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Friends Or Lovers – Episode 6

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Chapter six



Ife pov


“It is going to be Ok,” he said and rubbed my lips while I look him at weirdly.


He move his head closer and did the unexcepted.


He kissed me, junior just kissed me.


I tried pushing him, but he was more stronger than me.


I used all my strength and pushed him.

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I stood up from the grass.


“What was dis all about?” I asked cleaning my lips.


“Am sorry” he said.


I looked around and saw victor watching.


“Vic” I called surprised.


“It is not what u think?” I said.


“I don’t have to think about anything” he said and left.



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“Vic,” I called running after him.



Junior pov


I looked at Ife as she ran after Vic, I have finally accomplished what I wanted.


I liked ife the first day I saw her, she looked so beautiful. Her mole made her more beautiful.


And when I like something I don’t give up easily.


I knew Vic was looking for her, dat was why I kissed her, to say the truth I have wanted to taste her lips since the day I met her.


Knowing that I have accomplished my mission made me happy and glad.


Don’t call me wicked or bad, Vic was the one who didn’t know what he was missing.


How can he go for a ugly slut and keep dat beautiful girl as a friend.


Dat was his loss.


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Vic pov



I was looking for ife to apologize to her, we havent been in good terms bcoz of the new guy.


I can’t afford to lose her.


I don’t know the feeling I have for ife, maybe it is love or lust or even greed.


But till I find out what it is, I can’t afford to lose her.


I couldn’t find her in the class or in the lab.



Where could she be?.


Yes, I haven’t checked the garden.


I head for the garden and I was shocked and hurt when I saw junior and Ife kissing.


I felt irritated and hurt.


“Vic,” ife called as she saw me.


“It is not what u think,” she said.


“I don’t have to think about anything,” I said and left.


How could she?


I felt hurt and also annoyed.



Ife pov


I ran after Vic.


“Vic!” I called after him.


“Vic,” I said and he stopped.


“It’s not what it seems like” I said and he turned to me.


“Is dat what it seems like, it clearly shows dat u are selling urself to the new boy,” he said.


“I know u are angry but it is not what it seems to be” he said.


“What is going on here?” Esther asked.


“Stay out of dis” I said.



“Are u talking to me?” she asked.


“U really have no shame, how could u throw urself so cheap to the new guy” she said.


“I don’t think u have the right to talk to me after having an affair with lekan” I blurted out.


“What? is dat true?” victor asked.


“Of course not, she is only trying to cover her deeds after u caught her” Esther said defending herself.


“Am saying the truth” I said.


“I don’t trust you” Vic said.


“U never liked Esther from the start, am sure u made up dis lie. That is what u are good at,” he said.


“Lying and betraying people’s trust, hurting them” he said while I slapped him out


of angers




“Vi” Esther called.


Everything he said hurt me, it is like am being stabbed with a knife.


Like someone was stabbing my heart, I felt broken.


And the worst part is dat dis is coming from the guy I like, my best friend, even after all his word I still don’t hate him.


I can’t bring myself to hate him.


“I regret meeting u,” I said and left them.


It really hurts.










Friends or lovers

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