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Bride To The Heir – Episode 27

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Chapter 27


Authoress Isabel







“Do you love me?”


She asked as I stared into her eyes ready to talk



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I just don’t know what to say..


I’m not sure of my feelings yet for her


“I asked a question Mr Kim”


She said to me


“I..I’m sorry Hye ji but….”


“It’s okay, I don’t wanna hear it!’


She said dragging her hands away from mine


” Huh? ”

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She didn’t know what I wanted to say..


“I know it’s hard but…it’s fine”


She said as tears flowed down from her face


“Hye ji?”


I called her in surprise


“But you shouldn’t behave like you do! Always caring about me!”


She said still crying




“It’s okay, thank you”


She said walking away..


She ain’t allowing me to talk


“Hye ji?”


I called as she stopped abruptly


“I wanted to say I do”


I said trying not to hide my voice


Yes I do!


“What did you just say?”


She asked turning immediately


“I love you Hye ji!”


I said to her


She walked up to me as she held my hands again


“Repeat that again!”


She said pleadingly


“I love you”


I said to her


Tears formed for the second time again


“Why didn’t you say that earlier?”


She asked crying


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“You never allowed me to talk!”


I said to her





“I wanted to say I love…”


“I love you too Mr Kim”


She said cutting me off and still holding my hands


I dragged them away as I carried her towards the table


I sat her on it as she looked at me in surprise


I held her shoulders as I stared deeply into her eyes


“Mr Kim?”


She called


“Stay quiet but can I kiss you?”


I asked her


She nodded her head twice in agreement


I never wasted a minute any longer as I landed my lips on hers She tasted like strawberry


I locked my tongue together with her as I used my left hand to unbutton her shirt but she stopped me …




He wanted to unbutton my shirt but I stopped him “Mr Kim?”




He answered


After today, what will I be to you?” I asked him




“PA? Secretary? Lover?”


I asked in anxiety


“That’s depends on you”


He said in smiles


He left me in confusion..


I dragged his head towards my face as I caressed his face with my fingers He joined his lips with mine again…


He interlocked his fingers with mine as he kissed my neck..


A weak point!


I moaned as I kept stroking his hair..


He quickly unbuttoned my shirt as I watched him…


I love this guy like seriously…


He landed his lips again with mine as he carried me to one the arm chairs..


He laid me down as he came on top of me..


I dragged him close to me as I crossed my legs over his


I stared into his eyes before locking together lips in a French kiss I bit his lops as he moaned..


He moved his hands underneath my skirt as he played his fingers on my thigh…


I unbuttoned his shirt as I stared at his six packs


So hot!


So handsome!


I was about to push my lips into his when he called me


“Hye ji?”


He said still Moaning




I answered with my voice already turned husky


“I wanna make this romantic”


He said kissing my neck


“You can”


“I wanna make this passionate”


“Go ahead!”


I said to him


“The problem is I can’t do anything here”


He said as I turned to face him


“That’s true! Your office”


I said smiling


He stood up as he buttoned up his shirt


I also did the same..


He faced me smiling


“I love you Hye ji”


He said


“I love you more”


I said hugging him


I think this is a dream..


It can’t be true!




I said to myself smiling


If it isn’t a dream, I’ll love him till eternity..


He’s mine!




At last



But I’m still worried about the witch oo



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