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Lonely (Season 2) – Episode 29

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As I sat at the airport that morning,waiting patiently for my flight to be announced,I took a look at the event of the last two weeks.


I had remained indoors after Rose had shamefully left. I didn’t even know when the others left. I only got busy with my laptop,always expecting emails from the university



The mail finally arrived on Friday morning. I was about going to shower when it came in. I was so excited that I called mum immediately. She was also happy,telling me what to do in anticipation for my journey. I started packing my stuffs immediately. I choose to go to the bank that day. I got the money mum had given me transfered into a new account,withdrew the amount I needed for a little shopping, stopped at a supermarket and got all the things I thought I needed before going back home.


The house was extremely quiet when I arrived so I just stole in the things I had bought. I continued my packing till I eventually got tired, had my dinner in my room and went to bed.


Saturday morning,I left for the embassy like mum had advised. I showed them my admission letter and after series of questions,they booked a flight for me on Tuesday morning.

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I got my flight ticket and left for home in the mid afternoon.


While I drove in,I met Gospel about leaving the house. Before I could finish parking the car,he was already waiting for me to get down.


Gospel: Hi.


Me: Good day.


Gospel: What’s up? Earlier this week,you’ve refused to be seen and now,you’re going in and out. Tell me,are we celebrating anything soon?


I smiled and locked the car.


Me: Of course. But mum will be the one to tell you that.


Gospel: You no longer go to school. Why?

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Me: Cause I gave myself a break. Besides,you don’t think it’s easy for me to come to terms with the fact that my companion just left.


Gospel: Hmmm. I get.


Me: You going out?


Gospel: Yeah. Want to get one or two things.


Me: Alright. See you then.


I walked into the house with my handbag and began to recheck my stuffs.



Now,I was ready to travel and begin a new life.


On Monday evening,I decided to join the guys for dinner. The girls had sent my food upstairs but I asked them to take it down. I walked down the stairs with my heart beating fast.


Ken: You decided to join us,thank God for that.


I smiled and Gospel peered at me.


Gospel: This girl is up to something. She acts weird this days. Or is it the absence of Kamsi? We both feel same way too


Ken: I think it’s more than that. I just can’t place my hand on it


Me: You both should just quit gossiping about me in my own presence and eat.


Not because mum isn’t around.


They laughed and we settled down to our food. After eating,I took away the plates and quickly went outside to inform the gateman that he’ll be taking me to the airport as early as 5:30am tomorrow. He was confused and I pleaded with him to keep it confidential.


That night,I parked my things into the car I intended to use in order to make my departure unnoticeable to the two brothers. I was leaving the Kalu’s residence for good and I know it is far more better than the way I had left the Okoyes’.


My flight was scheduled for 8:00 but I was at the airport as early as 6:30. I got a room where I intended to get an hour sleep but sleep wouldn’t come. I hadn’t closed my eyes one bit last night and I knew it was going to affect me.


Exactly one hour later,I’m now here,waiting for my flight to be announced. It came just as I looked at my wristwatch the 100th time that morning.


As I walked out of the departure door,a single tear dropped from my eyes as I thought about Ken and Gospel. I had left them in the dark and they wouldn’t forgive me for that.


I found my seat and sat down,bent my head and let my tears flow.




Ken: Excuse me madam,you should be sitting this side.

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I looked up and behold,it was Ken. My tongue suddenly went dry. He lowered himself beside me and shook his head.


Ken: Why are you crying? Since you think you’re doing the right thing? I bent my head again and wept audibly.


Ken: I knew something was wrong. I knew it,so I followed you,I monitored all your movements,I knew everything you did,all the calls you made,even your admission. Why did you choose to do that to me?. You know how much I love you and you chose to walk out of my life when I needed you most.


Me: I had to,I had to do it. There was Gospel and then you. What was I supposed to do?


Ken: Gospel will be going back to countryside today do you know that? I shook my head in the negative.


Ken: I told him and he asked me to follow you. Reject me again and I’ll scream loud and clear for everyone to know how badly you’ve been treating me.


Me: Ken please. I have to go.


Ken: I’m not stopping you from going. I’m following you. I’m actually in this flight. We’re going together.


Me: What?


Ken: Yes.


The fasten your seatbelt announcement came immediately and we did that. I still looked on in surprise.


Immediately we took off,he held my hand and I turned to him


Ken: Don’t love me and I’ll keep on following you till I die.


Me: Ken?


Ken: We’ll meet mum,she’ll give us her blessings.


He hugged me and I cried in his arms. He cuddled me like life depended on it and I felt safe in his hands.


Ken: Remember I had promised you,I’ll never leave you alone. We’re in this together and that’s how it’ll remain.









And so it came to pass,five years later,I’ve graduated from university.


Now am certified medical doctor,returning home for my traditional wedding.


As I walked into the arrival of the airport,the faces I saw were all faces of people I had loved and will always love.


Ken was with a billboard with the inscription “Mrs Kalu” on it.


Gospel: Was holding a pregnant Chine. They had wedded the previous year and I had seen their pictures.


Mum: Still looking young and full of life.


Ted: All smiles with a child that looked just like him


Kamsi: Heavily pregnant with face full of smiles.


We all went into a long embrace,each trying to say something against the other playfully.


On our way home in the sienna,I got a text message on my phone,


“we’ll never leave you alone. didn’t I promise?”


It was Ken who was sitting behind me. I looked at him and smiled.


I had a loving family and a lovely fiance who would be my husband tomorrow.


I’ve got a fulfilled life and I’m happy I never ended up LONELY…..







It doesn’t matter what life throws at you. Pick it up and make something good out of it. All bitter stories don’t always end sorrowfully the same way all beautifully stories never end happily. There’s a light at the end of every tunnel the same way every dark cloud has a silver lining.



Your story today may be a lesson to someone else tomorrow so take life easily and never regret any second of it.


…….The end….

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