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Drama Queen – Season 3 – Episode 1

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And The Fl wer Boys



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Once the car pulled to a stop at silver House, Michel was the first to get out of the car and without taking a glance at anyone, not even Mona Lisa who was staring dumbly at him, he walked with a straight face into the house.


Woah! Where he met Jeff, J guy, Best and TedyA all standing beside the door and staring at him with opened lips.


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Michel ignored their stares and walked straight upstairs.



Mona Lisa’s steps were much heavier. Her mind was racing in thousands of thoughts but her feet wasn’t. She was this tired kind of walk..


When she entered and met the flower boys, all she could do was bow and with her face down, she went upstairs too.


No one stopped her to ask her questions and she was glad enough because she was sure that she would have end end up in tears while trying to say something.


All she needed at the moment was to drop on her bed, shut her eyes and when they open, she’d wake up from this dream.


Yes, dream.


She opened her door, went in and closed it back. Blue who had been under the bed, jumped on her. Mona could only hug it. She sat on her bed, dropped Blue on her laps and pulled off the heels.


She grabbed a hair band that she saw on the bed and repacked her hair with it.


“Blue, I’m going to sleep now, you do same okay,” she said to Blue and soon, she was laying down with Blue cuddled beside her.


She closed her eyes but then opened it and slowly touched her fingers on her lips.


“I’m going crazy,” she mumbled and shut her eyes again.


‘I need to wake up from this dream dear Lord’




Michel filled himself with wine all night. No matter how much he took it, he never got tired of it.


He was upset with himself. Very upset.


What have he done!


He got so enraged that the only thing he could think of at that moment was it.



Now how is he going to patch this awkward situation that he just brought upon himself.


“My girlfriend?” he scoffed several times with a face twisted in disgust.


Around half past 12am, he grabbed his wine and glass and walled out of his room to the rehearsal room at the last floor.


Not bothering to switch on the lights, he found his usual seat through the darkness and sat down in front of the window, his usual spot.


Looking out, he saw someone sitting by the pool side with a red hair and green






‘Sitting alone’ Michel said within and somehow he felt happy about it but why?




“Mona my dear have finally become someone’s girlfriend and not just anybody but someone everyone want. Aren’t my daughter very lucky?” Her mom said as she was taking out the bakes from the microwave while Mona was washing the dishes. “..All the kids of my friends, they all dated while in high school but you Mona never came home telling me about a any boy you like or that likes you or that you are dating. I seriously kept waiting for the day you would tell me something like that but I never got to hear it until you graduated from high school,” her mom added and Mona chuckled.


“Mom, I didn’t want to date in high school, I wanted all my focus to be on my studies. Besides all the guys in my school were quite uninteresting and ugly with cheeky brains,” Mona said.


“Haha,” her mom laughed. “I can see the lies in your eyes. I know you were crushing on a guy named Jin. He was your senior right?”


Mona looked at her mom, surprised. “Mom how did you know? Were you stalking me?”



“I know everything about you dear, I’m your mother. Anyways, you have to be very careful, be a good girlfriend and don’t let anyone take him away from you. He’s your boyfriend and you both are going to get married soon remember?”


“Mom, stop… We are not getting married soon. We need to date for a really long time cos that guy is so annoying. I have to work on him,” Mona said.


“There’s no need to work on him sister, I’ve given you my blessings. Carry on,” Tenten said with a wide grin as he walked in.


Mona turned to him immediately and her eye brow narrowed in anger. She pulled off the gloves in her hands and began walking to him while he takes a move back.


“Tenten, where is my money?” she asked.


“What money?” He asked, walking backward.


“Mom can you please tell Tenten to give me back my money?” Mona said and the next thing, she was chasing Tenten who took to his heels. ~~




Mona opened her eyes and realized she’s been dreaming.


She rubbed her eyes off sleep. It was morning.


Blue was running about the room.


The event of last night slowly began crawling back into her head mixing with the memory of the dream she just woke up from. Her head was hitting hard.




But the sudden ringing of her phone made her heart skip and she checked the caller.


An unsaved number?


“Who’s this?” she muttered and took the phone then picked the call, placing the phone on her ear.



Hello, is this really Mona Lisa silver that I’m speaking with? the feminine voice asked immediately Mona picked the call.


Mona raised her brow in curiosity. Who could it be?



Yes I’m Mona Lisa Silver and who I’m I spea… Mona’s question was cut short by the girl’s outburst.


How dare you date my Love! You ugly little thing! How dare you flaunt your sticky self around my everything and made him ask you out you bony fish! instead of me, I’ve been his die hard crush from the very day Spark5 came in existence! I’ve longed to touch him and kiss him that I never miss any of his concert.. But you little whore…


Mona cut the call and stared at her phone screen with wide opened lips and that was when she saw the number of missed calls on her phone. 505missed calls, her text message box, 300 messages and her messenger 3050 inbox. Her phone battery power percentage was only remaining 4 percentage.


Mona dropped her phone in shock! But another call came in immediately. Mona after few seconds of ignoring it decided to pick it and she did.



Hello Writer Mona Lisa, I’m one of your greatest fan on your page. My name is Jeon Ray, you must know me right? The girl said.


I..I..I don’t think I do Mona stuttered.



I knew it! Michel is your boyfriend and you are not going to know me again! Ugh! He’s gonna dump your trashy ass anytime soon! she said and the call ended.


Another one came in.



Omg! Mona Lisa.. I can’t believe all I saw with my eyes. How did you do it? First I heard was that you sold silver house to Xspark and became an employee and now you and Michel are dating! Woah!



Who’s this? Mona asked.



Geez! Did you forget my voice so quickly! It’s Joyce, your colleague at Coffee Hour Restaurant. the girl said.


Mona gasped. She stopped working there months ago and since then none of her colleague from Coffee Hour has called her.



Joyce? Are you still working at Coffee Hour? Mona asked.



Of course. So seriously are you Michel’s girlfriend or was that a movie? Joyce asked.


Mona had no idea what to answer. She couldn’t answer yes or no so she just said, We will talk some other time and ended the call.


Another call came and Mona frustrated, switched the phone to airplane mode. Then began going through the text messages she haven’t even read up to ten when she threw the phone away.


They are all from critics who only were criticizing her and calling her names.


Insulting her and asking unhealthy questions.


She dropped her head on the bed and covered her face in her palms. She felt like crying but no tear managed to drop out.


Then suddenly, she removed her Palms off her face and stood up from the bed. “It doesn’t make sense if I just sit here and do nothing! I have to ask him why he did that! I can’t just handle it.”


She had already gotten to the door when she remembered that she haven’t brushed her teeth. She ran back, into the bathroom.


She can’t talk to Michel with an unwashed mouth.

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As she brushed her teeth, all her thoughts were on what happened last night.


The kiss.


It was her first kiss!


“It was my first kiss and I should be glad it was with someone I’ve always dreamt of having it with but isn’t that what I’ve always wanted? To kiss Michel? And then it finally happened,” She said as she stared at her self in the mirror then she wiped her mouth. “Why did he kiss me? Did he use me? He used me, it’s the truth, he used me but why I’m I not mad with him? Why I’m I not mad with the jerk?”


“Because it’s what you’ve ever wanted,” a calm but cold voice said at the door thus causing Mona’s heart to skip as she knew the voice immediately. Michel!


Her brush fell out of her hand as she saw him at the door of her bathroom which was open.


Her heart raced like never before as she gawked at him with both of her hands on her chest.


“What .what..are you. Doing. Here?” she asked in staccato. Her voice neither loud nor quiet.


He had his hair packed up in his usual style and he was wearing a black tracksuit trouser with a white polo. A pink earrings were the only jewelry he wore.


He raised a phone to her face and Mona saw that it’s her phone.


“What.Are. You. Doing. With. My. Phone?” she asked in staccato again. She was finding it hard to talk freely.


He brought down his hand. “Trashing it. You can’t use this phone again. A new one is arriving soon,” he said.


Mona raised her brows. “Why can’t…I use..it? My phone?”


“You will end up breaking it yourself,” He said.




He turned and left the bathroom door and Mona stood, staring at the door.


“Why didn’t I ask him about last night?” she asked herself, then she hurried out to her room and met him opening the door but before she could stop him, he was gone and the door closed.


She sighed. “Ah that jerk.. Why’s he doing this to me! Why will he take my phone.. And…” she gasped. “why would he just barge into my room like that and also barge into the bathroom..what if I was…” she shook her head as she tried raking off the thought of Michel seeing her unclad.


Frustrated, she fell on her bed and covered her whole self with the duvet.


“I’m going crazy already!” She lamented.


Once Michel got out of Mona’s room, he met Jeff at the corridor.


He looked enraged and Michel noticed that immediately.


Anyways, Michel ignored his enraged stare at him and made to enter his room but was halted by Jeff’s question.


“What did you take her for?”


Michel took his time before replying him. “What do you think?”


“What I think?” Jeff scoffed as he began walking to him.


Michel stood, waiting for him. Jeff got to him and slide his hands in his pants pockets.


“How could you do such a foolish thing? You used her for your selfish reason Michel. What are you going to do about it? You are not going to make her your girlfriend. You lied to the whole world and do you even had the thought about how she would feel about it?” Jeff asked, anger building inside of him which he tried so much to maintain.

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Michel took his time before replying. “Well she’s my girlfriend.”


Jeff scoffed. “Your girlfriend? When did that start Michel, Yesterday? A girl that you hate so much and call a maniac?”


“Well she’s a maniac and I don’t like her one bit but she’s my girlfriend and she became my girlfriend yesterday,” Michel said.


“Because of Li Sugar, you are trying to let her know that you can do without her by using Mona Lisa? But you know she said the truth.” Jeff said.


Michel narrowed his brows at Jeff. “What do you mean?”


“If really you could do without Sugar then you should have stopped being the cold jerk that you’ve been for a year now. You turned cold because Li Sugar left you and now the only thing you could do when she told you the truth was to use Mona Lisa. This is the most cruel act I’ve ever seen and never expected from you Michel,” Jeff said and turned to leave.


“Yes I used her to Cover Li Sugar’s truth and I’m glad that I did. I couldn’t had let her make a fool of me but I made a big fool of her instead by using Mona Lisa,” Michel said.


Jeff halted as he saw Manager Kim coming up the staircase. “Then sort this out yourself because Xspark is here already,” he said and continued his walking.






[Blinks House]



What was the meaning of what happened last night? Li Sugar said furiously into the phone.



I should be the one asking you that Li Sugar. What happened last night? Leo said.


Li Sugar scoffed and sat at the edge of her bed.



You knew about this Leo, didn’t you? You knew about Michel and that little bastard and you didn’t tell me. Now I know what you really wanted. You asked me to confess my love to Michel to make a fool of myself?


She heard Leo’s laughter. What? Seriously Sugar I had no idea about Michel and Mona, besides you said things that you weren’t really supposed to say but I’m certain that there’s nothing between them. He only used her to


I don’t fu.cking care. I want that girl far away from Michel



Well… Of course that’s gonna happen because she’s mine and your Michel has just infuriated me and I’m going to show him that me again said.


Don’t you dare hurt Michel! Li Sugar said.



And don’t think you are safe too cos I have all about you in the center of my palm and just one word, you are ruined Leo said with a threatening voice.


Don’t you dare do something silly to Michel. Don’t even hurt Xspark cos that would mean hurting Michel. Just take Mona and leave Michel alone


You sound like a scared little rat. But it’s fine. I’m going to do what you say this time but if she refuses to be mine then I will hurt anybody I want to hurt, including her if necessary. Leo said and Li Sugar stood up to talk but a knock at her door interrupted.


Don’t try anything stupid Leo, Li Sugar said and ended the call then walked to the door and opened it.

It was Babé


“Manager Frank and the rest of them are here,” Babé said.







[Busan. Tenten’s residence]


The couple’s jaw dropped as they watched the news on the Television.


They both were speechless until Tenten broke the silence.


“Honey everything has turned around for our good,” he said.


“What do you mean by that?” Rose asked.


“We are going back to Seoul first thing tomorrow morning.”


“Huh!?” Rose looked at him and he was smiling widely then it turned into laughter and he hugged her tightly.


“Ahh Go away! Do you want to squeeze our baby to death!” Rose yelled at him and he withdrew the hug.


“Sorry honey. I’m so happy for my sister and for us..” he pointed himself and her.. “There’s no cause to be afraid again.”






[Silver house]


“I’m not taking back my words. Mona Lisa is my girlfriend. I’m done saying this same thing over and over again.” Michel said to them.


“This is going to affect Xspark Michel! Mona Lisa isn’t supposed to be anything like a girlfriend to you.” Manager Kim said.


“It’s not going to affect Xspark. It has to do with me. She’s my girlfriend and nobody can tell me who I should date,” Michel said.


“But you are not dating Mona Lisa,” Manager Park cut in.



“I’m dating her. Whatever Xspark says, let me know but know that nothing is gonna change anything about Mona Lisa and I,” Michel said, stood up and walked upstairs, leaving everyone dumbfounded.


Getting upstairs, he met Mona at the corridor.


Mona had eavesdrop on all their conversation and she heard everything he said.


She watched him as he walked towards and without taking a glance at her, he


walked pass her.


She turned.


“I don’t get this Michel! What do you think that you are doing?” she asked.


He stopped and turned to her. “Whatever they tell you to do, don’t dare do it,” he said.


“And why won’t I?” Mona asked.


“Because I’m going to have a contract with you,” he said.


“What contract?” Mona asked.


“Relationship contract,” he said.




Michel got to his door and opening the door, he said to her. “No feeling attached but you look quite good last night. Don’t think I liked it anyways. There’s nothing about you that I like, nothing.”


He went in and closed the door, leaving Mona Lisa with a wide opened mouth.


“That jerk.. He must be insane to mention about a relationship contract..ah he’s crazy really.”


She then remembered him say that she looked good last night but he didn’t like it.


“Annoying jerk!” she caused under her breath.


“You mean your boyfriend?” A voice said behind her jolting her out of her thought and she turned to see Jeff standing with his hands in his pockets.


“What?” she mumbled.


“Your presence is needed at the sitting room,” he said then turned and walked away.


Mona watched him.


She felt a difference about him.


He spoke coldly to her, for the very first time.











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