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The Pink Clouds – Episode 9

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Richard walked little further away from Prof. Grace’s house when heard Rebecca shouting calling for him. He turned and watched her as she walked to him.




“I was sent by my mum to ask you for a favour,” Rebecca disclosed after she had stopped walking.




“What is it?” Richard asked.


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“Well, it even makes me uncomfortable to say it,” Rebecca replied.




“Come on, just tell me,” Richard said.




“Okay, my mum said to tell you that you should please accompany me to the market if you are not very busy,” Rebecca requested.


Richard kept quiet for a while without saying.




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“I knew it, it was ridiculous of me to say that,” Rebecca said as she turned to go back.




“Is okay, I can accompany you,” Richard assured.


“Really?” she asked.




“Yes I will,” Richard responded.


They walked back to the house where Richard found Prof. Grace still sitting in the living room.


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“Sorry for calling you back, I want you to accompany Rebecca to the market. She is doing the monthly shopping for us this time,” Prof. Grace announced.


“That’s okay with me ma’am,” Richard assured.



Prof. Grace gave him the key to her car and her credit card to Rebecca.




Rebecca and Richard walked out to the car that was parked at the front of the house. They both entered the car and Richard started the engine.




“I’m surprised that you don’t know to drive,” Richard said to Rebecca as he started driving.




“Well, in the next two years, I will start driving,” Rebecca responded.




“That means you are sixteen years old,” Richard laughed.


“Oh my God, I can’t believe I disclosed my age to you,” Rebecca cried out.


“It would have been better if you had told me earlier,” Richard replied.


“So you brought this topic in purpose to make confess, right?” Rebecca asked.


“Actually not, I was just asking. And I used my common sense to know your age from your answer,” Richard replied.


“From now on, I will be careful when I answer your question,” Rebecca smiled.


“So, who taught you how to drive?” Rebecca asked.


“I was taught by friends about 3 years ago,” Richard replied.


“I thought you were going to say it was your father,” Rebecca said.


“I wish it was really him too,” Richard replied.


“What happened to him?” Rebecca asked.


“Actually, both of my parents died 10 years ago,” Richard replied.


“Oh that’s terrible, I really am so sorry to hear about that,” Rebecca apologized.


“Is okay,” Richard replied.



“I also lost my father 3 years ago,” Rebecca announced.




“I’m sorry to hear about his death too,” Richard replied.




“Well, it looks like we have something in common,” Rebecca said.




“Yes I think so,” Richard smiled.




“So, where are you from?” Rebecca asked.




“I’m from a town called Okene, located in Kogi state,” Richard responded.




“I know it is a nice place,” Rebecca complimented.




“Yes it is,” Richard replied.




They drove out of the university and headed the town’s central market that was 10 kilometres away.


While they were driving, they were over taken by a lady in a little Toyota. Richard turned and looked Rebecca.




“Will you please focus on your driving?” Rebecca said.


“I was wondering if I could teach you how to drive,” Richard offered.





“That will be illegal, I’m sixteen, remember?” Rebecca asked.



“Who cares about the law anyway? I started driving when I was 15 years old,” Richard revealed.




“Wait a minute; you said you started driving 3 years ago earlier. And now you said you were 15 when you started driving. This literary means that you are 18 years old,” Rebecca noticed.




“Nope I just wanted the level of your Mathematics,” Richard said trying to outsmart her.




“For your information Mr. Mathematician, I am not a dumb kid,” Rebecca laughed.




“Of course you are. And the good thing is that you are a fast learning kid,” Richard said.




“Stop pretending Richard, you have already busted yourself just like I did,” Rebecca said.




“Really?” Richard asked.




“Yes of course, I Know your real age now, you don’t need to act bossy around me anymore,” Rebecca said.




“Don’t forget, I still have authority over you since I’m your teacher,” Richard hinted.




“You are just two years older than I, we can be categorised as age mates,” Rebecca laughed.




“Is that what you think?” Richard asked.




“Yes that’s what I think,” she replied.




They drove for some minutes before arriving at a shopping mall close to the central market. They got down from the car after Richard had parked it in the parking space.


“I like your hand bag,” Richard said as they were walking to an ATM machine located next to the shopping mall.




“Thank you,” Rebecca smiled.




“Did mum buy it for you?” Richard asked.




“Not really, I bought it last Christmas,” Rebecca replied.




“Is red your favourite colour?” Richard asked.




“Why do ask?” Rebecca responded.




“I’m just asking,” Richard replied.




“Pink is my favourite colour, what about you?” she asked.




“I love black,” Richard replied.




“That’s cool,” Rebecca commented.




“I would love to see you wearing pink,” Richard said.




“Really? Can I ask you why?” Rebecca said.




“I just want to see if you choose the right colour to favour. Because if doesn’t look pretty on you, is not the right colour for you,” Richard said.




“Don’t worry, you will see me in pink one day,” Rebecca said smiling.




“Do you know what?” Richard said.




“No I don’t,” she replied.




“I think you should choose red to be your favourite colour,” Richard suggested.




“And why should I do that?” she asked.




“Because it looks pretty on you,” Richard answered.




“Really?” Rebecca asked as she stopped.


It was then that Richard realised the magnitude of what he had said. His heart started beating faster as Rebecca stopped walking.



“Why do you stop walking?” Richard asked.




“Never mind, let’s keep walking,” She said and they continue to walk.




They arrived at the ATM machine and Rebecca used her mother’s credit card to withdraw some cash from the machine. After that, they headed towards the mall. As they were about to enter the mall, they come across Janet and Riskat going out of the same mall.




Richard quickly looked away after making an eye contact with Janet . He pretended he hadn’t seen her and started talking to Rebecca. They walked pass each other without say hi.


After they have entered the mall, Janet turned and looked them.


Somehow, Richard did not feel anything. Rather, he was happy Janet had seen him with Rebecca.


“If she think she is beautiful, Rebecca is also pretty,” Richard thought with smile on smile on his face.




“What happened?” Rebecca asked when she noticed the smile on Richard’s face.




“Is nothing,” Richard replied. They met the receptionist at the mall and gave her the list of items they want. The receptionist went around and gathered everything the put on the list.


After he was done, he asked one of the workers to take the items to their car. The worker took the items and put them in a cart. He then pulled the cart to their car that was parked outside the mall. Richard opened the trunk for him and he put everything in it. Richard and Rebecca entered the car and drove to the central market where they bought many vegetables.


“Will you please take me to one of my friend’s house? It’s been long since I last visited her,” Rebecca requested.



“No problem, anything for my student,” Richard smiled.


They entered the car and headed to her friend’s house. It was a small bungalow with a low fence close to the main road. Richard parked the car beside the house and Rebecca got out of the car before Richard even stop the engine.


She headed toward the entrance of the house and knocked at the door. Her friend walked to the door and opened it.


“What a surprise, you didn’t tell me you are coming,” Her friend said.




“We came to shop and I used that opportunity to come and pay you a visit,” Rebecca said.




“Oh that’s very nice of you,” her friend appreciated.




“Why don’t you come in?” Her friend continued.




“Actually, I’m with a friend,” Rebecca responded.




“Where is she then?” Her friend requested.




“He is a boy, and he is in the car,” Rebecca replied.




“You even come with car? I never knew you had a male friend that drives a car,” her friend said as she walked out of the house.


“Now you do,” Rebecca smiled.


“Isn’t that your mother’s car?” her friend asked.


“Yes it is,” Rebecca replied.


“So who is this friend of yours?” her friend curiously asked.



“He is the one I told you about who teaches me mathematics,” Rebecca explained.


“Ohh, you mean your hero?” her friend sighted.


“Oh yes,” Rebecca laughed.


“I would like to meet him,” her friend insisted.


“Okay,” Rebecca replied.


They walked to the car and Richard opened the door when he saw them getting close to the car.


“Hey Richard, I would like you to meet my friend Alice,” Rebecca introduced.




“Hey Alice, how are you doing?” Richard asked.




“I’m doing well, how about you?” she asked.




“I’m doing great Alice,” Richard replied.




“When she said she came with a friend, I thought she got herself a boyfriend,” Alice teased.


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“Did she say I was her friend? I’m her teacher, not friend,” Richard said.




“Don’t mind him, he is just two years older than I,” Rebecca interfered.




“Is that so? I certainly know that before you were born, I know how to talk properly. So it means I have a lot of experience before you were born,” Richard replied.



“I have never seen a two year old kid that can talk properly. Kids at this age hardly know they exist,” Rebecca argued.




“Well, I’m quite different when I was a kid. My mum started sending me on errands since I was a year old,” Richard said.




“Oh my God, what a lie,” Rebecca laughed.




Alice folded her arms and watched as Richard and Rebecca and Richard argued.




As far as she could recall, she had never seen her friend talking to any boy like that.




“Why are you looking at us like that?” Rebecca asked. When she noticed how Alice was looking at them with a smile on her face.




“I was wondering if you guys would come into the house,” Alice offered.




“Actually, her mum will complain if we stay long,” Richard answered.




“I think he is right,” Rebecca replied.


They talked for few more minutes before the decided to go home.




They headed back home at about 2 O’clock pm. When Richard parked the car, Emmanuel ran out of the house and welcomed them. He also helped them in taking the items they bought into the house.



“Did something happen? It took you longer than I expected,” Prof. Grace said.




“Actually, I visited Alice. It’s been long since I last visited her,” Rebecca replied.




“That’s very nice,” Prof. Grace replied. Richard helped Rebecca to take the items they bought to their store.


After they were done, Richard announced that he will be going.




“Why don’t you have lunch before you go?” Rebecca offered.




“I’m okay actually,” Richard replied.




“Don’t be like that Richard, wait and eat before you,” Prof. Grace interfered.




Rebecca asked Richard to wait for her in the dining table.


Rebecca went to the kitchen and got him the food that her mother cooked not long ago. It was a pounded yam with fried vegetables. She brought the food on a plate on a plate with cold bottled water on the other hand.




“Here you go,” she said with a smile on her face as she kept the food on the table in front of Richard.




“Thank you,” Richard smiled back.




Richard started eating the food, while Rebecca went back to the kitchen and came back with another plate of food for herself. She sat down opposite to him and started eating.












In the evening, Janet returned with Riskat from her cousin’s house. All day along, Janet thought about the incidence of seeing Richard with Rebecca. She felt so sad when she saw him with her. The fact that he didn’t show any sign of nervousness scared her more. She tried all her best to hide her feeling from Riskat.


Whenever Riskat tried to bring the topic up, she quickly change the topic. Even after they went back to Maryam’s house from the mall, she became less active and couldn’t talk much. She never knew she had feelings for Richard until after she saw him with Rebecca.




“It seems like something is bothering you,” Riskat said as they walked into her room.




“Actually not,” Janet responded.




“You you can’t hide anything from me, I’m your best friend,” Riskat said.




“I’m just feeling sick and bored,” Janet replied.


“Is that so? Then you need to have some rest,” Riskat responded.




“Yes, I think I go back to my room,” Janet said. “Alright, we will talk later,” Riskat responded.



Rebecca walked out of their house and met Amira who was sitting on a bench under a tree. The tree was close to the main road that leads to the inner section of the staff quarters.


“Hey,” Rebecca said as she sat beside Amira, who was busy with her phone.




“Hi,” she responded as she looked up.


“We haven’t talked today since morning,” Rebecca said as she sat down beside Amira.




“Yes, I went to your house and was told that you have gone out,” Amira replied.




“Oh yes we did,” Rebecca replied.




“You went out with Richard, didn’t you?” Amira asked.




“How did you know?” Rebecca asked.




“I saw you guys when you were returning,” Amira replied.


“We went to the market and even proceeded to visit Alice,” Rebecca announced.




“Oh really? Did she give you my book?” Amira asked.


“No she didn’t, we didn’t even talk about it,” Rebecca replied.


“I never give her my things again. I gave it to her almost three months ago and each day we meet at school, she will tell me that she has forgotten it at home,” Amira complained.


“I think she has lost it,” Rebecca laughed.


“She won’t dare, she knows how much I love the book,” Amira said.



“So did Richard take you to Alice?” Amira asked.


“Yes he did,” Rebecca smiled.


“It looks like you guys are getting close along lately,” Amira said.


“Well, it turns out he is not that bad,” Rebecca replied.


“Am I missing something?” Amira asked.


“Actually not,” Rebecca replied as she hit Amira on the shoulder.







In the night, Richard was called by Paul when he was watching a movie on his computer in one of the lecture theatres close to his dormitory.




Paul: where are you right now?




Richard: I’m in L.T 3 in Agric department




Paul: Alright, I will be coming.




Richard: Okay, until you come.




About five minutes later, Paul arrived at the lecture theatre and found him sitting alone all by himself.


“Hey, you like doing everything alone; wouldn’t it be better if you sit among other people?” Paul asked as he walked to him.




“Well, I prefer to do everything alone in a quiet place,” Richard responded.



“That’s very nice of,” Paul responded.




“How has been your day?” Richard asked.




“It was okay. I looked for you in your room in the afternoon but couldn’t find you,” Paul announced.




“Why didn’t you call me then?” Richard asked.




“I didn’t have airtime in my phone at that time,” Paul replied.




“Well, I was in Prof. Grace’s house at that time,” Richard replied.




“That’s good,” Paul said.




“I just wanted to talk to you about yesterday’s incident,” Paul said.




“Oh don’t worry about it,” Richard replied.




“I’m glad that I have a friend who will tell me the truth,” Paul continued.




“Well, I just hope you will make use of it,” Richard responded.




“But to be honest with you, I have tried many times to stop myself, I just end up failing at the end,” Paul complaint.



“Have your parents known about this?” Richard asked.




“No they don’t,” Paul replied.




“The best way to stop yourself is cut‐off all contact all those friends of yours,” Richard advised.




“I will try doing that,” Paul relied.




Paul sat down beside Richard, they talked for about an hour before he walked out of the theatre and left Richard.







Around 11 am, Rebecca gathered all her books and walked to her room. She had been studying in the dining table for the past three hours.




She dropped the books in her bookshelf as she got into the room. She changed into pyjamas before she sat by her bed and went through her phone. She chatted with few of her friends on Facebook before she finally decided to sleep.




But as soon as she lied down, she kept remembering the things that happened between her and Richard during the day. It was the first time a boy had ever run in her thoughts. She tried to sleep, but she couldn’t sleep. She stood up and went to the living room and turned on the TV. She took out her phone and looked for her friends who were online. Luckily for her, she found Alice online. She quickly started a conversation by sending her a message.



Rebecca: Hey so you are still awake







Alice: Yes I am. What about you? I have never seen you staying up this late.




Rebecca: Yes, is strange. I couldn’t sleep today.




Alice: Perhaps you are thinking about some ;).




Rebecca: Not really




Alice: So how is Richard?




Rebecca: Okay I guess




She dropped her phone on the sofa and went to kitchen and opened one of the drawers. She took her the chips she kept hidden and walked back to living room. When she unlocked her phone, she found out Alice had already went off.


She continued watching her movie as she ate the chips. About an hour later, she fell asleep in the living room.









Janet tried her best to sleep but she couldn’t sleep. She lost control of herself and quickly stood up and walked to her phone that was charging some feet away from her. She unplugged the phone and dial Richard’s number. It rang for a while before Richard answered the call.




Richard: Hello




Janet : Who was the girl I saw you with earlier?


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Richard: Did you just call to ask me that?




Janet : Oh, I’m sorry to bother you




She ended the call and went back to her bed and sat down. She started regretting why she had even asked him that in the first place.

















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