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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 22

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hє’ѕ α gαч







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“What’s taking Nikki?” I checked my phone for the umpteenth time while Daxton and I sat to a cup of coffee. Thanks to Pauline’s plan, we weren’t able to work so we decided to take a break while we waited for Nikki’s announcement.


“Maybe she isn’t interested in all these. Maybe she doesn’t want to help us but can’t say it” Daxton said


I sighed and rolled my eyes “so what do we do?”


Daxton’s eyes drifted to the ring on my finger “We can’t find someone else, we’ll end up spreading the secret. We can’t trust anyone”

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“So what do we do?” I raised my hand “surely you don’t suggest we continue with this” I was referring to the ring


“Let’s try another plan”


“None of our plans ever worked. What else do we try?”



“I don’t know Chloe. If we don’t do something and continue making mistakes, then we’ll end up getting married out of mistakes”


Daxton was right. We had planned a fake girlfriend now we ended up getting engaged by a mistake. We might as well get married by another silly mistake.


“We should just tell your parents the truth” I said


“what do we tell them?” Daxton asked me


“I dunno” I shrugged “we can’t tell them that the rumours were true and we were just pretending all these while”


“So what do we tell them?” Daxton asked again


I asked back “what do you tell them?”


He smiled until his cheeks dimpled “We got into this thinking it would be easy to end. Maybe if my parents hadn’t come into the picture it would’ve been easier”


“We could’ve told them any lie but I’m trying to protect my future with Dexter— if he ever comes back for me”


“I’m quite sure he’s going to come back.. I know he will, Dexter has never loved the way he loves you”


I blushed at that “And if he doesn’t come back for me…” I shuddered at the thought “I might as well go after him”


Daxton chuckled “you’re not the type that force themselves on people” he arched a brow, repeating my own words


“you know, I’ve always wanted my own love story” I chuckled “Dexter is definitely going to make one for me”


Daxton emptied his cup of coffee and leaned into his chair “I called Dexter earlier today but he didn’t answer my call”



“I haven’t called him.. I’ll do that later”


“we should talk to Henry”


“speaking of Henry…” I looked over Daxton’s shoulders “here he comes”


Henry approached our table and took a seat “I’ve been searching for you everywhere.. You weren’t in your office”


Daxton looked at me “we couldn’t concentrate”


“it’s almost impossible to work with someone in your office.. I can’t handle such” Henry said


“What’s up with Nikki?” Daxton asked Henry


Henry ran his hands through his hair “that girl left town”


“I thought as much” Daxton glanced at me “what do we do now?” he asked Henry but his eyes were on me


“I can’t think of anything now” Henry heaved a sigh “I’m sorry”


I exploded “you’re sorry?”


“Chloe calm down” Henry pacified


“Dexter already left and you tell me that you’re sorry?” I half yelled but not loud enough for those around to hear


“About Dexter…” Henry played on his fingers “he’s going to return”


“did he say when?” I asked


“I don’t know”



“there are a lot of women out there, Dexter can fall in love with any of them” I was already pissed


“a lot of women but no one has your type of spirit Chloe, no one is really like you–


that’s what Dexter fell in love with and not the woman aspect of you” Henry said “it wouldn’t take him much to find those qualities in another woman” I retorted


“Shouldn’t you stop yelling already” Daxton sounded angry, he looked the way he was few weeks ago. Blank expression, jaws tightened with dark, murderous eyes. “it’s not anyone’s fault that all these are happening. None of us wants this anyway” he shoved his chair back and got up “we didn’t plan for it to happen this way.. I hate it even more than you do” and he was gone


What have I done?


“and you’ve succeeded in bringing back the dark side of Daxton” Henry said like he was trying to congratulate me


“I didn’t mean it that way”


“Whatever!” Henry got up and walked out too


I returned to my office— Daxton’s office. He was just staring into space when I walked in, occupied with his own thoughts. I moved to my desk without interrupting him. He was angry and it would be better I wait until he calms down. I went back to my work. I had only worked a little when I lost concentration again. I glanced at Daxton and caught him staring but he looked away.


A knock sounded on the door and Daxton asked the person in. The door pushed open and Pearl walked in. She saw me and paused. With a huge frown, she glanced from me to Daxton, still standing by the door.


“if you have nothing to say.. The door is still open” Daxton’s harsh voice snapped her out of her thoughts


Pearl scoffed then walked in fully and shut the door. “There’s a change in the report of our stocks on supply….” she started



“you should see my secretary” Daxton pointed to me


“But Henry said I report directly to you” Pearl snarled


“I’m busy” Daxton stated and faced his system. He wasn’t even working.


Pearl huffed loudly and walked to my desk.


“Read it yourself” she tossed the files she was holding and stormed out


“you should’ve listened to her.. The report is for you” I told Daxton


“Why are you my secretary?”


I rolled my eyes “I’m your secretary and not your replacement”


“Just look into it” Daxton said “I’ll call Paul to give you a briefing on the stocks offered for supply.. I think there is a little problem I can’t handle”


“Is there really a problem the president can’t handle?”


“There are a lot of problems I can’t handle now.. A lot of things that surpa*sses my ability”


From the way he spoke, it had nothing to do with the company.


“if the president can’t handle it, then a mere secretary can’t even try”


Daxton sighed and placed a call to Paul. When he was done, he dropped the receiver and looked at me “meet him in his officer”


I heaved a sigh to suppress my anger then collected the files and headed to Paul’s office.











Paul and I finished up with the records. There was really a mistake with the supplies. One of the supplies made to an individual hadn’t been recorded and the only way to retrieve the record was meeting with the individual, Louis Parker. Paul and I agreed and I met with the man and an appointment was made immediately. I’ll meet with Louis Parker and get the record from him.


When we were done with the arrangements, I checked the time and I still had 20 minutes before the meeting.


I returned to my office— Daxton’s office to inform him of the new development.


“Paul already called to inform me” Daxton said before I even talked “I knew you would figure it out”


I blushed


Was that a compliment?


“it definitely wasn’t a compliment” Daxton said as if reading my thoughts “I already called my driver, he’ll drive you to meet the client”


“Louis Parker?”


“Who’s Louis Parker?” Daxton asked


I opened my mouth to reply when Daxton’s phone rang.


“I’ll get this” he said and answered the call


I waited for him to finish the call so we could talk about Louis Parker. If he didn’t know Louis Parker, then Louis Parker definitely wasn’t a client.


I waited for minutes but the call wasn’t ending. I sighed in exasperation and sat down.


Daxton moved the phone from his ear then mouthed to me “you can’t keep the client waiting”


“we need to talk about Lo—”


“don’t keep the client waiting” Daxton snarled then went back to his call



I picked up the files and shoved it into my bag then walked out. I walked out to the premises and met the driver standing beside Daxton’s car. He held the door open and I entered.


Louis Parker.


The driver got into the driver’s seat and drove off.


We arrived at the restaurant and I strolled in. I looked around and a waitress walked up to me.


“I’m here to see Louis Parker” I told her


“this way ma’am” she led me to the alcove and there was a man sitting to a gla*ss of wine.


“thank you” I said to the waitress and moved to the table


“Louis Parker?!” I sought his attention and he looked up at me with a smile I gasped “James Farmer?!”


“Hello Chloe” James smiled broadly


“James?! What are you doing here? I’m supposed to be meeting Louis Parker”


“and you’re speaking to Louis Parker” he chuckled “sit down”


I was reluctant. I just stared at him in there confusion. There wasn’t a Louis Parker.


“sit! You’re here for business aren’t you?”


I drew in a deep breath and pulled out a seat then sat down “What’s going on?” I asked him


“drink you sherry” he said


I looked at the gla*ss of sherry before me but didn’t make any move to touch it.


I wasn’t going to drink it.


“You’re here for the record”



“I’m here to see Louis Parker”


“I’m Louis Parker”


“Then who’s James Farmer?”


He thumped his chest “me”


I shook my head in confusion “I don’t understand”


“I wanted to see you after that party but you’re always busy with Daxton” his lips curved in a smirk “so I came up with this idea”


“Who are you? James Farmer or Louis Parker?”


He threw his head back, laughing “James Farmer Louis Parker”


I slapped the table real hard “whoever you are, just give me the record” I stretched out my palm


James chuckled and placed his hand on mine then pulled me closer “I’d want to partner with SBH but I’ll only do that if you’ll work for me”


“I work for SBH” I shuttered


“I know and we’ll be partners so there’s nothing wrong if you work for me”


“What do you want?”


“Two things” he leaned into his chair “Partner with SBH and get you to work for me”


“Just give me the record.. We don’t need your partnership”


James laughed sardonically and leaned forward “SBH needs ZHANG if they’re going to complete their master piece”



I frowned “have you been going through our records?”


“Not really..” he shook his head “I only know that SBH has been working on master piece and they need more fund. ZHANG is also working on a similar piece so if we partner, then ZHANG and SBH can complete the piece together”


I never knew about that.


“that’s not my business”


“oh it is, we’re talking about your fiance’s company” he said teasingly and touched my ring “it’s lovely isn’t it?”


“The record”


He pushed a bag to me “here it is.. I’ll visit tomorrow to talk to Daxton”


“you know he’s never going to let me work for you”


James smiled and leaned forward so that his lips touched my ear “What I know is that you’re more beautiful today than that night at the party”


I shuddered when he nibbled on my ear.


“I think Chloe was about leaving” that was Daxton’s voice


We turned to see him standing at the entrance with his hands in his pants pockets.


His expression was murderous but he just stood there, looking relaxed.


“Mr Salvador” James chuckled and leaned into his seat “we were just talking of you”


Daxton walked in fully “Stand up” he ordered me


“we were talking about business Daxton.. It’s not like I was trying to take your fiancée”



Daxton frowned “next time you want to meet with animals, remind me to call the zoo keeper so he comes with a chain” he said to me and I chuckled but it wasn’t funny to James at all


“there would be no need bringing chains when animals talk to themselves” James retorted


Daxton clenched his fist and I grabbed his clenched fist “I’ve got a human heart.. I wouldn’t want to kill your mom’s only bastard”


James chuckled “you don’t have to worry, I’ll give her more bastards but what about your mom? She’ll never get a bastard from her gay son, not even one”


And that was it, Daxton landed a blow on Jame’s nose before I could stop him.


James touched his nose and looked at his finger. There was no blood.


“I don’t hit kids” he spat out and grabbed me “I do this” before I could stop him, his hands went around me and his lips covered over mine. I pressed my hands against him and tried to break free. Daxton didn’t do anything at first, he just stood there, watching us. The next thing I heard was a bottle smash on James’ head. He staggered back and stumbled to the floor. Daxton picked him up by the collar and threw blows on his face.


“Daxton you’ll kill him” I shouted when Daxton wasn’t stopping and James had already gone unconscious. I was scared, so scared but Daxton wasn’t stopping.


“Security! Security!” I ran out shouting


I found some security guards and led them to alcove. James was already bleeding real bad all over his head and face but Daxton wouldn’t stop.


The security guards seized Daxton and tried handcuffing him but he yanked off their hands.


“you’ll have to follow us to the station sir” one of them said


Daxton scoffed and looked at me “Let’s go”


“Mr Salvador?!”


“I’ll be at my office if you need me” Daxton snarled and we walked out


“Daxton you almost killed that man in there” I yelled when we walked to his car


Daxton paused and shot me a glare and I went dumb immediately. I kept my mouth shut and we got into his car. Daxton turned on the ignition and we drove off. It was already late in the evening and coupled with Daxton’s anger, we drove to his house. We drove in silence until we got home. Daxton got down first and headed inside. I followed him behind.




Daxton pinned me with a glare


“Daxton you almost killed that man.. He might even be dead, the police will come after you”


Daxton grabbed my arm and in a second, he pinned me to the wall with his hand under my neck.


“Chloe I accept the fact that you aren’t really my woman but that man insulted me and you let him without doing anything”


“I tried protesting but—


“But you enjoyed every bit of it” he shouted




“Let him die.. Unless you care that much”




He huffed loudly and walked upstairs. I just stood there, dumbfounded.


Daxton almost killed that man and now he tried killing me.



I touched my neck and winced in pain. He was really angry, more angrier than he had ever been. He wasn’t just angry, unless he was—- .








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