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Sequence 34




© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman




The pain gradually subsided and Jack Larbi stopped screaming.


He remained in Adobea’s arms with his face screwed up as he breathed hard and sweat slowly cut rivulets on his face. He eventually moved away from her and stood looking at her with great confusion on his handsome face.


“Who are you?” he asked softly. “Your face seems familiar, very familiar…but I don’t know you. What are you doing here?”


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Adobea looked at him with pain lancing through her heart and causing tears to form in her eyes. In the face of his confusion and the fact that he did not recognize her, she was lost for a moment and did not know what to say to him.


“You brought me here,” she said at last with pain in her voice. “We met at Aunt Tessy’s restaurant and you brought me here.”


He scowled and shut his eyes for a long time and then he slowly nodded.


“Ah, yes, I remember now,” he said at length. “You’re Adobea, the new girl. I’m sorry for my uncouth behaviour, okay? I become messed up sometimes.” Adobea crossed her arms on her chest and moved to the window where she stood staring outside at the wonderful sight beyond. He moved to stand behind her after a while.


“You look hurt, Adobea,” he said softly. “I have hurt you, haven’t I? I remember you telling me about this boyfriend of yours, Shalom, right? And that he bears an uncanny resemblance to me.”


She sighed deeply.


“I’m confused myself, Jack,” she said softly and wiped tears from her cheeks. “The events that happened here a few minutes ago have really scared me. Now I’m in a quandary and do not know what to do next.”


“What events?” he asked, and his voice was concerned. “Was it because I forgot who you were for a moment?”


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She turned desperately and faced him then.



“Not only that, Jack,” she cried desperately. “Your pain was a torture for me to behold! You’re going through a whole lot that is not right, and it is hurting me! My mind tells me one thing, and my heart tells me another, and it is tearing me apart!” “Now you’re making me more confused, Adobea,” he said in a voice that was not quite steady. “But, I do believe our hearts never lie or reason with us. The heart always speaks the truth, so between the two, I want to suggest that you listen to your heart.”


Her eyes searched his face desperately for a moment and then she took his hand and led him to one of the deep armchairs. She sat down opposite him and sighed miserably.


“I don’t know the import of what I’m going to tell you, Jack,” she said in a rush as fear and confusion flashed across her face. “I hope it would not cause something bad and make your situation worse, my love.”


He raised his eyebrows at that.


“Your love?” he said with a little smile. “Are you perchance mixing me up with this Shalom guy now?”


“Please, Jack, take your phone,” Adobea said quickly. “Kindly use the video to record what I’m going to say to you.”


“You want me to video record it?” he asked, sounding extremely uncomfortable and uncertain.


“Yes, please do,” Adobea said quickly. “I’m going to tell you everything that happened, and why I am really here. I want you to know the truth as I know it, and then I hope it will be of help to you.”


He sighed in a troubled fashion and then he took out his powerful phone and activated the video recording feature. Adobea sat down opposite him, looked at him, and began to speak.


“My name is Adobea Asare,” she said clearly and without rush, choosing her words carefully. “The first time I saw you I was buying some food from a joint…” And as Jack Larbi listened to the beautiful woman on his screen, his hands began to shake for a while and his expression changed from incredulity to fear and a myriad of feelings in-between.Read more interesting and erotic stories from


He did not interrupt her though, and sat with the camera poised and recording her. “And that is why I’m here with you now, Jack,” Adobea said finally as tears streamed down her face. “I know it is an incredible tale and I will understand if you don’t believe me. But I want you to play that recording over and again everyday and know what has really happened to you. I don’t mean to cause a rift



between you and your family, but I want you to be well, because I love you…and I’ll always love you!”


Jack Larbi slowly lowered his phone and looked at Adobea with a face that was filled with absolute horror. He stood up and walked over to her and then he knelt beside her and gently raised a hand to her tear-streaked face.


“Oh, how you must have suffered,” he whispered painfully.


She put her head to one side and looked tragically at him.


“You believe me?” she asked softly.


“Oh, how can I doubt you?” he whispered tremulously. “As you spoke images flitted across my mind but I just couldn’t pin them down. And yes, I remember telling you that you’ll always be in my heart. They can mess up with my head but they can’t touch what the heart holds sacred! Oh, Adobea, I’m beginning to understand what might be happening! I’m beginning to understand what they must be after! It is all becoming clearer, and I have no doubts at all that my mind was reset by Doctor Mike Obeng.”


“And Commander Derbie believes it is dangerous to be in their company, Shalom,” Adobea said desperately. “She didn’t know what was really going down but she suspected something bad could happen to you.”


“There are some things I can’t talk about yet, Adobea,” he said gently and smiled at her sadly. “But I do think I know what they’re up to. What I have to do now is confirm my suspicions and get to know how far they have gone.”


Adobea held his hands desperately.


“I’m scared, Shalom,” she cried desperately. “I’m so very scared! Your safety is the most important thing to me!”


“I will put this video of you on a loop, Adobea,” he said gently. “It will play back to me each day at dawn when I’m alone. It will help me to stay focused and get to the bottom of the whole matter. I’m grateful for your love, Adobea, that made you risk everything to come and look for me.”


Tears came to her eyes.


“I love you, Shalom,” she whispered hoarsely. “I’ll always love you.” He smiled that beautiful smile of his.


“I love you,” he said softly. “Oh, how I wish I can behave like this Shalom version of me. He seems like fun.”


“I’ll take you in any version, my love,” she said tenderly. “Your presence is all I need.”



And then they reached out for each other in a desperate gesture of craving and love, holding each other tight as their lips crushed desperately, longingly, filled with the rhythms of their hearts beating with their brand of love! ***


Cyndi was having the time of her life!


It was her first time being on the famous Larbi Estate, and it was as glorious as she had heard it was, even more!


Samuel Larbi turned out to be fun to be with and absolutely charming!


He gave her a tour of the premises after they had had a wonderful time at the pool area eating and chatting. He told her he would let her come and work on the estate after the assignment he wanted her to do for him.


The said assignment simply entailed keeping an eye on the new girl, Adobea, and noting the things she did with Jack Larbi.


Samuel gave her a full bundle of crisp fifty-cedi notes which Cyndi greedily stuffed into her bag. He smiled and told her there would be more money for her if she did her job well.


Later in the evening, he took her to their famous private zoo and Cyndi was blown to see the exotic animals on display, animals she had hitherto only seen in pictures. Lucille had by then excused herself to go and freshen up.


There was a huge lake around which was a protective pane of glass they could walk on and watch the great crocodiles in the lake. Cyndi was happy to see the savage predators but also very scared. They looked so terrifying as they moved majestically through the lake.


“Would you like to feed them?” Samuel asked with a chuckle as he moved to one side of the glass enclosure.


“Yes, yes, yes!” Cyndi cried ecstatically. “What do you feed them with? Live chicken?”


“Not live chicken,” Samuel said with a chuckle. “We’re not that barbaric. But that was not the kind of feeding I had in mind though.”


Cyndi looked across at him and raised her hands in a gesture of confusion. “Then what did you mean?”


“Oh, was just thinking it would be nice to let them feast on you, my dear greedy girl,” Samuel said with a sly, wicked smile and pushed a button on the glass enclosure.


Cyndi screamed with horror as the glass surface beneath her feet parted and she fell through! Her body thrashed as she screamed with horror, and just before her body hit the lake a gigantic crocodile leapt high and bit her head right off her body!



As she hit the water, the huge predators zoned in on her, crunching on her body with ripping chunks off her. Samuel watched with a excited eyes as the lake turned a deep crimson red on the surface where Cyndi had fallen!


“You fed the crocs, Cyndi dear,” Samuel said as he turned his back to the carnage and walked calmly away.








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