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Twenty Two



Daniel’s POV


I held his hand and walked him out of the hospital.


“Let’s go home so you can explain everything to me. This place is not safe.” “So tell me. What have you got?” I asked the moment we settled in my office.


“I don’t think I can tell you now. I will tell you when I’m able to gather enough evidence.”


“Okay. No problem.”


“But I can guarantee that the accident was caused by someone very close to Pablo.”

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I arched a brow,” Meaning?”


“Come to think of it. You told me Pablo’s mum dislikes Paula for whatsoever reasons which we are yet find. Then suddenly, the girl got into accident with two different cars at the same time. Then, we learnt that the driver that was driving Paula was employed by Mrs Florencia and the other driver has been hospitalized. Don’t you think this is fishy?”


I signed,” I understand where you are driving at. But, I don’t think Mrs Florencia is capable of doing those things. But there’s no harm in trying”.


He nodded,” Since when did you start judging people by their outward appearance? Or is it because it’s a best friend’s mother? Whichever way, I’m going to prove you wrong”.


“I don’t doubt your abilities, Emmanuel. You just have to prove me wrong that’s all”.


“Okay, I have to get going now. I have other things to do. See you later” he saluted and left.


Mmmmh, Is good I challenged him. It will fuel him to put much effort into this case. Now that he’s been challenged, he will do everything to prove to me that his assumptions are correct. I thought.


Today being Saturday, i should be resting in the arms of Lenna but that Amy girl spoiled everything for me. And as if that is not enough, Pablo’s fiancee chose today of all days to get into an accident. So I have to stick by my computer all day trying to gather some facts.

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I’m sorry Paula. This is not the best way we were suppose to meet.


But I will make sure Justice is served. That, I can promise you.



Damon’s POV


I cast a glance at Amy and she was looking so worried.



My eyes roamed her face to her bandage. Is she okay?


But why will she go out, when she knew we will be traveling.


I just hope she’s alright.


“Hey,are you okay? I mean your injuries. Is it not hurting?”


She nodded and touched her forehead.


I think makeup can cover up her bruises. And for that bandage, what do we do with it?


I think I will leave that for her hair stylist. She will know what to do.


But that’s the least of my worries now.


The truth is, her friend is not in any good condition.


If she finds out now, she wouldn’t like to travel again.


What do I do now?


I must make sure we don’t get to go to the hospital.


This show means a lot to me I don’t want to lose it.


What to do now? When I called Daniel, earlier he didn’t sound happy at all. “So who was the guy who saved you?” “D.D” she stated.



“You mean Daniel Dante?”


“Yes” she replied lazily.



What if Daniel has already told her Amy’s condition? No I don’t think so. It seems they don’t know each other.


She looked into my face, “what’s the matter? You look worried?”


I have to do something, Amy can’t go to the hospital.


I clutched my chest instantly, and grunted in pain.


She looked at me instantly, her eyes widened.


She started searching my suit for the medicine.


She didn’t find it so she took my briefcase and searched through it.


“Damon where is it? Where is the medicine?”


“Is finished” I muttered out of fake pain.


“What? And you didn’t think of getting some? How can you be so careless?” She chided worriedly.


“Are… sh.. shouting at” I stuttered still groaning.


“Driver, take us to the airport now!.” She ordered and looked at me. ” I will book a flight for you to go see your doctor. Since that’s the only place you always get your treatment”.


What? She will leave me there just like that?


“Don’t you dare leave me, we’re going together, after that, you can come see your friend.”


She hesitated for a while before nodding.


I signed in relief, Thank God .


When we get to the airport, we won’t go to any USA. We will take our Mexico flight. I will just tell her that, my doctor has relocated to Mexico. And she can’t refuse because she cares so much about my health.


I’m so smart. That’s such a perfect plan.


I’m so sorry Paula, but your Friend won’t be around for a couple of weeks.


Pablo’s POV


I felt a hand touch my shoulder gently.


Is that Paula, my Paula is a wake?


I closed my eyes again to see whether I will feel the touch again.


It’s came. Wow!


I held the hand about to place a kiss on it when I realized, it was a males hand.


I looked up from where my head was lying and it was Daniel.


I signed and dropped his hand.


“You’ve been sleeping on her for four hours now with this big head of yours. How do you expect her to wake up soon?”


I raised my head immediately and Daniel chuckled.


“You were about to kiss me just now. Tell me do you like guys now?”


I rolled my eyes. I know he’s only trying to get me to talk and to cheer me up as well.



“Come on, don’t be boring now” He replied when he realized none of his tricks was working on me.


“Let’s go eat something, you must be hungry.”


I looked at Anna, I can’t leave her all alone.


So I shook my head.


“Fine. I will bring the food for you here”. He said and left.


I wonder why Amy is not with her friend. Where could she be?


I went to my car and searched for my phone. In my fit of rage, I have thrown it away somewhere in the car.


It was lying helplessly under the car seat.


I picked it up and called my PA . I cancelled all my appointments for the next two weeks.


I went back inside, and I saw that same Xander guy seating with Paula yet again.


“Hey, you. Get your filthy hands off her” I barked.


“I just came to check on her” he replied.


“What is there to check? Thanks to you, she’s still unconscious. Now you can leave.”


“Take it easy, Mr Dominguez. I just felt responsible for her condition that’s why I can’t abandoned her. I want to be with her. To help her in case she needs something.”


“I’m capable of doing all that. Now you can leave!” I replied pointing a hand towards the door.


He left reluctantly.


I just don’t trust him around Paula.



Two weeks later.



Pablo’s POV



It’s been two weeks now, and Paula hasn’t woken up yet. And there’s no sign of hope either. I’ve been walking on this corridor for two weeks, I’ve even change the hospital to one of the best in the town, but there’s still no improvement.


I acknowledged the familiar doctors and nurses as I walked down the corridor.


I have become a regular in this hospital. Everybody knows me now. And those who haven’t seen me before always come to the hospital just to get a glimpse of me.


I heard Any travelled to Mexico from one of my sources.


What kind of friend is she? How can she abandon Paula like that? And what of her boyfriend Jude.


Talking of Jude, I think I have his number.


I will call him after I’ve seen Paula. I’m just coming back from work and Leona, Anna’s aunt is with her.


She haven’t even bothered to call her or even me to find out about her friend.


She just disappeared into thin air.


Paula’s Aunt, Leona has been here when she found out about her niece situation.


And as for my mum, she visited for a couple of days before she stopped coming. And I don’t blame her. She’s the busy type so surely, she doesn’t have much time to her disposal.


Daniel has been with me all this while.



He sometimes stays with Paula while l leave to take care of somethings at work. And also when I go home to freshen up. That was when Paula’s Aunt was not around.


Daniel has told me he’s investigation on what happened. But he still hasn’t said anything yet.


And for that Xander, he has been a pain in the neck.


Always annoying me with his present.


I got inside and a guy was sitting beside her instead of Aunt Leona.


The guy turned immediately.


Oh my God




He smiled widely.


What a pleasant surprise.


“Jude. It’s you. Where have you been.?”




What sickness do you think Damon is suffering from?















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