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The Neighbourhood Saga – Episode 19

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( This story Contains Adult Content (AC), Strong Graphic Language (SGL) which might be disturbing to minors and in some parts Graphic Violence (GV). Reader’s discretion is advised. Suitable for persons 18 years and above. )


****************************************************************** ******************************


Chrisham made the call and asked for an ambulance. After making the call, I told Chrisham to take off her top and place it on her leg then exact pressure on it.


The ambulance took about ten minutes since there was a nearby healthcare unit and the two were given first aid then put in the ambulance ready to be rushed to the hospital.


The paramedics asked me to accompany them to the hospital but I was shirtless so I took the address of the hospital they were being taken and went home. I did not want the cops to come and find me at the crime scene since it was evident, my luck as a witness was doomed.


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When I got home, my instincts were against me going to the hospital as requested by the paramedics. I took a shower, scrubbed off the blood on my hands and wore



a vest and a short then went to my computer to complete a script I was writing. Few minutes later, my gate bell rang; it was Mumo and her daughter. I opened the door for them and allowed them in.


I served them a glass of wine each then went to my room to change into proper attire. I was still debating on going to the hospital or not so I wore a jeans trouser and a black T-shirt.


“Haman, Christine has something to tell you.” Mumo said after I was back from my room.


“I am listening.” I replied smiling.


“I want to apologize for our earlier encounter at my place Haman. I was being selfish and mean.” Christine said.


“It’s okay Christine, I understand. At times one has to be paranoid with strangers, more so if they are with the cops and are suspects in court.” I replied calmly with a smile.


There was a sharp silence then Mumo spoke all of a sudden.

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“I witnessed the shooting Haman; I was on the other side of the streets when it happened.” She said.


“You mean you saw Chrisham being shot?” I asked.


“Yeah, and the other guy too.” She replied.


“You saw who fired that shot?” I asked.


“They were two shots fired by two people wearing masks in the same car at the same time. Haman, I can tell you for sure that someone wants you and Chrisham dead.” She replied.


“Me?! How is that even possible?” I asked getting confused.



“The guy who was shot was just at the right place but at the wrong time, he somehow saved your life.” She replied.


“But I was about fifty metres away from the two, why did the bullet hit him and not me?” I asked.


“The guy was trying to run past Chrisham when the shot was fired. Whoever fired that shot did not miss, he was targeting you but somehow you got lucky and the guy got in the way; he was just but collateral.” She replied.


“If so, why did they not fire a second shot after the bullet hit the wrong target?” I asked curiosity getting the better part of me.


“Early last year, there was a similar incident which left two dead. Those who did the drive-by were apprehended by the cops and they confessed that they always carry one bullet in their guns; it is like a code or something.” Christine said.


I kept quiet for a while thinking who could be behind that; it could be Joy, Chris or even Chrisham herself.


“Do you know the name of this group which carries out the killings?” I asked.


“They are known as One Strike because of their single bullet in the gun; it is the most dangerous gang in the city. Nobody knows where their hideout is or who hires them.” Mumo said.


“Thank you for the Intel Mumo and Christine but I have some bad news for you two.” I said looking at my CCTV screen.


“What bad news?” Mumo asked.


“The moment you two showed up in my house, you became targets as well.” I replied.


“How do you know that?” She asked.



“I once dealt with such kind of a group before; I can tell you that they are ruthless. If I am not wrong, you two were followed here.” I said as I unlocked the CCTV screen.


“There was no one following us Ham, you are just being paranoid; we will be fine.” Mumo said.


“I don’t think so Mumo. You see this guy here, I can tell that he is their informer. You might think he is just an idler waiting for someone on the way but he is not. He is actually waiting for you two to walk out of that gate.” I said pointing at the screen.


There was a guy standing a few metres away from my gate pretending to be waiting for someone; he was checking his watch frequently as he made fake calls.


“If you do not believe me, have a look at this.” I said as I zoomed his picture.


The guy had a revolver tucked on his waist and covered by his shirt. It was visible only at the tip but the security system scanned it and that was how I knew it was a revolver pistol.


“You walk out of that gate, both of you are as good as dead.” I said.


“So what do we do now?” Mumo asked.


“You do nothing; I will be back.” I said then went to my room.


Besides my army gun, I had a few more guns with me. Among them was a short gun and a sniper riffle. I took the sniper riffle, loaded it and then went to my 2nd floor balcony. I took two shots; the first shot to the guy was on his right leg then I shot him again on his right shoulder.


I waited for a few minutes to see if there was anyone to come and pick him up; nobody showed up. I decided to go and get him; he was my only way to finding out why they were hunting me down……




Continues in the next Episode.


©Author George Haman


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