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I Wish I Had Held Back – Episode 4

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It was friday night around 9:30pm. I heard a


knock on the door and it was Tope. I was


really surprised seeing her there and I said to


her. “Why are you out this late?”


She said. “I told my mom I was going for




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I then said. “Come in, you lied to your mom




She couldn’t answer me.


I made her noodles and she ate. We both laid


down on the bed, I knew what I feared the


most was revealing its head. I had just my


boxers on and I don’t like sleeping with much


clothes on. She then said. “Do you have water


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in the bathroom, I want to shower.”


I then knew that night was going to be an


intriguing one. I said. “Yes there’s water in


the bathroom. You can use this towel it’s




She took the towel and went into the


bathroom. I didn’t have condoms with me


and it was late to get one. After about 15


minutes she then came out from the


bathroom wrapped in my towel. She then


put off the light switch and laid beside me.


She apparently didn’t have any clothes on.


Before I could say jack…. My erection had


manifested. But I vowed not to make the


first move.


About 10 minutes passed and no move was


made. She then rested her head on my chest


and put her left laps on my leg. And I thought


to myself. “If we spend the night like this it


won’t be bad.”


I then put my left hand on her left shoulder


and began to handle her shoulder a bit. Next


thing I felt was a grip on my joystick.


She said. “I have never held one before. You


are the first and you will be the last. I love


you Thomas I came to give you my body,


please be easy on me, I am still a virgin.”


I was put in a dilemma, I wanted her and I


didn’t want her at the same time. I couldn’t


think of what to say to her than. “Tope I love


you too.” It escaped me quickly before my


thoughts. I was letting my heart speak not


my head. I damned the consequences of


tomorrow and embraced the passion of now.


I had just less than a month to wrap of my


service year and I needed to hold on to


something to linger in the archives of my




She began to kiss my chest, sending


electronic signals to my sexual hormones.


Unleashing the demon within me. She kept


on kissing and using her lips to clinch my


nipples, that was the last straw that broke


the camels back. I then took charge and laid


her on her back. I sucked her nipples tenderly


and caressively, she moaned embracing my


head while at it.


Although I had read about it in books: How


to deflower a virgin. With no practical


experience I knew it was going to be a long


night. While I was sucking her nipples my


right had was handling her region. She was so


wet with slimy stuff, but I didn’t mind. I knew


I had to handle with that place too.


So I later decided to put one finger inside her


honey well. It was really a difficult task and I


didn’t know where the orifice was, not that I


could put on the light and search for it. In the


quest of ransacking the opening, I put my


finger in her butt hole, she then said. “Ah


Thomas thats my anus. Raise your finger up a


bit…. No a little bit down….Yes there.”


She directed me to the spot but it didn’t


seem like an opening. I then applied little


pressure in putting the tip of my finger


inside, She closed her eyes and said. “Be


careful, it hurts a bit.”


The tip of my finger finally got in, so I started


taking it in and out continuously. She then


said. “Thomas, please I want you on top of


me. I need you to do the real thing.”


I then said. “It would hurt, I don’t want to


hurt u.”


She then said. “You deserve it Thomas. I love




I couldn’t decline her, so I mounted on her


and I said. “Tope you have to help out here,


you have to use your hand to align it to the




She then assisted me to it. My cap was just


on the surface of her va.gina. I then started


to apply little pressure on it. I really didn’t


want her to feel much pain.


She then said. “Thomas just do it….Just do




I couldn’t push it in, I felt it was gong to hurt,


it was just so tight. While I use still applying


pressure she then tilted her waist towards


me, causing an abrupt intrusion. She


screamed and held me tight. There was a


snap inside of her, I felt it. I knew it was


better I remained inside of her.


It was very obvious she was in extreme pain,


I could tell by the grip she had in her


embrace. She then said. “Continue Thomas,


continue. Don’t stop no matter what.”


I then started thrusting… She closed her


eyes pretty tight trying to bear every pain


she perceived. I get sorry for her but happy


for myself. The feeling inside of her was


soothing and mind blowing. Her tightened


grip on me enthralled me to an ecstasy I had


never experienced before. After about 10


minutes I climaxed inside of her. It was so


compelling I had to lie on top of her and


remained inside till I shrunk out of her.


I then put on the light and the bed sheet was


stained with blood, it was a gory sight. she


helped removed it and washed it that night.


We both showered and laid on the mattress


and started talking. I said to her. “What came


over you?”


She said. “My friend Bimpe got deflowered


last week by a guy that never truly loved her.


She gave it to him because she wanted him


to stay. But I gave it to you because you are


truly caring, loving and supporting. I have


written JAMB exams 4 times and because of


you I made it this time. My life would have be


noting without you.”


I said to her. “Tope, I truly care about you.


But don’t you think that was too extreme?”


She said. “It had to be you. It would have


been with a guy that doesn’t deserve it. We


have known each other for 3 months and you


never asked for it. I have no regrets Thomas.


Even though we don’t end up together.”


I then said. “You are sweet girl Tope.”


She said. “One more thing.”


I said. “What?”


She then said. “We have to do it one more


time in the morning, my friend told me the


more I do it the more I enjoy it. I need to


enjoy you Thomas. I know you are finishing


service soon and I won’t see you again.


Please let me have the privilege.”


I pondered for a while and I said. “Okay


Tope, no problem.”


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