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If The Ring Fits – Episode 12

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Prince Nicholas

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Finally she is here. She is real, kissing me, almost bruising my lips.. . I’m not ready to ask her questions. I’m just going to enjoy this moment. I love her. Only if she knew and stop pushing me away.


We began kissing softly for a few minutes. Eventually, I decided to be brave and I reached out for her body again, this time to cup her breasts.


I felt her react again as my hand connected with her soft, spongy flesh. Her breasts acquiesced to my curious fingers.


Daisy’s whole body was surging as her lungs filled to capacity and then deflated. Up to that point, I honestly couldn’t tell if she was truly excited for what we were about to do or if, deep down, she was thinking about fleeing through the curtain.


However, just a few moments after I began to caress her breasts, I had my answer. As if just needing me to take the first step, I suddenly felt her hand grasp eagerly for my erection.



Her entire body jerked suddenly with emotion as she wrapped her fingers around it and gave it a soft squeeze. It pulsed hungrily at the core of her fist.


QUICK HELP: Please I need you to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Please click HERE or search 'Topster Toons' on YouTube. This will go a verrrry long way for me, please. 

I felt a sudden excitement as I discovered her exceeding my bravery under tremendously awkward circumstances.


As I began to play with her nipples, I felt her begin to stroke me. Her trembling hand traveled up and down the full length of my shaft as it sprouted eagerly from my lap. I was no longer convinced that her tremors were the product of nervousness alone.


There was clearly also a growing excitement.


The wall had been broken. It was officially on between us.


The kissing became more passionate as we realized the degree to which we could touch and explore each other’s unfamiliar bodies.


We groped each other, blindly but tenderly. Despite all the times I’d been with ladies, I felt something entirely new at that moment. A potent, explosive sexual energy that I’d never felt before. It burned inside me like a fire.


After cautiously seeking each other’s tongues for a while, we pulled away from one another. Diasy seemed to feel embarrassed about the way she was touching me and avoided looking into my eyes.


Instead, she looked thoughtfully down at my cock as she gave it curious strokes, lifting it up and down as she went, having a look at the underside, and at my firming balls. I was so turned on by her innocent exploration of my body that I could already smell my own musky odor blooming between us.


A smile broke out across my face. Daisy looked up at me suddenly, meeting my grin with her own. I felt things starting to relax between us.


However, her anxiety partly returned as my hand traveled down the inside of her thigh. It was obviously apparent what part of her body I wanted to explore next… and which she felt the most insecure about.



I felt giddy like it was my first time with a girl all over again. Somehow the strangeness of the situation made everything feel uncomfortably, thrillingly new again.


She leaned back nervously, resting onto her forearms and eyeing me cautiously. Diasy allowed me to move her legs aside and part her hips. She seemed incredibly nervous as I sat there gazing at her beautiful, lightly hairy pussy beginning to gape slightly as she opened up to me. I knew that if we’d just make it through this area of insecurity, who knows what we might be able to do together.


I reached out and gently touched her labia, splitting it open slightly to reveal the pink inner flesh of her va.gina. She was already becoming wet.


I wanted to sink my fingers inside her body but I reeled in my impatient curiosity.


Gently, I began to stroke her labia and the inside of her thigh.


She began cooing quietly and slipped into a kind of trance. Her folds parted easily, permitting me to stroke along the velvety flesh inside. Soon, her hardening nub began to peek out. I circled it with my fingers and she moaned loudly.


Daisy’s eyes flashed at me. Just minutes earlier she had avoided looking at me at all. Now she seemed to be directing me questions that she did not want to vocalize. “Do you… want me to eat your pussy?” I whispered. As nervous as I was, it thrilled me to just ask such a question out of the blue to a woman I’d only just met.


At first, Daisy seemed positively aghast that I asked her this, yet she lay fully back onto the mattress and quickly nodded.


I crawled forward, examining her pubic area adoringly, lost in every sensual detail. She seemed to hold her breath as I lowered toward her crotch. Then, contact.


She gasped softly as my lips graced her labia. It was as if she’d been touched there for the first time ever. Her body jerked to life, desperately opening to me and to the thrill of having succeeded in doing something that was both terrifying and miraculous at the same time.



I planted kisses along her long, deep slit, then loosened her flesh with the tip of my tongue, stroking her delicately as I had done earlier with my fingers.


As she quivered, I found myself suddenly awash in her body’s natural odors, along with the faint traces of some other flowery scent. I imagined her lightly dabbing her body down there with her favorite perfume before leaving home as an extra means of seduction, or else as an act of insecurity.


I gave into my curiosity, sucking at those moist lips and dragging my tongue through her depths as she became feverish and creamy. Her sudden jerks and squeaks only drove me wilder as I continued to work her pussy with my tongue, fascinated by the generous secretions of her body and their earthy savor.


I lashed excitedly at her body, building her into a frenzy of emotion, teasing her bulging clit until it left her unhinged.


When I finally rose from her pelvis with the need to rest my jaw, she sprung to life. I became excited at her apparent enthusiasm for taking a turn. I quickly sat back and allowed my cock to spring upward, fully distended and awaiting her lips.


She quickly lay down between my legs and curled her fingers around me as before, then guided my cock through her lips and over her soft tongue.


There was no doubt about it at that point. As nervous as she’d been on the outside, her inner state raged with the same fire that mine did.


I knew in an instant that she wanted my cock. She wanted to lick it, to taste it, to feel its angry pulse against her tongue as she devoured it whole.


Still, there was an enchanting awkwardness laced through her enthusiasm, placing fully on display her absolute, lingering disbelief at the very act she was performing.


Diasy’s continued her intrepid sucking as I squirmed in pleasure, watching her nostrils flex and bulge as she breathed in deeply and investigated my musky scent all the while.


As Daisy finally pulled away, my cock sprung from her mouth and stiffly bobbed in the air, still glistening with her saliva.



She licked her lips softly then bit them nervously. We both knew what would come next, although now we were unquestionably better prepared for it.


Daisy swept her hair aside as she scooted further back, onto the center of the futon, then threw herself down onto her back again, sending her heavy breasts into a playful wobble. No longer did she display any horror at the thought of letting me see them bounce and swing about freely.


I slid forward, holding my cock between her legs.


We exchanged brief glances, quietly assessing each other’s state. I eased into it, taking the swollen head of my erection and rubbing it back and forth along the dewy, pink flesh between her legs.


When I saw her begin to shiver, I pressed forward and began forcing myself inside. I felt her inner muscles stretching wider for me, welcoming me into the depths of her body.


As I did this, she grasped for my arms, gripping them tightly and letting slip a small gasp.


I slid smoothly into her tight pussy. Her eyes widened and we smiled at each other, both of us rapidly increasing the frequency of our breaths.


As I began to slowly thrust forward and back, I could feel myself beaming. She gazed up at me with sparkling eyes, her mouth slightly ajar, as if amazed that this was happening.


And just like that, we were making love.


I observed her delight; delight at her own pleasure, delight even upon seeing my own.


Diasy grasped my body firmly as if afraid I might escape. She began to occasionally close her eyes with a brief withdrawal into herself to savor the pleasure.



Meanwhile, my eyes toured her body, absorbed in the animation of her weighty breasts, the dark wisp of hair between her legs, in contrast to the paleness of her body, her thick, pronounced labia which had begun turning rosy with friction, and the sticky, audible suction of her body as it continued to further lubricate itself in response to my efforts.


Then we began to stare fiercely into each other’s eyes with a wild determination as we both jerked our hips together in unison, feverish and horny.


If I had to describe the expression that began to subsequently develop on her face, it would simply be the perfect distillation of joy.


Her eyes were filled with silent laughter.


Her mouth curled at the sides, struggling to maintain composure before it flourished into a fully realized grin that reached ear to ear.


We moved hungrily, facing each other with open hearts and obvious amusement. I grasped at her boobs as they shifted up and down her chest, excited by the movement of her body and the felicity with which she eagerly pumped her hips against mine.


I tried to breathe as she held me against her skin.


She laughed and I joined holding her cheeks.


“I’m sorry..”,She apologised, “I’m so sorry for leaving you”


“Why didn’t you tell me about our daughter”


“Because that’s the only part of you I have. I just want my daughter to be a reminder of you. I was scared if I told you, you will take her away from me”


“I told you to stay remember”


“Yes .. but I didn’t. I thought that you will find a rightful bride for the ring”


I chuckled, “Stop thinking about the ring.. . it’s you I want. It has always been you. I love you Diasy.. please one last time, don’t go. Just don’t go”,my nose touched her as she stared at me with her big green eyes.



Her hands touched my cheeks, “You love me”




A tear escaped the corner of her eyes. I wiped it off.


“Don’t cry. It’s just hates to see you cry. I only want to see you crying when you grab the sheets while …..”, she hits my chests playfully laughing.


I kissed her temples.


“I love you so much, Nicholas. And you are right. You’ve ruin me for other men. I just want you and no one else.”


I kissed her deeply making her toes curl.. .


“I love you”


“I love you more, Nicholas”


I pulled her in my arms making us sleep.Kindly share out some of our interesting stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon button below.








“Your….”,Raymond walked towards me.


“Shhh… “,I put my index finger on my lips telling him to shut up too.


I placed my ears at the door eavesdropping. Raymond joined. We were both hoping to hear something..


“Why am i not hearing anything like argument.. ”


“I guess that they are having their evening meal”.


“Evening meal..?. But they’ve ready eaten.. .”


He chuckled, “You won’t understand kid.. ”



I shrugged, “We will open the door at 12am.. I’m sure they will be asleep. Come on, let’s go”


We reached downstairs and there I saw the woman I didn’t want to see.


Margaret or whatever her name was.


“I’m looking for Prince Nicholas. Hope you’ve find him somewhere”


I kept quiet staring at her, ignoring her question.


“Answer me you pig”,she said surprising me.


“As you can see, he isn’t here. And the fact that he is my father doesn’t mean I’m his keeper so I suggest you look for him yourself, my dear”


I tried. I hope I’m talking like a princess. I’m trying to be Princess Ariel of Genovia. It’s feels damn good to be a princess. I could see some of the young royalties staring at me.


I watched as people danced around, tapping their feet and swirling around.


Then I saw him.


He was so cute.


“Hi … have you seen Nicholas anywhere”


“Um.. .I… And who are you please”


“I’m Prince Williams, his best friend”


“Oh… that’s nice.. I’m his daughter. Ariel”


“Nice to meet you Princess Ariel”


“Me too”


“Hope we could we could dance”,I nodded. Honestly even though he look like my second dad, he is really handsome and I like him. Really like him.







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