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Forbidden Passion – Episode 37

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Chapter 3 ⃣7 ⃣



© Ifeoma Isabella Silver .O. Ozoemene (O maisabella)


Continuation From the Last Episode:


“How are you sure you will get the throne from River?” Tyler demanded.


“Trust me my love, the throne is yours. I will take the throne from River hand and also from whosoever that want the throne and give it to you.” Beauty responded as her fingers descended lower to Tyler’s chest.


“Then why do you want me to challenge River for the throne? She is a lady and I am a man, it won’t work.”


“Who said you will be the one to fight her, huh? Challenge her and once she accepts, I will take your place to fight her, and you and everyone will watch how I will disgrace her once again.” Beauty said kissing Tyler lips and he responded.

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Royal saw himself at the Cave he had taken River the previous night. He was shocked and surprised.


“How did you-”



Interrupting him gently. “One of my powers.”


“Your father has the same power also, never thought you would have it too.” Royal said in awe.


“Thanks, I still can’t believe my mother did this.” River said gesturing around them, at the glowing Rose flowers.


“Yes, like I told you before, Queen Elena was a special wolf with special gifts.” Royal told her.


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“So, can I see your wolves.” River said eagerly.


“Of course, anything for you my love.” Royal said and touched his forehead with his right index finger, and closed his eyes.


He said the words that he normally used whenever he wanted to speak with them directly.


“Your presence is needed.”


No sooner as the words left his lips, the atmosphere within them changed.


The loud sound from River made him open his eyes.


Surrounding them were the four large heads of his wolves. Their heads were the only thing that came out, their body wasn’t seen.


“Are these your wolves?” River asked as she couldn’t believe her eyes.


“Yes, the one on green fur is called Green, the one on fire is called Fire, the one on dark fur is called Dark and the one of the white fur is called Ice.” Royal introduced them to her. “And this is River.”


“So we finally get to meet you.” Dark said with a large grin, his canine teeth showing.



“Me too.” River said.


“You are truly pretty, more prettier than what Royal had dreamt about.” Fire said this time around.


Looking at Royal who blushed a little.


“Don’t mind Fire.” Royal said, trying to hide his blush but failed woefully.


River turned her gaze to the Fire wolf.


“Anyway, my name is Fire, the most handsome and strongest wolf amongst us.” Fire introduces himself.


“Nice to meet you Fire.”


“I am Green, the fastest wolf and so much more love.” Green introduced himself. “And I am the hot one here.”


“Okay, nice to meet you Green.” River said smiling.


“And I am Dark, I was the first person who noticed you before others did.” Dark said. “I don’t need to tell you how fast or strong I am, you will get to see it yourself beautiful.”


“Are your wolves like this?” River asked with a large smile.


“Yes, I don’t know where they’d gotten such character from. They talk too much these days.” Royal said staring at them with a warning glance.


“We learn from the best, from the body we occupy, right?” Dark said and Fire and Green both nodded their large head together in support of what Dark said.


“And like Royal had said, my name is Ice.” Ice introduces himself. “And please do ignore these three kid wolves words, they sometimes don’t act their age.”



“Wow, ice is the most mature one here.” River said as she stared at the wolf who seemed to have a larger head than the other three.


“I disagree with that pretty, he isn’t the mature one here, I am and no one can take my position.” Fire said.


River laughed and faced Royal. “Your wolves are funny, why aren’t they showing their whole body, I want to see their body.” She said.


Royal opened his mouth to answer but dark beat him to it.


“Royal ate our bodies and left our heads as a punishment because we were arguing on whose wolf will take you to bed first, which of course is me.” Dark said.


“I don’t get you.” River said not getting it.


“What the kid is trying to say is that when it’s time for mating with Royal, one of us will have to possess his body to mark you as ours, as our Mate, and Dark don’t last in bed.” Fire explained.




Isaac brought his two palm and clasped it together, he started making incantations and when he opened his hands, two identical eyes stared at him from his palm, each eye was at his middle palm.


“I need you to kill River, show her no mercy.” Isaac ordered and the eyes closed.


He rubbed his good eye and smiled to no one in particular.


“I would like to see how tough you are, River, better get ready for my unexpected attack.”






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Royal and River (Part 6)


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