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Agony Of Beauty – Episode 8

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I did very well in my academics right from my first semester in 100 level. Becky and Wuraola were the only friends I had. I was very serious with my lectures. I joined a fellowship on campus and was so devoted to God’s service. My Aunt was very supportive all the way. She sent me money for my upkeep at intervals.Each time I came home to spend the holidays, Mr Badmus always seized every single opportunity he could get to have sex with me whenever my Aunt wasn’t around but he never succeeded.


We soon got through with packing my luggage after my friends lent me a helping hand. Becky lifted my mattress and found my Diary underneath.

‘Here, take this, you will need it during this holiday, make sure you take record of every fun you catch and share the gist with us when we see again’ . I hastily collected the diary from her.’ Thanks Becky.’

Of course, I need the diary, it contains every of my secrets. That was where I recorded each encounter I had with Badmus. None of my friends had ever read it before because I kept it where no one could easily have access to it.

We got to the park, bade ourselves goodbye and we each entered the bus that would take us to our different homes to spend a jolly holiday. I got home at about some minutes past seven in the evening. I knocked on the door and Mr

Badmus opened it with a broad smile on his face.

‘Welcome home Beauty, it’s good to have you back.’

‘Thanks’, I grumbled. ‘Where is my Aunt? ‘

‘She is still at the market.’

I lifted my luggage and went straight to my room.

I was at alert in case Badmus wanted to make a move as usual. I sat on my bed and said a few words of prayer, thanking God for journey mercies. I was removing my shoes when the door was suddenly opened. Badmus of course, I knew he would come, so I was ready this time.

I have gathered enough courage to fight back. He came in bearing a plate in his hands which contained peeled oranges. ‘Take this and relax while I go prepare dinner. ‘Since when did you start serving me in this house? Please leave my room!’ I thundered.

Heeeeeeeenh? So, you have grown wings ehn? Are you really talking to me?

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‘Yes you! Please leave right now!’ He placed the plate of oranges in his hands on the stool beside my bed, then grabbed me by the neck and flung me to the bed. I didn’t scream this time around, I was ready for self defence. I fought back fiercely and got free from his hold. I immediately reached for the glass plate which contained the oranges and hit him on the head with it. ‘Yeeeeeeeeeee! My head, he shouted and sank into the bed.

I quickly picked my shoes and hand bag.

‘This time, you have had it to the fullest, I must speak to someone about this’ I screamed as I ran out of the room.

‘You will regret it’, he shouted after me. I didn’t answer him. As far as I was concerned, an end must come to this victimization tonight. I ran out of the house and headed straight to the Church building, which was about three streets away from our house. ‘I must see Pastor tonight’, I reassured myself as I ran along…….


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