripped his waist tightly as he moved in rhythm within her sweetness.

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“Herh, Adobea, you’re thrashing and behaving like you have gbili-gbili disease!” he said.


She put her arms around his neck and drew his head down as she screamed her pleasure in the never-ending orgasm that she was feeling. And as her inner core throbbed and contorted, gripped and spasmed in her orgasm, she eventually drew him along so that he too experienced the most sweetest simultaneous orgasm in history.


“Ahhhhhhh, awuradeeeeeee, ohhhhhhh, Shaaaaaaaaaaalooooooommmm!” she blasted.


“Ahhhhhhhhhh, ajeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiii, ohhhhhhhhhhh, Adobeeeeeeeeaaaaaa!”





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