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Love Affairs – Episode 28

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Episode 28




His office at the country’s capital was ravishing. Senator Mahoney was sitting on a couch, trying to unwind, but was still reelingfrom the outcome of his meeting with the president. He hadn’t expected President Wilfred to behave as he did. Since he rose to become a political lord, he had never been double-crossed until Williams became a president. Williams dared him but didn’t live to regret and now Wilfred had chosen a repetition. No one double-crossed him and


went free. He pictured Wilfred saying I’m not only going to disappoint you but will crush


you and he smirked. He thought over what he had decided and nodded. When I send you limping, I’ll see the feet you’ll use to crush me. “Idiot,” He mumbled, “I love your guts.”


His phone rang and he looked at the screen. It was his secretary. He picked up quickly, listened for a second and said with smiles,


“Send him in immediately.” Few minutes later, the door opened and Rasinki Mohammed


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Tanzanki entered the office.


Tanzanki was fair, slim, with a heavily bearded face and was in his early fifties. He was a



terrorist from Egypt and many believed he was connected to Al-Qaeda. Tanzanki was behind


most of the internecine fighting and sectarian violence in the Middle East. He was also


connected to the October 12 Bali bombings in 2002 and the U.S embassy bombings of 1998 in the East African capitals of Dar es Salaam,


Tanzania, and Nairobi, Kenya. The Egyptian police force had already taken him as a mystery for no citizen had set eyes on him since he was nineteen, yet most terrorists arrested within and around Egypt claimed they


were sent by Tanzanki. He had no permanent base but had apartments in a couple of


countries all over the continents of the world.

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He never stayed in a country for more than a week; he struck a country and left for another.


His disguises were perfect and even those who hired him couldn’t tell his real face. He had wives and children in dozens countries but none could give his true identity or tell where he was at any point in time. Not minding all these, he cherished his name: Rasinki


Mohammed Tanzanki. He never operated with false names.


After the senator’s meeting with the president, he had thought of asking Thelda to handle the president but later changed his mind and


contacted Yaremi, a friend he had in Al- Qaeda. He told him his plight and asked


for someone who could do what he had in mind. Yaremi gave him a name and


arranged for a




The senator stood as Tanzanki got to him. He was wearing a black suit. The senator


stretched a hand, “Senator Mahoney.”


Tanzanki shook him and sat uninvited. He put a hand in his pocket, took out a golden pack


of cigarette and a lighter. With his teeth, he picked a stick and began to roll it between his


lips. He lit it, dragged on it and blew out smoke from his mouth. He looked sharply at


the senator and said, “Yaremi has told me everything.”


The senator nodded and lit a pipe that he picked from a casing on his laps.



Tanzanki removed the stick from his mouth and rolled it between his fingers, “Which


targets do you want to strike?”


The senator thought for a moment, released smoke and recited, “Accra, Abuja and Nairobi.”


Tanzanki crushed out his cigarette and immediately lit another, “Be precise senator.”



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