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What Love Did To Him – Episode 2

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No, he had never wanted to say that, he had wanted to apologize but he doesn’t know how on earth he had let her break up with him. He felt weak all over, the sight of Tende the flute irritated him and for once, he just wished he broke it into pieces. He felt like lying down but as he laid down, he couldn’t stop rolling on the bed. Never in his life had he felt the way he was feeling, it was just strange. He faced the white wall of his room and soon tears started falling off his eyes, he was crying. ” I can’t bear this ” he thought to himself as he picked his phone to call her, he stared at the phone for some minutes and then dialed her number which connected immediately. ” Hello” came the harsh voice of Nkechi at the other end,


” Oh, sorry I mistakenly dialed the number” he put an end to the call and immediately gave himself a knock…




Why am I doing this?”


He asked himself as tears streamed down slowly from his eyed again, this time, he couldn’t control the tears. There was only one thing to turn to at time like this, he looked at his side took his flute, the sound he made from it was terrible.

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• That was when he was in secondary school, now he is a graduate of secondary school and a much bigger boy. He had partook in the jamb tutorial lesson immediately after secondary school, he never knew his dad was gonna make connections for him. Nkechi had also attended the tutorial but they both avoided themselves like leprosy, they pretended like they never knew each other. It was in this tutorial lesson that Gabriel had met his second girlfriend, a dark Muslim girl,


Rukayat. This one isn’t a case of mutual love, it could be literally term ” Commensal love ” because it seem it was only Gabriel that was having feeling the feelings. Yes, he loves her even more than he had done for Nkechi. It was like love at first sight. He had actually bumped into her on the first day he had visited the tutorial centre, he was going into the class and she was coming out of the class.



She was holding her books and he was coming with his school bag,he was putting on a white trouser and a white shirt. His flute was in the side pocket of his bag, he also had his medicated eye glass on, it was also white. He was walking into the tutorial centre in his slow walking step when suddenly, Rukayat rushed out and bumped into him, her book poured away. She was wearing a white hijab on a blue gown. She had immediately gone down to start packing up her books, Gabriel on his own side just stood looking at her on the ground not knowing what to do. ” You can’t say sorry? ” she asked as she got up, ” But you bumped into me” Came the reply from Gabriel, to him that was the perfect answer. ” But I am a girl, even if I had bumped into you, you should still respect the fact that I am girl” She walked away. Maybe it was the words or her beauty, but he had felt some kind of attraction towards her..




He stared at her for some minutes as she walked away, but she didn’t even steal a glance at him. He walked into the centre still staring at her until she was out of his sight.


So funny, they became seat mate, their physics tutorial teacher had actually placed them together on the first day of his class. According to him, he wanted different sex sitting arrangement. Gabriel had been happy she was his seat mate, that was what he had even prayed for, with her as his seat mate, it would be more easy to get her. She packed her belongings over to sit with Gabriel, she wasn’t wearing any smile as she was still holding grudges against Gabriel for the earlier incident, she sat down and turned the other way while Gabriel also turned the other way. ” God please, let her talk to me” he prayed silently as he didn’t know how to start up a conversation, he had tried talking to her but the words didn’t just seem to come out, like there was something stopping the words from leaving his mouth..



Oh God, I dont get this physics” Rukayat shouted and hit her hand on the table, ” Please stop disturbing others” Gabriel turned to her, ” I wasn’t meant to say that, I should have just said let me help you with it” he thought but then it was too late. ” I didn’t hit your side of the table, and I want talking to you” Rukayat defended herself while Gabriel just nodded and anti faced her. She hissed and also turned against him, ” I just screwed things up” he thought again. His emotions almost killed him, day by day, he found out that he was so in love with Rukayat and the more he kept it to himself , the more damages it did to him. Rukayat on her own side wasn’t making things easy for him, she seem to flow along with every other

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guy in the tutorial centre except him, she has even become friends with Nkechi, all this got him emotionally down and Jealous, he loved her.


” I will open up today” Gabriel said to himself as he got dressed up in blues that


Friday morning, his blue dress matched his Flute, colour. He walked to the centre in his slow and steady and walking manner. Rukayat was already in class when he arrived, she was sitting alone and battling with her physics assignment. They were the only people in class, ” Perfect , she would ask me for my assignment now and from there we would strike up a conversation” He thought to himself. But it wasn’t so, Rukayat didn’t ask him for his assignment, she kept the book until Chidi, the most troublesome boy in the tutorial walked in. ” Chidi, please give me your physics assignment” She had begged him while Chidi gave her willingly. That was the height of it, he was so jealous but couldn’t say a thing. He found himself scratching his head and sweating, he had to wait for the thirty minuted break period before he ran out with his bag to the nearby bush surrounding the tutorial centre, for once he brought out his flute which he had never blown since he started coming for the lessons. He sat down on the floor with his leg folded and filled the air with the nice sound of Tende, the rustling bushes became still and birds could soon be seen flying towards him, as he played, he backed up with his voice. ” You have a wonderful voice” he heard someone behind him after about ten minutes playing, he turned and it was Rukayat. Again, Tende has delivered a girl into his hands..












____________ ________


__________ ___________




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