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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 27

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I couldn’t tell how I felt at that moment. He just stood there, watching me.



“Chloe?!” I turned to see Daxton standing at a corner. He couldn’t see Dexter and Dexter couldn’t see him either. I ignored Daxton and ran down the stairs. When I got to the landing, I flung myself into Dexter’s arms.




“Chloe?!”he didn’t even hug me back, he just kept his hands tugged in his pants pockets


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“Dexter what’s wrong?” I pulled from the hug and looked into his face


“Chloe you shouldn’t have seen me.. What are you doing here?”


I was confused “Daxton and Henry wouldn’t let me in. I had to use the backdoor”


“I told them not to let you in. You’re not supposed to see me”


“Why?” tears were trickling down my cheeks


Dexter sighed and raked his hair with his fingers “this is just going to make things hard for us”




“Chloe we should be moving on”


I blinked out hot tears from my eyelids “you’re trying to move on?”


Dexter looked around then back to me “I guess I have to start all over again” he yanked me into his arms and covered my lips with his. I smiled through my tears and kissed him back. With my hands at the back of his head, I just couldn’t let him go again.


Dexter slowly broke the kiss and I saw Daxton standing above the stairs. His hands were tucked in his pockets as he watched us. Dexter had his back to him so he couldn’t see him. But I could.


“Let’s talk outside.. You’ve got a lot of explanations to do” I told Dexter


He smiled “I’ve always known that all the defenses I managed to build up these few days I was away would surely break once I set my eyes on you”


I chuckled and looked up but Daxton was gone. My uneasiness grew tensed. “let’s go outside”


We walked out through the backdoor and Dexter led me to his car. I didn’t bother taking the records again.


Daxton should bring them to me.


“Give me 1000 reasons why you left and wouldn’t take my calls” I said once we were in the car


“you said yes to Daxton” Dexter replied “that’s worth more than 1000 reasons”


“but I didn’t mean to”


Dexter arched a brow “but you did”


“that doesn’t mean anything. I feel nothing for Daxton” my voice cracked at that


“Seriously?” Dexter raised my hand “you’re still wearing his ring”


I sighed and took off the ring “it doesn’t matter” then I shoved it into my purse


“you said yes to him in front of my parents and the world has seen it on the net.. Everything matters”


“so there’s never going to be us?” I chocked on my own words


Dexter turned to look at me “There’s nothing I know that can be done. Even if Daxton is a gay, he hasn’t done anything to end things after the engagement”


“Daxton doesn’t want me and he has tried but all our plans keeps failing”


“what do you want me to do now Chloe?”


I swallowed hard “I don’t know”


“surely you don’t expect me to stay here and watch your fake relationship blossom into something”


“Dexter there’s never going to be a something between Daxton and I”


Dexter reached for my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze “I’ll be waiting to see how things will go”


“you don’t think Daxton and I will get married”


“we all thought it’s going to be a fake girlfriend then it turned into a fiancée”


“a fake fiancée” I corrected


“then you might end up being a fake wife”


“so there’s no hope for us is then?”


“I don’t know”


“Then why did you kiss me?”


Dexter chuckled “that wasn’t enough to show you how much I’ve missed you. Even if I haven’t seen the chance if us being together, I can’t also see the chance of forgetting you completely”


My cheeks got warm and I couldn’t hide my embarra*ssment.


“Oh Dexter! I shouldn’t have gotten into all these”


“we were trying to save Daxton’s reputation”


I sighed and bowed my head



“let’s go somewhere to take your mind off your worries” he turned on the ignition


and drove off.












“This is perfect” I said, inhaling the sweet breeze as the wind blew through my hair. Dexter had brought me to the beach and from where we sat, I could see the rock Daxton had shown me the other day.


“there are no worries out here” Dexter said without looking at me


“We could stay here for ever”


Dexter glanced at me “you’ll end up bearing thousands of kids”


I laughed “why?”


“you, me, on a beach where people rarely visit.. There’s not going to be any restrictions”


My cheeks flushed with color and my stomach tightened.


Dexter burst into laughter “look at you”


I nudged him and laughed too “we could as well get married yet”


“there’s no priest so we’ll have to start with making babies”


“oh Dexter!” I laughed real hard


“what’s funny?”


“just forget it.. We’ll go home”


Dexter smiled and stared at the clouds “even nature calls out your name”





He placed my palm on his chest “listen”


“I can only feel your heart beat”


“it’s echoing what the breeze is saying”


I laughed and withdrew my hand “what’s it saying?”


“Chloe! Chloe! Chloe!” he chanted


I giggled “Dexter?! You never seize to amaze me”


“have you been laughing this way since I left?”


I shook my head “no” and it was the truth. Dexter was the only one who succeeded in putting a smile on my face. We sat there on the sand, discussing randomly and making a joke out of everything till it got dark.


“Thanks for the evening” I told Dexter when we walked to his car


“My job is to keep you smiling”


I grinned “tell me you won’t be leaving”


“If I said I won’t then I’d be lying”


we got to the car and Dexter leaned on it while I stood in front of him “you love LA don’t you” I faked a smile


“it isn’t half of what I feel here in Salado” Dexter replied “I love staying in LA but I’ve come to love Salado more because of you”


“But you can’t stay”


“not with you and Daxton as a couple”


I blinked rapidly to suppress my tears


“it’s alright.. I’ve still got 3 days here in Salado. I’m here for a little business SBH is running”


“Let’s just go” that was all I could say


Dexter drove me to Daxton’s house and we didn’t talk much like we used to do. We said our goodbyes and he drove off. I didn’t go inside immediately.


I stood transfixed thinking of everything dad had said. Maybe he was right. Maybe I was getting myself too involved with the twins. Having a fake relationship with one and loving the other. It just wasn’t right and dad would be really disappointed if he knew the whole story.


I turned to go inside and my eyes drifted to Daxton’s window. His light was on and he was standing near the window with his gaze down at me.


I shivered and stared back at him. His expression was dark and I couldn’t read what he was thinking.


That was the same way he stared at Dexter and I earlier when we kissed and the other day when Dexter kissed me outside the office. He just stared at us from his car with the sane dark expression.


Daxton moved away from the window and his shadow disappeared into his room then his light went out.Read more stories from generalloaded.com.


I sighed and went inside. My dinner was already set on the table. I dropped my purse and sat down to eat. After eating, I went up to my room and prepared for bed.


Minutes later, I dropped on my bed to sleep but tonight, I was wearing a night gown. I tried sleeping but Daxton’s stare wouldn’t go out of my head.


I thought of going to his room and explaining things to him but why should I?


I turned off my light and covered my head with a pillow. But it wasn’t blocking off those dark eyes I had seen when I caught him staring.


I sighed in frustration and turned on my light. I got out of bed and grabbed a robe from the hanger then wore it over my night gown.



Taking a look at myself on the mirror, I walked out of my room to go talk to Daxton. Maybe if I explained things to him then the guilty feelings would disappear and I’ll sleep peacefully.


But what do I tell him?


Before I could come up with a reply, his door flung open.


When did I knock?


I stared at him speechless and he arched a brow waiting for me to say whatever I had to say.


“Seriously?” Daxton’s voice was soft “another staring challenge?”


“No” I tried keeping my voice stable


“I came to ask for my records.. If you brought it from the office”


Seriously Chloe?


“I’ll get it” he shut the door at my face then opened shortly with the ledger in his hand.


“here” he proffered it to me


“thank you” I collected the ledger from him


“anything else?”


I chuckled nervously “no”


“Goodnight” he slammed the door shut.




For a minute, I couldn’t even breathe.


I walked into my room and tossed the ledger on the table. It’s a good things I thought fast to use the ledger as an excuse for knocking on his door.


I took off the robe and replaced it on the hanger then slumped on my bed.




My subconsciousness kept calling at me accusingly.


I had that guilty feeling lingering in my head until I finally drifted to sleep.




















Daxton and I did the cooking together. Talking only when necessary.


When we finished cooking, we went up to our rooms and showered before coming down for breakfast.


“Mom will be visiting today” Daxton informed during the course of the meal


I almost chocked. I totally forgot I had a bigger problem in Pauline. “Okay” I managed to say


Daxton stopped eating and looked at me “If you don’t want to see her then…”


“it’s okay.. I can’t keep hiding from her forever” I cut in and I was right


There was an awkward silence between us as we faced our foods. My heart was racing real fast that I feared would hear it.


“You were at the office yesterday” Daxton broke the silence. Exactly what I wanted to talk about


“I saw your text but I needed the ledger and you weren’t taking my calls” I explained


“I told you not to come to the office because Dexter asked me to”


“I know.. He told me”



“I wouldn’t want you to think Henry and I arranged everything to stop you from seeing Dexter. He actually made the arrangements”


Dexter already told me “I know”


Daxton gazed at me then shifted his gaze to my hand “you took off the ring”


A lump swelled up in my throat


Daxton looked into my face ” ’cause


of Dexter?”


I shook my head “no.. It’s on my drawer, I’ll put it on when I shower”


Daxton scoffed, like he didn’t believe me then went back to his food.


When we were done eating, Daxton cleared the table while I did the dishes. He helped me with the dishes when he was done. .












I sat in the living room waiting for Pauline’s arrival. I had showed and wore back


the ring after dressing up. I took off the ring cause Dexter was around and I didn’t


want him to feel bad about it and now I was wearing it because Daxton is around


and I wouldn’t want him to feel bad.


Totally crazy!


A knock sounded on the front door and I got up with a start.


“I’ll get it” Daxton appeared from behind and placed his hand on my shoulder “you don’t have to be nervous”


I managed a smile and sat back on the sofa while Daxton went to get the door. He turned the knob and pushed the door open.


“Daxton?!” I heard Pauline’s voice


“Good afternoon mom” Daxton greeted


I practiced a speech and waited for her to come in. The door closed and she walked in without Daxton. “oh Chloe?!”


“mom” I forced a smile and got up to hug her


“you’re looking beautiful” she said


I looked behind her and saw Daxton standing with someone that made my heart tumble— Dexter.


Why did Pauline come with him?


“Let’s sit” Pauline pushed me to a three-sitter sofa while the brothers sat on two separate sofas.


“did you go to church?” Pauline asked


“no” I replied


“you shouldn’t be like my husband and sons who don’t go to church”


I chuckled


Pauline smiled and turned to the twins “Dexter?! You haven’t said hi to you sister-in-law”




“forgive my manners” Dexter smiled “hello Chloe?!”


“Dexter.. Good to see you” I glanced at Daxton and he had his eyes fixed to the two of us


“Geoffrey sends his greetings” Pauline said



“What do I get for you?” I asked politely


“just got out attention” Pauline chuckled


I glanced at the twins. I definitely wouldn’t be able to give Pauline all my attention with these two watching us and exchanging stares. My life is crazy.










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