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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 38

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C͙h͙l͙o͙e͙ H͙a͙s͙t͙i͙n͙gs͙



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hє’ѕ α gαч







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I finished with my work in the gallery then headed back to Daxton’s office. “Chloe?!” Henry called and I stopped to face him “we need to talk”




“In my office”

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I nodded and followed Henry to his office. He slumped into his chair and I sat facing him.


“It’s about you and Daxton” Henry said peering into my eyes


“what about us?”


“What’s going on between the two of you?”




“Then why aren’t you ending everything already. It’s been almost a week you returned from your vacation and you’re not saying anything about my idea”


I inhaled deeply “Daxton doesn’t want us to”


“Chloe you’re making a mistake”


“I know”


“You can’t go on with this because Daxton loves you and Dexter loves you too.. Chloe they’re twin brothers”



“Henry I know” I yelled “What do you want me to do? I’m also hurt here.. I’m the victim here”


“Chloe?!” Henry placed his hand on mine “you have to choose one and let the other go”


“Choose one.. And hurt the other?” I shook my head “Henry I can’t hurt any of them”


Henry sighed and leaned into his seat “I knew this would happen. I tried stopping it, I tried stopping Dexter but he thought I was taking sides with Daxton. I knew Daxton had a thing for you and Dexter could’ve easily let go when I asked him to”


“Henry I didn’t plan for this to happen. I just wanted to help during the scandal”


“I know” Henry said “I talked to them and believe me Chloe.. Those guys are ready for a war. Geoffrey and Pauline would never forgive me if anything happens to their boys and Daxton’s past would be revealed”


“If I quit, Daxton would think I chose Dexter. And if I don’t, Daxton would think I chose Daxton”


“Chloe.. Between the boys, who do you really love”


I remained silent and looked away.


“you can’t continue keeping silent and hurting them. Just make a decision before they kill themselves”


“Alright” I simply said “I care for the both of them and I can’t bear to hurt any”


“But you’re hurting the two of them”


“Henry I don’t care who loves me more or who I love, I’m going to handle everything and I’m doing it today”


“What are you going to do?”


“Make peace”


“Okay” Henry shrugged “I want to see you do that”






I returned to Daxton’s office and met him standing near the window.


I shut the door slowly and moved to him.


“Did you have a fight with Dexter?” I asked him


Daxton slowly whirled around “no”


“What’s going on between you and Dexter?”


“We love the same woman”


My heart skipped a beat “you shouldn’t be fighting with your brother over such nonsense”


“I no” Daxton rounded his table “I shouldn’t have confessed my feelings when I knew you had something with my brother but Chloe you gave me no choice”


“This is all my fault isn’t it?”


“Chloe it isn’t” he placed his hands on my shoulder “I’m not going to fight with Dexter. If you want me to let go, I will and we’ll end everything for good”


I looked into his eyes and I could tell he didn’t mean a thing he said. As much as he didn’t want to fight with his brother, he didn’t want to let go either. I swallowed hard “I want you to let go”


Daxton looked at me and slowly brought down his hands to his side. He looked away and I knew he was trying to fight his tears. “Okay” Daxton’s voice was low



I rushed out of the office before my tears started streaming down. I was crying like a baby when I slammed the door shut behind me and sagged on it. I heard Daxton push down his table and I hurried out, wiping my tears that were already blinding my eyes. I took the elevator and soon I was outside.


I called Dexter and asked him to meet with me then I took a cab and headed for the location.


I waited for a short while before Dexter arrived. I was already done crying and prepared myself to face Dexter without breaking down.


“Chloe?!” Dexter scooped me into his arms and hugged me tight.


I smiled and hugged him back. Dexter meant a lot to me. He pulled from the hug and cupped my cheeks in his palms. “Chloe are you okay?”


I nodded and slowly removed his hands from my face.


“You look sick” Dexter observed


“I’m fine” I replied “I just wanted us to talk”


“Okay.. I’ve been meaning to talk to you too”


I smiled “Did you have a fight with Daxton?”


Dexter frowned “did you come to talk about Daxton?”


“Answer me Dexter.. Did you?”


“No.. We just argued”


“Because of a woman?”


“I know it’s crazy” Dexter raked his hair with his fingers “He shouldn’t be loving you”



I looked away then shifted my gaze back to Dexter “I don’t want you fighting with your brother. What would your parents say if they find out you’re fighting over a woman?”


“Over a woman I first loved”


“over a woman that the world believes is your brother’s wife to be”


“But it’s not true. Daxton back stabbed me. He shouldn’t have loved you, it wasn’t part of the plan”


“No one knows that Dexter. No one knows it’s fake”


“Chloe Daxton wants you for real and I’m sure that’s why he hasn’t ended the relationship and you’re giving him a chance”


“Dexter I’m not” I stated “Daxton didn’t plan to love me. It just happened”


“But you love me right?”


I looked into his eyes and the sadness in his eyes was undeniable.


“It doesn’t really matter now” I stated matter of factly “I already told Daxton to let go”


Dexter smiled and hugged me “you did?”


“and I’m begging you Dexter.. You also have to let go” tears were already trickling down my cheeks as Dexter released me


“Chloe you can’t do this to me” Dexter cried “you promised you won’t disappoint me. You begged me to stay”


I whimpered “I broke the promise and I’m sorry I asked you to stay. It was all my fault”


Dexter staggered back and sagged on his car.


“Chloe you can’t”



I moved closer to him and hugged him in tears “you have to forgive me and your brother too. For my sake, you can’t fight”


“Chloe don’t tell me to let go”


I pulled away and held Dexter’s hands “this is hard for me too but this is for the best”


Dexter shook his head and kissed me. I was weak and broken. I didn’t respond and I didn’t push him away.


“Dexter you have to let me go” I broke from the kiss


He blinked out tears and cupped his head in his palms. “This is all Daxton’s fault. He knew I love you”


“You can’t blame Daxton. He’s as hurt as you are” I said and slowly moved away.


Letting go was the hardest thing I had to do. But I had to do it.


That day, I didn’t return to the office and I didn’t return to Daxton’s house either. I lodged in a hotel and switched off my phone so they wouldn’t call me. Henry was the only one who knew where I was. I had to tell him so he would help me get a hotel where the boys wouldn’t find me. I stayed in the hotel for 2 weeks and Henry supplied me with everything I needed while he helped me book a flight out of Salado and far from Bears Creek where none of them would find me.


“Those boys are a mess” Henry told me during one of his visits


I smiled faintly “They’ll get over it”


“are you really okay with this? You don’t love anyone?”


“Henry my feelings doesn’t count. I just want to get away, I already told you”


Henry sighed “Pauline is beginning to wonder where you’ve been”


“She’ll get used to not seeing me” I blinked rapidly to suppress my tears



“Chloe I’m sorry for everything I’ve caused your young heart”


“It’s okay” I said “but promise me you’ll never let any of them find me”


“Chloe I promise”


“I’ll be far away in few days time and soon, they’ll forget I ever existed”


“Both boys really did love you” Henry said “and I know you love them too but you love one most”


“Henry don’t bring it up” I yelled “I’m trying my best to forget they even exist”


“Alright.. I’m sorry” Henry apologized “let’s talk about your journey”




“I was thinking we should sign up partnership with WNeyZ when you get to New York”


“What’s the business?”


“A Telecommunication firm”


“More info”










My stay in the hotel wasn’t one I enjoyed. I felt miserable and devastated. I was so dejected that all I did was smoke and smoke and drink. No one could help me. I couldn’t even help myself. I just waited for the day everything would be settled and I’d leave Salado for good. Before any of the twins finds me. .












“… Daxton and Dexter are turning into something else. Each blaming the other for being the reason you left” Henry told me


I sighed “Maybe I just speak to them”


“Bad idea Chloe. Bad idea”




“If you show yourself to any of the boys, he will never let you go again”


“I just want to talk them. Make them see reasons why I have to go so they don’t hate themselves”


“I know but it’s still a bad idea. They’ll let go, those boys never really grow. I wonder how they managed to fall in love so deeply”


I chuckled but it couldn’t hide the pain I was feeling inside.


“Chloe I’m sorry” Henry said and I broke down in tears. All the tears I had been holding back for days came streaming down my cheeks. Henry pulled me into his arms and hugged me tight.


“You also need to get over this”


“Henry I’ll never be able to” I sobbed


“you will.. Once you’re out of here”


I continued that way. Crying every single time I remembered them. Every time I remembered I hurt the both of them and I was also dying inside. I couldn’t take it. I just wanted to get away before I tried something silly like going back.



One fateful day, Henry came with the good news that my papers were ready and it was time to go. The news brought a ray of hope to me. But it also tore me apart.


I had to go. Even if I would’ve chosen to stay if I had the chance to, I just had to go.


I called my parents and informed them that I was leaving Salado but I didn’t mention where I was going. Henry was the only one I trusted then. I was sure my dad would give me out to the boys if he knew where I was going.


I prepared for my journey. It was going to be a new era of my life. Just like the way I felt when I was leaving for Salado, but it wasn’t going to be like Salado.. It would be better.


I prepared myself, emotional. No one needed to know my story and I chose to change my name. Actually it was Henry’s idea. The twins would easily find me as Chloe Hastings but they wouldn’t know my if I changed my name. With the help of Henry, I succeeded in changing my name.


The day before I left, I dropped a letter for each of the twins and then, I WAS




















“… That’s the story of my life” Chloe shrugged when she finished narrating her story to Patricia


“You’ve been here in New York for two good years with the such a heavy heart”


Patricia exclaimed “you’re a brace woman Amanda.. I mean Chloe”


Chloe smiled “I’m Amanda Forbes.. Chloe Hastings died two years ago of a shattered heart”


“Oh Amanda” Patricia hugged her “I never knew”



“Cause I never told anyone until today. My dad doesn’t even know why I left Salado and changed my identity” Chloe moved to the mirror “I even changed my hair color so I wouldn’t be recognized. I had dark long hair, but I cut it and sprayed my hair.. This is the new me. I’ve become a successful woman over the years. A woman who survived a heart break that almost took my life. And I’ll always be glad I left”


“You made the right choice. You’re rich and you’re getting married to one of the richest men in New York”


Chloe smiled faintly “Leon has been my strength all these years” she said “Henry actually arranged a blind date for me so many times cause I was finding it difficult to let go. And in one of my dates, I decided to give Leon a try and it worked”


“So you love him?”


“I can’t say I do and I can’t say I don’t cause we’re getting married in a week time”


“You never heard from any of the twins?”


Chloe shook her head “No.. I didn’t ask Henry about them and I didn’t let him tell me about them. I feared I would go running back to Salado if I found out they were hurting real bad”


“I’m really sorry for everything you’ve been through and I know Leon is going to make a good husband for you”


Chloe smiled “I know” then she sat beside Patricia “even after all these years, I’ve never forgotten the memories. I’ve they forgotten him– the twin I loved most”


“You loved one?”


Chloe nodded “Every memory brought him back to me”


“Who did you love?” Patricia asked curiously



Chloe blushed “you know.. I never really knew I loved him until that night before I left”


“What happened?”Patricia was curious


“Well that night…” Chloe’s cheeks went warm









C͙h͙l͙o͙e͙ H͙a͙s͙t͙i͙n͙gs͙



Author Viola’s Novels

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