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Good Isn’t Good Enough – Episode 32

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#32 (Bonus For Kaluba and sisters lol)






She could feel herself losing her mind, Oswald had told her that he was going for work and so she was alone. She had been waiting for Jason to come back but he wasn’t yet back. She walked into the shower and allowed the cold water to pour on her skin, if he wanted to continue playing this game then she would definitely show him who was boss.


Afterwards she walked to the bar area and poured herself a glass of whisky only in her birth suit, the house helps had not yet returned and so she had the freedom that she so much desired.


Walking back to her room, she lit a cigarette and started to go through her closet as she smoked. She settled for a black jumpsuit with a grey blazer and black heels. Her weave she neatly combed into a pony tail and got her key cars. She was just half way the stairs when Jason walked in.


She clicked her tongue puffing out some smoke.


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‘The lost sheep has returned.’ She mocked


He looked at her with sympathy, he might have hurt her but she was doing her best to push him to the edge.


‘How are you?’ he greeted


She laughed sarcastically


‘The same way you left me.’ She responded


He shook his head then tried to walk past her but she held him back


‘I see your other woman didn’t even bother to wash your clothes, I mean how does she expect me to clean her mess?’


He looked at her without saying a word.


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‘Melisa I am having a terrible morning and I am begging you to just let me be, just for today.’ He said almost pleading


She saw the sincerity in his eyes but nothing he could say would make her change her mind.



‘You are having a bad morning huh? Have you thought of the mornings I will be having for the rest of my life all because you couldn’t keep our marriage vows?’ she asked


‘Melisa I am sorry, really I am. But I don’t know what else to do.’ He said almost yelling


‘Jason I want you to undo everything, I want you to take away the hurt and the pain and the tears. I want you to take everything away, maybe just maybe things will get back to normal between us.’


‘I am sorry that I failed you as a husband, I am sorry that I failed you as a life partner but Melisa the glass has been broken. I am trying to put the pieces together.’


‘Jason glass once broken can never be the same even if you carefully try to put the pieces together.’


They were both quiet, each one of them with so much to say.


‘I am trying to make things work between us, I am really trying to be the man that I once was; maybe even better. But I can’t if you keep reminding me of my mistakes.’ He said


She looked at him not sure if she wanted to hear more so she just moved away and allowed him to pass.


He walked to the bathroom and straight away went to bath, he left his phone on the bed and because his wife had never been one to go through it; he didn’t think she would this day.More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


When he was out he found her standing in the bedroom looking angry.


‘So not only have you failed to be a good husband but you have failed to be a good father too huh?’ she asked holding his phone ‘What are you doing with my phone?’


‘I wish we had the chance to hold our baby.’ Melisa read imitating a slang that was not her own


‘Melisa.’ He threatened


‘Jason what nonsense is this?’ she asked throwing the phone to the wall


He knew talking to a scorned woman would not solve anything, so he went to the dressing table and started to apply some lotion.


Afterwards he picked a pair of fresh boxers and a vest, put on a black chino pant with a black t shirt and an army green jumper.


Then he picked his car keys and tried to walk out but she blocked him. ‘You are not going anywhere.’ She said breathing heavily



‘Melisa I was taught better than hitting a woman, so you will move away from my way before I do something that I will live to regret.’


She laughed not believing him


‘Jason what haven’t I seen already? You are an excuse for a husband and a pathetic father! Whatever happened to that brat of a child I hope it served you right!’ He looked at her then walked out but stopped half way through the door.


‘I am sorry I hurt you, I am sorry I broke our marriage, I am sorry you think I am the worst but I am not sorry for what you are. Because this is you Melisa, I don’t want to know about your past because trust me I don’t think I can stand it. And don’t you dare say I was your sanity because none of us is supposed to live because of another human being. You have always been like this and you will always be like this. Now allow me to go to Azure and mourn our child, by the time I will be back; I do hope you would have come to your senses. Because my kids will not grow up in such an environment with a psychopath for a mother. I swear to God even if it will hurt, I won’t hesitate to divorce you, for my kids and for my own sanity.’


With that said, he walked out of the house leaving her dumbfounded.















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