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Forbidden Passion – Episode 13

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Chapter 1 ⃣3 ⃣


© Ifeoma Silver .O. Ozoemene (Omaisabella)


Continuation From the Last Episode:


“Look at the kid’s face, he looks happy seeing me.” Ice mocked and breathed out towards the direction of Tyler.


The air that came out of Ice nose almost froze Tyler to death, he started shivering, his teeth started grinding together.


The leaves that held unto his hands loosened, freeing him from their clutchings and Tyler fell down to the rough ground not gracefully.


“Aww, the kid is freezing to death.” Fire said faking concern. “Come to me kid, I won’t hurt you.” He promised.


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Tyler tried to move but couldn’t, at last he managed to kneel down, his two hands on the ground still shivering from the cold.


“It’s time for business.” Ice said and the playfulness in the other three wolves vanished. “What shall we do to him?” Ice asked.


“Let’s break his hands so when he wakes up and realizes his hands are truly broken, he won’t touch or kick anyone’s ass again.” Dark suggested.


“Hmmm.” Ice mused. “You are right Dark, and since you are the first person to see him and your claws have been itching to beat him, go ahead.”


“But you said I will be the one to beat up the kid.” Fire whined. “After all I was the one who had informed you not Dark.”



“You did the right thing and if Dark hasn’t told you, we won’t know our charming superior has gone to the kid kingdom.” Ice explained his reasons. “Another time Fire.” He promised.


“Ple-ase, I-I do-n’t kn-ow w-hat I d-id wr-ong b-ut wh-ate-ver I ha-ve do-ne, fo-rg-ive me. I sw-ear I w-on’t be-at an-yo-ne aga-in.” Tyler managed to say in fear as he watched as the darker wolf approaches him with mischievous eyes.


Dark approached Tyler slowly as the kid before him was shaking, either for cold or fear. He neared Tyler’s face and opened his sharp extra large razor sharp teeth and bit into the right hand of Tyler, crushing the limp.

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Tyler gave out a loud scream and opened his eyes to see his father and guards running inside his chamber. The oil candle lit up the room allowing all to see Tlyer shivering and blood was seen coming out of his right palm. His room window was opened and the rays of the moonlight shines on the inside, aiding the oil lamp.


“Go and get the kingdom healer.” King Lucas ordered and three guards rushed out of the room. “One person should go and get my son a hot water to drink, now!”


Two guards quickly went towards the direction of the kitchen.


Covering up his son with the thick fur bed sheets but still yet Tlyer couldn’t stop his shivering. “What is it son? Who did this to you?”


Staring at his bleeding hand, “So it is real.” Tyler said with ease this time around and at the same time the guards who went to get the hot water returned with a golden jug of water and cup. Pouring the hot water into the cup, King Lucas gave his son the water.


Without hesitation, Tyler drank it all, the hot water didn’t hurt him, rather it supressings his cold and his shivering reduce.


At that moment the kingdom healer walked into the room and she proceeded to clean up the wound and bandage it.


“Why has the wound refused to heal?” King Lucas demanded.



“I don’t my King, the wound ought to have closed by now.” The healer replies and faces Tlyer. “How did you get the wound my Prince?”


“I had a dream, in that dream I saw four large wolves who could talk in their wolf form. They chained me to a wall and the largest one froze me. After that one of the Wolves bit into my hand and I woke up screaming, shivering and bleeding.” Tyler answered.


“Wolves that can talk in their wolf forms?” King Lucas asked to be sure he heard right.


“Yes father, one of the Wolf was in fire, the other was dark, one was green and the last one who seemed to be their alpha was white like snow. I could have beaten up the four of them if not that I was held against a wall.” Tyler replied and continued. “The black wolf was the one who bit me.”


“Your bite wound on your son hand aren’t exactly like a normal wolf bite so it will be hard for his hand to heal unless the wolf who bite you comes and licks your wound to heal it.” The healer announced. “Once it is two days and it shows no signs of healing then the wolf isn’t an ordinary wolf and you will look for it to heal that hand.”


“Thank you Mary for everything, I will question my son, Maybe he fought with someone today and didn’t know he was wounded.”


“I will take my leave but will be back to check on his wound, my King.” The healer said and was out of the chamber.




“You didn’t even let me bite his other hand.” Dark whined as he sat at the spot Tlyer was a few minutes ago.


“You wouldn’t blame me Dark, I lost my concentration on him when I saw his face, it was so funny.” Green said laughing as Tlyer screaming face image came to his head. “He was screaming like a girl.”



“Royal will find out what we did once he sees that wound on Tyler hand.” Fire said. “He won’t take it lightly with us.” The wolf added suddenly going scared.


“Don’t worry Fire, I will talk to Royal.” Ice said. “He also has to tell me his reasons for doing all these.”


“Luckily for you Ice, he listens to you and I hope he tells you because I have wondered what message he wants to give to River.” Dark said.


“Who is River?” Ice asked with sudden interest.




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