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Joe And Voe: Episode 7

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උɦคpt㉫® 7










Author’s POV




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Both Luke and Nancy couldn’t believe what they heard coming out of their father’s mouth.




dad, if you’re trying to scare me from having him as my boyfriend, I get but you can’t just say things like that” Nancy said.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen




your father is telling the truth” their mother confirmed.



what truth mom, cause I don’t believe any of this, I don’t see in anyway that could happen” Luke said.



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why don’t you let your father explain to you” granny said.




Then Mr Edwards explained to them everything that happened, from how he met with Joseph mother and how things transpired between them.




He also explained how he confirmed the DNA test and hoe it proved that he is his child.


did he know about this?” Luke asked.




No I haven’t, I don’t know how to tell him” Mr Edward said.


you are unbelievable dad” luke said.




let’s go Luke, we are getting late” Nancy said then they left for school.


I suggest you tell Joseph as well and get this over with” Mrs Edward said.




(Harris High School)




Joana was planning to meet with Joseph one on one and get him to trust her.




As she was about to cross the road she was lost in thought and didn’t look out and out of nowhere a running car came of hit her and suddenly someone push her away.




She was shocked when she realized what just happened and then people started clapping.




She look around to look at her Savior and was shocked to see that it’s the same boy she told some thug to beat up.




Joseph also look at the girl she saved then was shocked when she saw that it’s the same girl that’s always gazing at him.




You? Joseph said but she didn’t say anything.




fine whatever, you are welcome by the way” Joseph said then inside of the school as the students keeps clapping.




Joana keep staring at him as he left and was happy that her claim is more than confirmed and also found a way to make her move.




Then the owner of the car came down to check if she’s okay.


I’m so sorry, are you okay? ” the man asked.




No it’s fine, I’m good” Joana said.


please be careful some other time, okay” he said.


okay thanks” Joana said.




what a hero and a Savior you have here in this school” the man said then entered back his car then drove off.








Joseph’s POV




I and my friends went to the cafeteria to eat after morning lecture. I was telling them how I saved the girl and she didn’t even mutter a thank you.




I told you man, she’s weird” Zach said.


but you just keeps getting popular” Liam said pointing at people smiling at me.



As we are talking people coming to me introducing themselves one after the other then a girl came to our seat then sat down.




Hi, my name is Olivia Miller” she said facing me.




hi, Olivia… name is Joseph and these are my friends Zach, Liam and Simon” I said.


hi guys” she waved at them.




hi Olivia” the guys said.


I’m having a party at my place this Friday and I want you to come” she said.




uhm…..i….” I was stuttering then turn to my friends and they gave me a go ahead signal.




sure……if my friends are also invited” I said.


of course they can come as well” she said.


that’s great” I said.




okay…..see you around” she said then left.


dude, if you keep this up you will get any girl you want in this school” Simon said.




men, that girl is hot” Zach said.


funny enough, I don’t have interest in any of them” I said.




well you have to just for your high school experience to be exciting” Liam said.




Then I noticed the girl I saved this morning coming over to our table, I look at my friends and noticed they are as surprised as I am.





” Hi” she said as she got to our table and I look at my friends.


Hi” I replied.




can I please talk to you for a minute?” she said then I stared at my friends and see how surprise they are.


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sorry guys, I need to steal him away from you for a few minute” she said and they nodded in approval without saying a word.




thanks” she said then turned to me to follow her and I did.




She took me to one of the empty seat at the cafeteria and we sat down. She noticed the weird way I was staring at her.




please don’t look at me that way… look like you saw a ghost” she said.




it’s not my fault, the way you always acted and the way you stare at me…’s like you are possessed” I said and she smiled which is the first I will see her do that.




I’m sorry about that” she apologized.


it’s okay……it’s cool” I said.




and also I’m sorry about the way I acted this morning, you saved me and I didn’t even thank you for that” she said.




I believe it’s the shock” I said.


yeah it is…….thank you for saving me” she said.


you’re welcome” I said.




I believe we are not formally introduced, my name is Joana Williams” she said.


” Nice meeting you Joana, my name is………”


” we all know who your name is……Joseph Ola-whale……”




it’s Olawale……Joseph Olawale Edwards” I corrected her.




you are quite popular in just a few days you’ve been in this school” she said.




yeah it seems so” I said then I decided to asked why she always stared me.




why do you stare at me like that… I the only one or that’s how you do to everyone?” I asked and she smiled.




Actually I’m glad that you noticed…..why do you think I stare like that? ” she asked.


I don’t know” I said.




well it’s kinda because I like you and I was even surprised you haven’t ask me out yet” she said and I was shocked to hear that coming from her.




but now I see you don’t really have a clue about women” she said and I was dumbfounded.




yeah I’m sorry…. I just don’t want to be involve with any girl now” I said.


oh I understand, but don’t worry we will take it slow” she said.




I saw Olivia went to you guys, did she invited you to her party?” she asked.


yeah, yeah she did” I said.




are you going?” she asked and I nodded.





” well in that case I’m coming as well……..i don’t usually go to parties but I’ll go this time ” she said.




woww…..that’s good” I said then the bell ringed for us to go back to our class.


Nice taking to you, Joseph” she said.




yeah me too……see you later” I said then we parted.






(After school)




After the school closed for the day my friends disturbed me to tell them what I and the girl talked about.




c’mon man, you got to tell us” Simon said.


fine, she thanked me for saving her this morning” I said.




really, that’s so unlike her” Zach said.


what else did she say cause you guys took time?” Liam asked.




well she asked if I’m going to Olivia’s party” I said.


really?…..what did you say? He asked.




I said yes, and she said she will come also” I said and they were surprised.


she’s coming?…..that’s new” Simon said surprised.




dude, I think this girl have a thing for you” Liam said.


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I doubt it” I said then we went to the field for today’s practice.






(one hour later)




alright guys, next week the competition will start, and we will have our first match on Tuesday so let’s be ready” the coach said then we went to the dressing room.




As we finish practice for the day I noticed Nancy waiting for us which makes me wonder why.




As we got to the dressing room we took shower then changed back into our clothes.


I see Nancy decided to wait for us” I said to Luke.




yeah, she and I decided to ask you for a favour” Luke said.


c’mon ask away, we are family” I said smiling.




Nancy and I decided to stay with you for a few days” he said.


of course…….you are welcome anytime” I said.




thank man….we will be coming this evening ” he said.




We bade goodbye to everyone then we left the dressing to meet Nancy outside.


hi Nancy ” I said.




Hi Joseph ” she said without enthusiasm as she usually does.


is everything okay….Nancy?” I asked.




yeah…..I’m good” she said then we started going home.




We board a taxi which took us to our destination, they got down at their house while the taxi took me to my house.




Author’s POV




Luke and Nancy entered their house and saw their parent their in the living room.




Good afternoon” they greeted then went to their room to pack their clothes. After a while they came down with a small bag and their parent were surprised.



guys, what’s going on here?, where are you off to?” Mrs Edward asked.


Mom, we decided to stay over at Joseph’s house ” Luke said.




why would you when you have your own house” Mrs Edwards said.




mom, we wanted to know more about him before dad tell him the truth” Nancy said.


we will be back tomorrow” luke said then they went out.








Joseph is in the kitchen preparing dinner then he heard the doorbell ring then he went to door.




hey guys, you’re here” joseph said as he saw them.


come in, come in” he said them they entered.


sorry if we seems to be disturbing you” Luke said.




c’mon……infact I’m happy you’re here” Joseph said then show them their rooms.




Joseph went back to the kitchen to finish up with the food and they came to help him out.




After the food is done they settled down and begin to eat.





” I heard about what you did today in school” Nancy said.


” oh that’s nothing” Joseph said.




” you are really talented Joseph……who teach you how to cook?” Luke asked.


” My mom, she’s a great cook” Joseph answered.




” I have no doubt about that……she must be a great mom” Luke said.


” yeah…..she is” joseph said.




” what about your dad?” Nancy asked.




” ugh dad……i never got to know my dad, it is a long story……it’s always me and my mom since I’m a


little kid” Joseph said.




” I can imagine how hard it can be growing up without your father” Luke said.



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” uhm….not really, living with my mom thought me alot of things, which is living without depending on


anyone, trying to survive at all cost” Joseph said then he continue.




you know I live all my life in the village, fighting to survive at all cost, life in the village is not what anyone would ever wished for” Joseph said.




I can imagine and I’m sorry for what you went through like that” Nancy said.




” nah it’s okay…….it’s part of life’s training, infact it’s what made me strong and believe in myself” Joseph said.




” what a man came and told you that he’s your father?” Luke said.




” Father?….which yeye father?…….ah me being to where I am today is without him, and I’m happy as I am…… why would I need a father” Joseph said.




I’m just saying…..what if he appear?…….don’t you want to know your father” Luke asked again.




he better not, I don’t see any reason why I’d want to know him, he’s not in any chapter of my life, to me he never existed” Joseph said then both Luke and his sister stare at themselve.




you are very strong and focus, how I wish I have you as my brother” Luke said.


oh c’mon, we are brothers already, we are family” joseph said smiling.




After they finished with dinner they talk some more before they head to their rooms.






(Next Day)




Joseph is the first to wake up then he went to wake the others to get prepared.




He also went back to shower then went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast after he finished dressing up.


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The siblings also finish dressing then came to meet him in the kitchen.


How are you guys doing?” Joseph asked.




doing good, bro” Luke said.


thanks for having us” Nancy said.


anytime…..feel free to come over” joseph said.




thank you” Nancy said then they all hugged. They eat their breakfast then left for school.






(After school)




Luke and her sister arrived to their house and met their parent at home.


good afternoon” they greeted.




how was your stay at Joseph’s house?” Mr Edward asked.


it was okay” Luke said.




and if you are wondering if we told him or not then your answer is No” Nancy said.


why didn’t you?” Mrs Edward asked.




mom we can’t, dad should be the one to do it” Luke said.


yeah you’re right and I will tomorrow” Mr Edward said.




I wish you good luck with that” Nancy said.


Dad, I’d suggest you shouldn’t cause we kinda ask if he’d want to meet you but he made it clear that he doesn’t” luke said.




really?” granny said.




but you have to tell him anyway…..and if he rejected you please don’t push it cause he has went through alot and he has every to reject you” Luke said then went to his room while his sister follow.




I will go with you to make things easier” granny said.






(Next Day)


(Harris High School)




At lunch Olivia came to remind Joseph about the party and he assured her that he will be there.




They exchanged contact and also gave him the address of her house.




Joana also came by and they talked for a while then exchange contact.




Joseph’s POV


(After school)




I got home from school after the practice they had in school. I’m now becoming a professional in Rugby game.




The coach and everyone like how I played even the seniors eventually like me.




I went to the kitchen to prepared something to eat before I started preparing to go to the party.




I have never been to a party before in my life other than the one I went to in village and that’s because I went there to collect food but this one is different.




An hour later I went to my room to and put on a very nice cloth then dress my hair very well.




I sprayed perfume all over my body then look myself in the mirror and smiled with what I see.




I was ready to leave then I heard my doorbell ring and I went to check who that is.




I went to the door then opened it and was surprised to see Mr Edward and the granny at my door step.




” Good evening sir, good evening ma” I greeted.


” how are you Joseph?” Mr Edward asked.




” I’m fine sir…… Please come in” i said then they entered.


” it seems you’re going out” granny said.




” yes…..but don’t worry about it…’s nothing” i said.


” so what can I offer you?” i asked.




” No….don’t worry we are fine…….we just came to tell you something” Mr Edward said.


ookay, hope it’s nothing serious” I said.




first before we begin, I would want you to forgive us” the granny said and I was confused.


forgive?…..i don’t understand” I said.




you will, but first I want you to promise that you will forgive us” she said again which begins to scare me.




there’s nothing you could possibly do that haven’t happened to me before, infact I’m very sure you can’t do anything to harm me cause you are good people” I said.




fine” she said then signaled to Mr Edward and I wondered what’s actually going on as I see that he seems uneasy.




is everything alright, sir? ” I asked.




” Joseph, I know…….how hard this……. must be for you…….to believe but I just want………you to know that it’s the truth” he said and I still don’t get he’s still worried.




” sir, you’re creeping me out” I said wondering what could possibly make this man to be this disturbed.












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