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Teens’ Heart – Episode 26

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Chapter 26












Alexandra ‘s POV


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I woke up to low yells from Lili.


Who’s she yelling at?


I rushed out to see, and there she was, her back on me as she held the phone in one


hand and the other hand akimbo.


She is standing beside the table.


“You stupid man. You moron!” She yelled at the reciever.


She had no idea I was out now.


“How dare you call now, after two weeks huh! Alex had been with me for two


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weeks and you never called all that time. How dare you call now, you moron! Do


you wanna be dealth with huh? Do you want me to deal with both you and your


whore huh?” She yelled.


It’s no one else but my dad.


“Don’t ever call to ask me about Alex unless you’ve begged God for forgiveness and get that whore outta your life. Im sure Alex would never forgive you if you don’t do that.” She said.


I scoffed.


“I’ll never forgive him even if he does.” I said.


She flinched and turned as she heard that.


“Alex.” She said, dropping the call.


I crossed my arms and walked up to her.


“You’re awake already? Its just too early for you to dear.” She said.


“What’s the reason for his call?” I asked.


“He’s asking after you.” She said.


I chuckled.


“I don’t matter to him. He should never try that again. And Lili, did you have to pick his call?” I asked.


“He called with a new number. I couldn’t detect he’s the one.” She said.


I looked down.


“I hate him.” I said.


Lili rushed to me and pulled me into a hug.


“I hate him.” I repeated as a tear dropped from my eyes.


“Its fine Alex. Don’t cry.” She said.


“Im never gonna forgive him. Never gonna do that Lili.” I cried.






# Jeremy ‘s POV


“Arghhh..” I groaned as I sat up on my bed.


It seems like its 8’oclock already.


I yawned and checked the time.




“What? Did I have to wake up so early huh?” I hissed and fell back on the bed. That snail.


Ugh…. Im gonna deal with her.


Fuck her.


How dare she come to my dreams huh?


Arghh.. I don’t know what’s wrong with me tho.


I feel my heart beat rise when I talk about the snail.


I hissed and got up from the bed. Turned and walked into the bathroom.


Staring at myself and seeing my cheek reminded me of the snail’s slap.




Why did she had to do that?


She don’t really know what I could do to her huh?


Fuck it! Im gonna deal with her.


Im gonna kiss her again.

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Such a snail.


This suprisingly made me eager to get to school.




I turned on the shower as the water splashed over my skin.




“Jeremy, Im so happy you’re making it to school early. It’s just 7:30 and you’re


dressed already. Oh gracious.” Moni said as I walked down the stairs over to the




I smiled.


“Are you happy for me?” I asked.


“Oh my! He’s smiling. Ofcos im happy for you dear.”She said.


“Be happy cos im gonna deal with a snail today.” I said, going for my food.


“What? Deal? Snail? How Jeremy?” She asked with wide eyes.


“Wow.. Its delicious.” I said as I took a spoon of the meal.


She put her hands on her chest.


“Don’t worry Moni, im not gonna deal so mercilessly with the snail.. Im just gonna do something more interesting.” I said and winked at her.


She just stared at me.










I got to school and headed straight to class.


And I got disappointed.


I saw no snail.


She’s not yet in school?


Anyway, I saw Chris.


“Hey dude.” He said as he saw me.


I sat down on my seat.


Why the fu.ck is the stupid girl not yet in school?




I drummed my finger on my desk, as I stared at her seat.


“Molly left yesterday?” Chris asked.


“Yeah.” I said.


She left just after the meal. Though I had to force her.


“And you studied? You read?” He asked.


I looked at him.


It was funny so I chuckled.


“Fuck that.” I said.


Where the fu.ck is this snail huh?


A guy walked in and what?


He sat down on the snail’s seat.




I looked at Chris.


He looked suprised too but then he just shrugged.


What the heck!


“Hey!” I called at the guy.


He turned.


He looked timid and naive with eyeglasses.


“This ain’t your seat. Are you fu.cking blind?” I said.


“This is my seat now. Alexandra’s seat position had been changed.” He said. Whoah!


I couldn’t believe the shit.


“Who the hell changed it?” I yelled at him. “Ms Ashley.” He said, getting scared. “What!”


But then the snail walked in just then and without looking at this direction, She walked to the far end of the class and sat down, turning to window beside her. Whoah..


This ain’t happening right?




“Is that her new seat huh?” I asked the guy.


“Yeah.” He said.


I got so annoyed.


What freak!


“Im gonna fu.cking stop this!” I yelled. That got the whole attention of the class.


Eyes turned to me.


“Why are you guys staring huh!” I barked at them all.


“dude” Chris called.


#Alexandra’s POV


It was funny looking at him yell at everyone.


Why’s he annoyed?


Im just happy I don’t have to seat close to him anymore.


Such a brat.


Oh horrible!


He’s just so arrogant.


We got Literature soon and I stood up to take my literature books.


#Jeremy’s POV


The snail stood up and walked out.


Where’s she going?


I stood up.


She got to tell me why the hell she had her seat changed.


I met her at her locker.


I walked to her.


“Hey snail.” I said, standing with my hands in my pockets.


She ignored me.


She didn’t even look up at me.


She just grabbed her books, closed back her locker and turned to walk away but I grabbed her wrist and pulled her back.


“Ain’t you the snail im calling huh?” I said.


She forced her hand off and then looked at me with angry eyes.


“My name is Alex and not a snail you punk! Get that into your skull.” She barked.




I chuckled.


“The last time I checked, Alex is for boys and not for girls.” I said.


She glared at me and then tried to leave again but I pulled her back again.


“Can you ever stop being a bitch huh? Are you that stupid than a goat huh!?” She yelled.


That was annoying tho but I still love the way her lips curve.










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