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Love Affairs – Episode 23

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Episode 23




Mike adjusted a little bit forward on the seat and said slowly, “This whole thing is really complicated.” He looked down to the table and raised his eyes again to the



IG, “As things stand now, only God can get us somewhere positive.” His voice suddenly became regretful,


“Honestly, I sincerely doubt if I can make any progress without you. I humbly beg that you


become always available whenever I come to you for clarity and other professional advice so that this one week will become possible.”


The IG smiled, “Feel free my dear, I’ll always be available and will be pleased to give you

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every support within my power to ensure that


you make this one week a reality.” He smiled again, “I know my health will not fail me in this one.” He watched Mike smile and he adjusted the glasses on his eyes, “I believe the president; I believe you’ll definitely put a stop to this malarkey. I know you’ll make judicious use of Dennis and Alfred; they’re indeed the best for this.”


Mike nodded, “I’m most grateful for everything. I’ll be on my way.” He smiled,


shook the smiling IG and left his office.






Lucia was wearing a short black skirt that stopped just before her knees and her blue


long sleeves shirt, buttoned up to the last but one revealed mature and lovely breasts. Her

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former coloured hair now blonde was worn long and slightly curling about her face and flattering to her artificial blue eyes. Her lips were delicately coloured with bright red lipstick and the dragon tattoos on her neck looked attractive. The bruise on her wrists was hid in her sleeves and she looked beautiful in


her disguise. As she walked past the brothel to the waiting taxi, a sturdily built man in


crappy suit, with a hat worn at a rakish angle hastened to her.


“Excuse me missy.” He tried to sound polite.


Lucia didn’t stop, she was almost running.


She needed no distraction, not now. The man hurried to her and stood in front of her,


blocking her, “Can I’ve you for the night?” His eyes looked compelling.


Lucia was flared-up, “I’m not a woe.


Can you now excuse me?” Her voice was low but fiendish. She started moving. The man


walked up and blocked her, his gaze on her breasts.


You don’t walk out on me like that. I get whatever I want.” He smiled, “No one dare stops me.” He pointed to the brothel, “I’ve virtually had all of them but it seems you’re a new person. Go ask them who I am,” he signaled with his head, “and what I can do with recalcitrant prostitutes. You think I’ve got no cash? . You’re wrong; I’ve got what you


want.” He pulled a thick wad from his pocket and showed her, “How much do you charge?”.


Lucia looked at it with utter disdain and was forced to smile. The man ignored her disrespectful expression and returned the wad to his pocket, “After tonight, you’ve a fortune.


Now follow me.” He extended a hand to her.


Lucia looked elsewhere, leaving the man’s hand still stretched out. She was now fuming, the man was already encroaching on her time


and she didn’t like that. She turned back to the man, her eyes red,


“I’m following you to nowhere.” Her voice was cracked, “Go right there and find whoever the hell you want,” she pointed at the prostitutes roaming around the brothel, “and step out of my way this minute or you’ll regret.”


A spasm of anger ran through the man. He held her wrist and wriggled it. Lucia felt a


sharp pain in her bruise. The man grinned, “I love stubborn bitches.” He looked her in the


eyes, saw the hatred there and started smiling,


“Do you know why?” He wriggled her wrist again. Lucia fought to free her hand but he


held her tighter, “They give me exactly what I want in bed.” He pulled her to move with him


but Lucia stood firm, the pains becoming unbearable. She quickly straightened her right


arm downwards and the strap of her handbag slipped from her wrist, bringing the handbag to the ground. She bent to pick it, but instead, put her hand into the bag and took out a gun.


The man made to stop her but she was too fast for him. With a quick upward movement of


her hand, she pressed the gun on his neck and buried a bullet there. The gun had a silencer



so no attention was drawn. She watched the man slump to the ground and quickly forced


the gun into her handbag. She ran to the taxi.


The driver, a slight man in his forties saw her coming, leaned back and jerked the door


open. Lucia got in, sweating and slammed the door.


“Where to?” The driver looked in the rear-view mirror.


Lucia was glad he didn’t notice what she had done. She thought for a second, “Optimus Hotel. Step on the accelerator with every strength you’ve got.”


The driver glanced at her breasts in the mirror and moaned, “Yes madam,” then he sent the car moving, his gaze shifting to her laps.


Lucia met his gaze in the mirror and shouted, “Concentrate.”


The driver smiled, brought his eyes to the windscreen and changed the gear.



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