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Just A Kiss – Episode 18

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By Authoress Anna Episode 18..









Amaya’s POV.




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“Do you like it?” He asked..


“Like?, I love it Kyle!” I squealed.


We were currently in his cabin which is located outside the city a safe distance into the forest..


He wanted us to spend the weekend here and I couldn’t refuse..


I was surprised to see it was already sparkling Clean.. the cabin was what I will call perfect, it wasn’t too big nor small, it was the perfect cabin for an average family, and I was surprised to see it had electricity..


We arranged our clothes in the closet and Kyle kept teasing me with my underwear..which only ended when I threatened to move to the other room. “So are you hungry?” He asked


“I’m starving” I mumbled and he chuckled


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“Come on let me make something for you” he said reaching down to carry me from the bed, I instinctively wrapped my legs round his waist as he walked down the stairs.


He walked into the kitchen and set me on a stool, I watched as he started moving around, cutting, sprinkling, mixing and all.


He covered the pot and sat beside me in a comfortable silence “Babe?” He called and I glanced at him


“Can I ask you a question?” He asked and I nodded “Sure” I said


He placed his elbows on the counter and fixed his gaze on mine “Why do you hate cooking?” He asked and I froze. ..


Kyle’s POV.


I don’t know if it was the way she froze, or from the sudden paleness of her skin.. all I know is that I mentally slapped myself for asking, I guess it’s a very sensitive topic for her.. and from that distant look in her eyes, I can tell she’s remembering whatever it is that occurred.


“Uhm.. did I tell you there’s a lake around?” I asked changing the topic, she blinked rapidly and shook her head no.


“Okay, I’ll take you there later” I said and moved to the gas..


My phone started ringing, I turned see Maya looking at the screen


“It’s Diego” she mumbled


“Answer it” I said and she nodded


“Hello, yes we’ve arrived.. okay?, You’re coming over tommorow?” Maya asked glancing at me.


“Oh.. okay, okay.. I’ll tell him.. yeah,” a moment passed and her cheeks turned red “Shut up!” She squeaked out and dropped the phone blushing seriously “What did he say?” I asked


“Said, he’s coming tomorrow to brief you on some important things.. whatever those ‘things’ are” she said,


“Then what did he say that turned you into a tomato?” I asked, her eyes widened and her face heated up


“That we should take it easy, and I’m free to scream since there are no neighbor’s around” she said and I smiled


“He’s right you know” I said with a wink.


She covered her face and ran out of the kitchen, I laughed and shook my head




Amaya’s POV.


After dinner, I and Kyle strolled out of the cabin, he gave me a piggy back ride as he made his way to the lake..


“Anyways, I think your Normal hair will look better on you” I said “Yeah, it probably will” he said and silence enveloped..


“If we had babies what would you name them?” I asked suddenly


“Uhm..it depends if it’s a boy, I’ll let you pick the name, but if it’s a girl her name


would be kymia..” he said


“Kymia?” I asked


“Yeah, a combination of our names, although i replaced the ‘y’ in your name with ‘i’, cute right?” He asked and I scoffed


“There’s no way I’m giving my child that name” I said and he laughed..


“Yeah whatever” he said playfully and set me down..


I looked around and gasped..


It was beautiful.. the sun was setting already, reflecting on the clear lake in front of us.. everything was quiet save for the chirping of birds and other insects.. “So?” He asked sitting on the grass


“It’s beautiful kyle” I said sitting beside him


“I know right?.. whenever I came to stay here at the cabin, I would always come


here to think.. and be free from celebrity life, I had to buy the whole land so as to


secure this lake,” he said and I sighed


“How long has it been?” I asked


“Five years” he said


“Wow.. so no body has ever come in here before?” I asked


“I’ve got the whole place under surveillance system, one step in and I’ll get an alarm..well that’s if I don’t set it off, I’ll have to do it tomorrow though when Diego comes” he said snaking his hands on my waist


“So when am I going to meet Christian and Lewis?” I asked, he’s always talked about them, but I have never met them in person


“When we go back,” he said placing a kiss on my forehead.


I sighed resting my head on his shoulder


“You know it happened when I was 9 years old, it was mother’s day and I wanted to cook something for Mom, dad was at work and mom was at the neighbor’s house with baby Lia, since I was too short I was standing on a stool, I was going to make beacon, since it was the only thing I could think of ..I remember setting the pan on the already lit gas, and walking out to get my doll, mrs Lily, so she could watch me cook..” I stopped and laughed sadly, I felt Kyle’s hand rubbing my arm soothingly..


“When I got back to the kitchen the pan was already on fire, I climbed the stool with Mrs lily in my arms and tried to turn it off, while in the process I didn’t notice that my dress was catching fire, until I felt the hot pain on my legs, I screamed and tried taking it off, I fell off the stool and broke my ankle and wrists, I continued screaming as the fire consumed my clothes and skin” I said and felt Kyle tightening his grip around me


“I woke up months after and was told that mom had raised an alarm when she came into the house and saw the kitchen burning.. my skin was already burnt beyond recognition.. but thankfully dad being a doctor, had me undergo a surgery, but since then I haven’t thought of cooking, the highest I can do is sit on the stool and watch others cook” I said with a sad smile


“But you tried to, at my house the other day” he pointed out and I laughed


“I wasn’t the one who placed the pan on the gas, it was one of the maids, I asked her to place the beacon on the pan, while I do the rest, but I was afraid of going too close to the gas and that’s why I stood there watching it burn” I explained and he sighed pulling me closer to him


“I’m glad you’re okay, I’ll protect you always I promise” he said and I smiled



“Let’s go, I wanna give you something” I said standing up “What is it?” He asked standing beside me “Secret” I winked and pulled him along






“Oh my God.. are you sure about this?” He asked looking lustfully at me “Yeah, I’m ready Kyle” I said wrapping my arms around his neck


I placed my lips on his and he smiled, reciprocating.. He deepened the kiss and carried me over to the bed,


We slowly took off each other’s clothes amidst kisses.. I gasped when I felt him against me..


I writhed and moaned when he pleasured me with his fingers and mouth .


“I love you Maya” he said and pushed into me, and that’s when I knew for certain that I was bound to him now, forever and always. ..




Next morning


Kyle’s POV.


I watched as Maya slept peacefully on the bed..the white sheets covering her goddess like body, last night was the first time for both of us, and it was the best.. “How long have you been watching me?” She asked with her eyes still closed I chuckled and pecked her lips..


She smiled and opened her eyes


“Good morning baby” I said tucking her hair behind her ears “Morning oppa” she said and I smiled cheekily


“It’s been long I heard that” I said and she giggled childishly “How was your night?” She asked shyly


“It was..” I stopped and she raised her brows “What?” She asked turning to face me fully “It was..” I stopped again and she frowned


“Tell me Kyle, ” she said sitting up causing the sheets to fall from her chest, I swallowed at the sight before me.


“It was amazing” I said and watched as she rolled her eyes.


“Only for you” she mumbled covering herself with the sheets again “What?” I asked looking at her face


“I didn’t even feel anything, it was so small” she said causing my jaw to drop, if I didn’t know better I would have fainted



“Yeah right, says the woman who kept screaming my name.. ‘yes Kyle!.. oh my God Kyle that’s it!.. Kyle'” I said mimicking her..


She blushed and started hitting me playfully, I grabbed her hands and turned her over on the bed hovering over her.


“But since you said you didn’t feel anything, I’ll gladly do a repeat” I said grinding against her, she gasped when she felt my hard on


“Should I?” I asked and she nodded frantically “Please” she pleaded and I dove right in to work. ..




Few hours later*


“I’ve already set off the alarms only on the entrance, so if Diego comes..he wouldn’t have any troubles getting in” I said and Maya hummed with her eyes closed


“Are you still tired?” I asked


“What do you think” she said groggily..


I smiled and pecked her cheek.


Suddenly I heard the sound of a glass shattering downstairs..


Is that Diego?


“What was that?” Maya asked sitting up


” I’ll go check it out, rest okay?” I said standing up


“No, I’ll go with you” she said standing up from the bed.


Her bear sweater stopping after her mid thighs, she slipped into her flip flops and followed me out..


We got down and I froze when I saw three men standing in the living room. “What the heck?” Maya muttered beside me..More interesting stories on TOPSTER STORIES.


“Get back babe” I said pushing her behind me “No way..” she argued


“Get back Maya!” I snapped, she flinched but stood her ground This woman is something else


“Who are you guys?” I asked turning to the trio


“Hand over the girl and stay unarmed” the middle one said pointing his gun at me “No way” I breathed out


“Kyle what are you doing?” Maya asked glancing at me..


I ignored her and looked around, think Kyle think!..



“I’m gonna count to three, if you don’t hand her over, then I’ll kill her right here and now” he ordered


“One,” he said and I felt Maya tense


“Two” she tried to free herself from my grip “Please kyle, let go off me” she said “Three”


“Fine!” I said and walked over to him with Maya’s hand in mine..


“You can take her, but please don’t harm her” I said giving Maya’s hand to him.. his grip on the gun loosened and he stretched his hand to hold her.. I quickly grabbed the gun from him and Maya punched him on his face, I quickly turned to the others who thankfully had no guns with them.


“Hands up or I’ll shoot him” I said pointing to their leader, who was standing in front of them now, wiping blood out of his nose..


We slowly backed out of the house and I quickly tapped my wristwatch locking every exit of the house, thereby locking them in. Thank God for technology


“We have to call Diego” I said as they started banging the door.. which of course is made of steel.


“I don’t have my phone with me” Maya said looking around


“Don’t worry, I’ll use my watch” I mumbled and suddenly heard a gunshot coming from the back of the cabin, footsteps started approaching and I quickly grabbed Maya’s hand,


“Run maya, run!” I whisper yelled and pulled her along as I ran into the woods..








To be continued..






Just A Kiss

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