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Wasted Love – Episode 4

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Episode 4




After that birthday party Caleb and Kate gradually got more closer, they started visiting each other, they started going out on dates, occasions, even wedding parties. Whenever they went out together , people always addressed them like they were a couple, Caleb and Kate didn’t actually realise that they were dating until the news was circulated among thier colleagues that they were in a relationship.




And that was when it dawned on Caleb to officially ask Kate out, he had found out that Kate was a good woman with a good heart, Kate didn’t hesitate, she accepted to be Caleb’s girlfriend and that was how Caleb found himself in a serious relationship despite his vow.


Things got even more serious to the extent where Caleb met Kate’s parents and Kate also met few of Caleb’s close relatives. Thier relationship was beautiful and each day they fell in love more with each other




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A year into thier relationship, God smiled on Caleb as he got promoted to the post of a Senior Manager, in his place of work, he was entitled to an official car, he became the highest paid staff and he got other mouth watering entitlements. Caleb



was so excited and in two years, he became a wealthy man, he could afford a Five rooms duplex and other personal investment properties.




Caleb had observed that Kate was very special, ever since he started seeing Kate, only good things happens to him and all he wanted was to settle down with her, another thing he admired about Kate was the fact that she was a hardworking lady who was doing everything she could to be successful in life and that was a quality they both had in common. She was not interested in Caleb’s wealth or how much he had and she doesn’t depend on Caleb for anything.




Caleb was certain that Kate love him more than life itself, there’s no better satisfaction than being financially secured on your own without depending on anyone; Kate had a good job and she had a side business that she often attend to, during weekends, no wonder she was not depending on Caleb for anything, She hardly get excited about material things, she was contented and successful in her own way, although Caleb always surprises her with lovely and expensive gifts without her demanding.




One Sunday evening, Caleb invited Kate out for dinner at a cozy restaurant, they both arrived on time, Caleb was happy to see Kate and they smiled at the sight of each other. “Hey baby, how have you been?” He asked “I’ve been good dear, how about you?” She replied and Caleb said “I’m okay!”.One look at Kate, Caleb smiled “my love you are looking good” he complimented and Kate smiled, “Thanks alot dear” she said. In few minutes they were both seated and They got talking, They ordered food and ate with so much gladness.

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After they were done eating, Caleb went on one knee and stared at Kate affectionately as he knelt with a gold engagement ring in his hands, He was truly in love, Caleb took a deep breath and said “Kate,You are a virtuous woman, and I’m so happy you are in my life, but I want you to be my wife, will you marry me?…


please marry me” Caleb said calmly, Kate was just staring at him, it was obvious that she was surprised, she didn’t see that coming, she and Caleb had dated for 3 years and she never expected that Caleb would ever pop that question, everyone at



the restaurant was staring at them speechlessly as they wondered if Kate would accept Caleb’s proposal or not.




“Kate,you are a priceless jewel and someone I would love to have in my life as a partner, I love you and want you in my life, would you please let me be your husband?”Caleb added, Kate was smiling at the same time, she was in tears, a tears of Joy, none of her past relationship had been this fruitful, she was always left heartbroken.




Caleb heartfelt marriage proposal was unexpected. Kate was so surprised and she didn’t believe their little love story would turn out this way. She kept staring at him and didn’t know what to say. “Would you let me be your husband?” Caleb repeated, looking right into her eyes.




Kate looked into his eyes and said a big “YES, I will marry you, Caleb I love you so much!”


And then the people who had been staring at them, the whole time, gave them a round of applause. Some of them yelled “Congratulations”, while some came closer to wish them well.




That same evening, they set the date for thier upcoming wedding and from that day they started making plans for thier upcoming wedding which was scheduled to take place in two months times. Kate was the happiest person on Earth as she flaunt her engagement ring to her colleague and close friends, they were so happy for her and they wished for a good man like Caleb who would take them out of singlehood.




Kate and Caleb’s wedding preparations was at it’s full speed, the wedding was to be the biggest wedding of the year. Caleb was a wealthy man and he could afford a big wedding.



As Caleb was having the best season of his life, his ex Laura was passing through the worst days of her life, it turned out that Reuben was a married man and when his wife found out about her, she sent thugs to beat the living hell out of her and ever since then she had not heard a single word from Reuben, She was sacked from her Job, it happened that the Managing Director of the Company where she works was related to Reuben’s wife.




Laura was more heartbroken when she found out also, that her father had absconded with his lover, a younger woman, leaving her mother heartbroken, the worst was that her father absconded with all her savings that she left in his care.


For the past few weeks, Kate had been everywhere for a job with no luck .




Just as life became extremely fulfilling and great for Caleb, Life was harsh on Laura and her mother, her father’s betrayal made thier life worst. They had to move out from the apartment, Reuben got for them to a one room apartment because Reuben’s wife had sent her lawyer to throw them out, Reuben was a nobody who was living off his wife’s wealth, all the money he spent on Laura and her family was his wife’s money and the worst was that Laura was unaware that he was married, the whole time as Reuben’s wife and two children based abroad.






To Be Continued



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