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Forbidden Passion – Episode 45

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Chapter 4 ⃣5 ⃣


© Ifeoma Isabella Silver .O. Ozoemene (Omaisabella)



Continuation From the Last Episode:


“Are you perceiving that smell, Royal?” River asked, getting out of the bed she and Royal were sitting to stare around them carefully.


“Yes, where could it be coming from?” He asked getting up to his feet also.


“I don’t know but stay alert, it might be one of my uncle’s tricks.” River answer.


Royal closed his eyes to concentrate on where the smell was coming from, when he suddenly opened his eyes. Walking towards one of the candles around the room.

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“I think where that smell is coming from, comes from one of these candles.” Royal told River, bringing her attention to the candles around the room.


“How do you know that?” River asked.


“Let’s just say I have a sensitive nose that is allergic to any offensive smell. Plus I am sensing it. The smell is coming from one of the candles around us.” Royal responded. “I bet you the creature your uncle must have sent to us is a fire being.” He added.


“Then how are we going to know which of the candles the creature is?” River asks aloud.


“There is only one way to bring him out.” Royal said and didn’t wait for River to ask him how before he calls the name of one of his wolves. “Fire, your presence is needed right away.”


He didn’t get to finish his statement when fire large fur head was seen coming out of the wall opposite him.


“Didn’t you know that I have to sleep Royal? It’s night already and this handsome wolf need some rest.” Fire told him. “Hello beautiful.” He said gesturing with his large head towards River direction, showing all his razor sharp teeth as he smiled.


“Hi fire.”

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“Fire, aren’t you perceiving something awful in this room?” Royal chips in immediately.


Breathing in a little bit, fire nose squeezed in disguise.


“Do you want me to puke here Royal, if you enjoy the smell why get me involved, for your information I don’t like this.”


“Are you done? If you are done, then shut your mouth up fire.” Royal said not in a commanding way.


With a straight face “Why did you summon me oh high and great master.” Fire said in a mocking tone.


“Simple, if you had focused very well you would notice the smell was coming out from one of the candles here.” Royal said. “I want you to use your fire and bring out whatever it is.”


Fire didn’t say anything to that, instead the wolf blew out air from his mouth into the room.


The room was getting hotter.


“My love kindly go outside and wait so your beautiful skin won’t peel off.” Fire told River, pausing what he was doing. “He on the other hand doesn’t concern me.” He said with a loud snort towards Royal.


“Let’s wait outside dear.” Royal said to River as he suddenly remembered staying in the room any longer will make their skin peel regardless of what powers they possess.


River followed Royal outside and Jeffrey was surprised when he saw them.


“Why aren’t you sleeping my Queen and King?” He asked as he watched them standing next to him.



“Why aren’t you sleeping?” River threw the question back at him.


“Keeping vigilant of your room and the entire palace my Queen.” Jeffrey answered.


“We too, we came to keep you company and follow you, keep vigilant of everyone in the palace.” River told him.


Fire continued to blow hot air in the room but nothing happened. Fire could sense a creature made of fire in one of the candles.


Oh, you are refusing to come out showing me you are your own boss, really? Like really?


Fire thought to himself as he now knew the candle where the creature was hiding.


‘Stupid master, I need to come out fully and drag out the creature.’


Fire message Royal.


‘Firsr of all, I am not stupid and secondly how do you intend to find the creature in one of the candles if your heights won’t destroy the whole room?” Royal messages fire in his mind.


“I know which of the candles the creature is in and it is made of fire. I won’t tell you because I want to teach the creature a lesson. How can the creature refuse to come out after allowing me to waste my air. It is challenging me Royal.”






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