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Sequence 39




© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman




“Wakey, wakey, Jack-Lord!” Samuel said as he hit Jack’s right cheek continuously with his gloved left hand.


Jack Larbi opened his eyes slowly and yawned.


He squinted against the glare of the early morning sunlight filtering in through the windows. Samuel Larbi had drawn the thick curtains and slid the windows to allow the sunlight to hit Jack’s face.


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Jack, wearing the bottoms of his pyjamas, turned slowly on his back and looked at Samuel who was now sitting at the foot of the bed and looking at Jack with a smile that failed to reach his eyes.


Samuel was not alone in the room, though.


Doctor Michael Obeng was standing near the entrance to the bathroom. He was


dressed in dark slacks and white top with a thick bandage wound around his head


and under his chin. Beside him was Beatrice. She was wearing a long black dress


and although her face was made up expertly, she looked gaunt and highly


uncomfortable as she looked at Jack.


And then Jack noticed the White men.


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There were three of them.


Two were wearing dark suits and black gloves with dark sunglasses. They were huge and looked dangerous. They were standing on each side of the bedroom door and there were guns in their hands.


The third one was wearing an expensively-cut maroon designer suit, his sleek shoes, watch and apparel a clear indication that he lived in wealth. He was an elderly man, probably in his seventies with a weathered and tanned face that looked healthy in spite of his age. His thinning hair was iron-grey and it appeared like he had no hair on his face.


Jack scowled slightly and sat up in the bed.


“Ah, the sleeping prince awakes out of his own volition,” Samuel said coldly. “Or, perhaps, from a little tender coaxing from me, your own loving brother.” “What’s going on here, Sammy?” Jack asked coldly.


Samuel’s cold smile turned stale for a moment, and then he licked his lips slowly and spoke.


“I’ll cut the chase, Jack-Lord,” he said drily. “We want access to the vault. We would take the jewelleries and cash we know you keep there, and you would also give the JL-CELL to this fine gentleman here. Afterwards, we’ll leave you alone and in peace. We’ll all go away.”


Jack turned his head and looked at Beatrice with a sad look on his face.


“And you’re also in on this?” he asked softly. “My father loved you, and I treated you like my own mother. We trusted you totally. Is this how you repay my father? Goodness me, you practically have access to more wealth than many women in this world. How can you be so greedy, Beatrice?”


With a snarl of fury Samuel leaned forward and struck Jack hard across his right cheek.


“Belt it up, motherfu.cker!” Samuel said tightly. “That’s my mother you’re talking to!”


“Stop hitting him, Sam!” Beatrice said softly as her eyes roamed over Jack’s face. “I’m so sorry, Jack!”


Jack Larbi turned his attention to Samuel once more.


“And I suppose if I refuse to give you the cell, you’ll kill me, right?” he asked without much emotion.


Samuel smiled coldly and motioned to one of the men at the doorway. The grim man quickly put his gun into a shoulder holster and pulled out an iPad from the folds of his coat. He stepped forward and gave it to Samuel who drew a pattern on the touchscreen to open up the screen and then he leaned forward and put it on the bed beside Jack.


On the screen was a very disturbing scene!


Jack saw that there were two women inside a huge glass booth, the ones they kept over the pools of water in the little personal pool. The booth was suspended above the lake. The two women inside were tied!


Their hands were tied behind them and so were their ankles. They looked absolutely scared as they huddled inside the glass booth.


“Luce,” Jack said softly. “You’re going to kill her? And that woman? Who’s the woman with Luce?”


Samuel Larbi chuckled evilly.


“It is a kind of long story, but believe me when I tell you that you love her very much! She’s the love of your life but you’ve forgotten about her, obviously, because Doc here has been messing with your mind in an effort to get the passwords to the vault. Seems likely that you’ll be a fruit case forever. But you do love that woman. Her name is Adobea Asare.”


Jack gasped suddenly as his face screwed up with sudden pain! He shut his eyes briefly as if trying hard to recollect and then he finally opened his eyes and sighed. There was the hint of perspiration on his handsome face as he looked around the room.


“So, let me guess, if I refuse to give you the jewelleries and the cell, you would release Luce and this Adobea woman into the crocodile lake?” he asked softly. “That’s the first obvious approach,” Samuel said with a bleak smile. “And if that fails, we’ll simply tie you up and let those two men near the door work on you. They’re Russian torture experts, trained to give maximum pain to your body for a long time whilst letting you live. Believe me, Jack, they’ll torture you until we get what we want, and in the end you’ll die. But, if you give us what we want, you will live and the girls will live. We’ll also leave you in peace, so it becomes a win-win situation for everybody. And we’ll all live happily together.”


Jack Larbi shook his head sadly.



“Human beings are indeed the worst of all living creatures, you know,” he said softly. “You and your mother were living a life of strife. Even what you would eat was a constant battle. My father married your mother and adopted you, and gave you the best of education. He made an honourable woman out of your mother and gave you buildings and riches in his Will. And this is how you will repay him? You’re so pathetic, you know.”


His voice was filled with such contempt that Beatrice’s lips trembled suddenly and she looked away from him.


Samuel smiled bleakly as he held up the remote control of the glass enclosure in his hand. His thumb was hovering over the red knob at the top.


“Greed has been a cardinal sin from the very beginning, Jack-Lord,” he said with a little chuckle. “Even Lucifer was motivated by greed and since then there has been none righteous, and man’s greed necessitated the death of God’s own son. So, yeah, what the, I’m greedy and ungrateful but that’s the way the world is. So, what’s it gonna be, Jack-Lord? You want me to release the girls and feed the crocs?”


“No, I’ll give you what you want,” Jack said softly, and all the people in the room seemed to breathe with relief.


“That’s a pretty wise decision, brother,” Samuel said and waved the remote at Jack. “I knew you had a sensible head between those shoulders and you would make a wise choice.”


Jack stood up from the bed and moved to his wardrobe.


He selected a jeans and a T-shirt and put them on and then he pushed his feet into a pair of sneakers, turned and smiled at them.


“Well, let’s go to the vault then,” he said.


Samuel indicated the door.


“After you, little brother,” he said softly. “And remember, no fast moves. Don’t try to be intelligent, boy. My thumb is on the knob and the slightest mistake you make will let me push it down and kill the girls.”


“Oh, I do believe you, Sammy,” Jack said gently but his face was now dark with anger.


He moved along the corridor and descended the stairs as the people came up behind him. The two men in dark suits were following directly behind with guns in their hands. Samuel was behind them and he was also holding a silenced gun now. Jack moved across the great hall through another corridor that led finally to the huge door of the study he had shared with his father. He pushed the door open and entered. The great lights came on automatically. The study was very huge and had


two distinct sections marked by huge and beautiful mahogany desks at each end.


There was a conference section to the north wing.


Along the walls were huge bookcases that were glass-fronted and filled with huge leather-bound books on science and the classics of literature. Jack moved across the luxurious floor to a huge metallic door to the western end which had a dark square screen on its surface.


The men spread out behind him as he began to input figures on a golden panel below the screen. A minute later there was a short melodic sound as the screen lit up and a mechanical voice spoke.


“Welcome to the Larbi Vault,” it said. “Please, if you want access begin security check protocol.”


“Voice recognition,” Jack said calmly.


The screen flickered once.


“Voice recognition confirmed,” the mechanical voice said. “Welcome, Mr Jack Larbi. Kindly proceed to fingerprints verification.”


The image of a green hand blinked on the screen. Jack put his right hand flat on the blinking hand. “Right hand fingerprints confirmed. Left hand, please.”


The green hand changed to a blue one, and Jack placed his left palm on it.


“Left hand fingerprints confirmed. Thank you. Facial recognition now activated.” An image of Jack’s face appeared on the screen and Jack leaned forward as his face was scanned. The area of the eyes of the image turned red for a moment, and then it blinked green rapidly.


“Eye scan completed. Retinal confirmation complete. Password setup initiated. Kindly input your password, Mr Jack Larbi.” “Bastards!” Samuel whispered bleakly under his breath.


“Quite impressive, I must admit,” said the elderly Russian.


Jack rapidly typed in a complex and lengthy password.


“Password confirmed,” the voice said. “Five-point verification complete. Unlimited access granted. Thank you, Mr Jack Larbi.”


The huge metallic door clicked at several places and then its two heavy sides retracted slowly sideways, revealing a beautiful room beyond filled with incredible glass cases and panels that held glittering diamonds, rubies, gems and assorted jewelleries in incredible array.


“Goodness me!” Samuel whispered in awe. “Jesus Christ of Nehemiah! Have you ever seen anything like this?”


All the people were staring with stunned incredulity.



“My goodness!” Doctor Obeng whispered. “This is more than I thought!” Beatrice’s eyes were shining with greed, and for a moment they all hesitated as Jack Larbi stepped into the vault and quickly input a series of commands on a mechanical control panel on the wall to his left.


There was a slight sound and then a heavy plate of bulletproof glass slid rapidly across the door and sealed him inside.


He turned slowly and faced them as his hands continued to input figures on the control panel.


“Lockdown commenced,” the mechanical voice said suddenly. “Please, confirm lockdown.”


Jack punched the letter ‘Y.’


“Indefinite lockdown activated,” the voice said.


Suddenly, all around the study, heavy metallic sheets of pure shining iron began to descend along all the walls and across the ceiling! They thudded down with swift and silent finality.


“He’s locking us inside!” Samuel screamed with horror. “Oh, you bastard!” He raced frantically towards the door but he was too late! The metallic sheets slid into place, locking up the study.


“You bastard!” Samuel screamed as he aimed his gun at Jack’s chest and fired rapidly.


The bullets smashed against the bulletproof glass-like plating and fell harmlessly to the floor.


Perspiring rapidly, his face screwed up with frenzied panic, Samuel held up the remote control of the glass booth in his hand.


“Open up right now, Jack-Lord!” he screamed frantically. “Or I feed the women to the crocs right now!”


“You’re a fool, Sammy,” Jack said calmly. “The iron sheets that have locked this place down effectively cancels out remote access of any kind. Go ahead, press your knob!”


Samuel Larbi held up the iPad that had the image of the trapped Adobea and Lucille. His lips twisted in a snarl as he pressed the knob rapidly. But, just as Jack had said, the girls remained in the glass booth!


The booth didn’t slide open to dump them into the lake!


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Horrified, Samuel looked at Jack and sweat poured freely from his face now. “You silly goats made some vital mistakes,” Jack said calmly. “First, let me tell you that as great as my father was, I am the real brains behind Larbi Industries! I



designed this bloody place! All the inventions that my father is credited with, I designed them! The JL-CELL is my invention! I own this place, you evil greedy imps!”








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