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Baddest Girl – Episode 44

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Episode 44



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Danny’s POV



“I saw the interview.” Zach said and I scoffed, he is here to lecture me again.



“But that’s not why am here,it’s because of my wife.” He added and I looked up to see him.


“What’s wrong? I asked as I dropped my pen on my desk and paid full attention on my elder brother.



“She is having series of bad feelings about Kierra,she thinks that all is not well with her marriage.” Zach explained.



“Why will she think like that?” I asked.


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“Same question have been asking her,I mean she’s her sister and she shouldn’t be having negative thoughts about her twin sister’s marriage.” Zach said. Confusion written all over his face.



“She should try and visit her,maybe she just miss her.” I said and Zach sighed.


“Her husband said that she traveled out of the country four months ago.” He said.



“Call your wife together bro,it obvious that Kierra is enjoying her marriage life so no need to stress over it.” I said and he nods.



Zach left my office afterwards and I continue with my work.


Ever since Zach came by and mentioned Kierra’s name, I can’t help but think about her.


I just can’t help myself,why do I still think of her after two years?



Since those two years I think I only saw her twice at an event. Ever since then I never set my eyes on her again.



Why am I thinking about her now?



I picked up the telephone and put a call across to my Secretary desk. Kira is still my Secretary after all this years, well that’s because she have the spirit of tolerance.






“Come to my office immediately.” I said and dropped the telephone.


Two minutes a small knock can be hear on the door.



“Come in.” I said and continue scribbling down on the sheet of paper. “Sir you called me.”



“Yes, when is the meeting with Antonio starting? I asked.



“In the next hour, sir.” She replied.



“Okay then, I’ll be in my house for a short while so if he comes do give me a call.” I said and she nodded.



She left the office and I stood up, I walk out and made my way to the elevator.


I press a digit and lean on it waiting for the elevator to stop.


The elevator stopped at the down floor and I walk to the parking lot.


I entered my car then drove off to my house.



On my way there I couldn’t stop thinking of a Kierra. Damn even after two years I think of her every single day.


I can’t just stop thinking about her.



I drove inside my Villa and got out of my car. I walk inside the house and was greeted by my maids. I hired some workers a year ago to look after the house.



I follow the elevator and went upstairs,I can’t climb the stairs.


I got inside my room and was greeted by the coldness of it. I forgot to turn off the air condition before leaving for the office in the morning.


I removed my jacket and tossed it towards the bed and went straight to the bathroom.



After washing my hands I splashed some water on my face and dried it up with a towel before going back to my room.


I don’t know if I should call Killian or will it look inappropriate to ask after a married woman whom I haven’t check up on for almost two years.



What if he knew about my past relationship with her?


I don’t think calling him is the best.



Kierra’s POV



I sat down on the bed,my hands wrapped on my kneels as I sobbed silently.


I can’t do this anymore, I can’t pretend to be okay while am not.



Am not okay!!!


It keep going from bad to worse, tonight he didn’t just beat me but raped me too.



I watch as he was snoring on the bed and started thinking of what to do.


I can’t continue this marriage,I don’t want to die am not ready to die.



Am filing for a divorce,yes that’s what am going to do but right now I have to escape.



I quietly went inside the bathroom and clean myself, I went back inside the room and went inside my closet.


I wore my baggy track pants and a baggy T-shirt.


I pull out a Nike hair warmer and cover my hair. I took a quick glance at me before hurrying out of the room, I already got $500,000 to take care of me tonight at least.



I managed to get out of the house after bribing the driver who saw me on my way out.



I rushed along the way and flagged down a cab, the very first place to came into my mind was Sierra’s but if she see’s me like this it will worsen the situation.


What about mom? Oh no I don’t want her blood pressure to increase.



“Please take me to DM Villa.” I said to the cab driver.



I waited patiently for the drive to end but it didn’t. Danny’s house is a little far from Killian’s.



An hour later the cab stopped in front of the massive gate leading inside the Villa, I alight from the cab and pay him after which I made my way towards the mansion.



What if Danny doesn’t wanna help me?


What if his girlfriend is with him?



What do I do?


I walk inside the Villa and saw him taking a walk along the poolside.


I quickly walk up to him and pull him by his Shirt.



“Who dah f**k.” He yelled.



“It’s me, it’s me Kierra, please don’t reject me.” I begged as I remove my hair warmer.


He stared at me for a while before cupping up my chin.



“Kierra? What the is this?





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