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Wasted Love – Episode 10

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Episode 10




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Laura arrived home crying bitterly like someone who had lost a loved one. Her mother wondered what had went wrong.


“Laura dear, why are you crying? Were you able to stop the wedding?” Her mother asked.




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Laura didn’t utter a word, she was still in tears but her mother repeated her questions.


“I don’t know why I’m so unfortunate, I lost a good man like Caleb and fell into the trap of a decietful Married man who was living off his wife, all because Reuben had money, I left Caleb without thinking, a good man who did what my own parents couldn’t do for me, mom, i’m so unfortunate, to have you and your



husband as my parents, you both have ruined my life, your husband absconded with my savings and left you for a younger woman and you did nothing about it but Caleb that I dumped for another man after everything he had done for us, he still turned around to forgive me and you want me to stop his wedding, you and father are one of a kind, you both are wicked, greedy and unfit to be called parents” Laura entered in tears.




Laura’s mother was speechless, she burst into tears and tried to console her daughter but Laura ignored her and walked away




At the wedding reception venue, Kate and Caleb were really having fun, everyone was happily dancing. All the guests attention were drawn to the lovely couple, The cheerful guests showered them with good wishes and lots of wedding presents. After the wedding, Kate and Caleb travelled outside the country for thier honey moon. Caleb and Kate were made for each other as they were always happy together. Kate fell pregnant immediately they returned from thier honey moon and in few months time, she delivered a set of twins, a boy and a girl. Caleb was the happiest man in the world, he showered Kate with so much love and affection.



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Kate did keep to her word, she got Laura a good Job with a good pay and she was so excited and appreciative. She couldn’t stop thanking Kate and Caleb for their help and support. Laura started her life afresh and this time she was going make her own decisions and she wasn’t going to allow her mother meddle in the affairs of her life.




One Monday morning, Laura had left for work when his run away Father returned, He was looking pale and sickly, he was diagnosed with Cancer of the groin, he had spent all the money he stole from her Daughter for Chemotherapy but still he wasn’t improving, the worst was that the younger woman he left his family for, had abadoned him too. Laura’s mother asked him to leave and never return but he was adamant and insisted on waiting till Laura returns. Will Laura forgive his father? That would be a Story for another day!



When some one helps you and they’re struggling too, that’s not help, that’s love.


Value such love.




To love a wrong person is a total waste of time.




Sometimes we give love to the wrong person, we sit and wonder, how we have given love to a wrong person because they don’t deserve it but the thing is, you shouldn’t think about it that way. Think of the fact that you were able to give love, because if you are able to give love, it’s means you have love (that’s God) inside you.




Love is the same thing with kindness, with honesty, with your ability to care about people or someone.


Don’t focus on the way people abuse the love you have for them, Focus on the fact that you have love within and being good makes you who you are, it makes you a good person, with a beautiful and kind soul.




Karma comes after everyone eventually, you can’t get away with screwing people over your whole life, what goes around, comes around, that’s how it works.


Sooner or later, the universe will serve you the revenge that you deserve. So Be good.




A good man is not a man who is Rich or handsome, a good man is a man who values and support his woman




Don’t forget about the people who help you become successful. Appreciate them, don’t be ungrateful.





The End

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