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Still on Pablo’s POV



“…and when we both came into admission, well you know what they say; the rest is history. We were in a relationship for three years. And not until in that third year did I find out he had a family. You can’t imagine when someone you love betrays you- the worst of it all being deception. He had a wife, Helen of course, Paula’s mum. She use to be my best friend. That woman was so foolish.”


“How?” I asked.


“She dumbly carried out all his husband’s evil plans without knowing his true motives. Above all, she never told me that she was Married to him(Miguel) despite knowing what was going on between us.”



“When I got to know and confronted him about it, he did not deny it but he denied the fact that he was still together with his wife.

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Though they were married, they were separated months before we met.


He told me Helen would not agree to a divorce. It took time but I believed him. After knowing what his true motives were, all my hard earned Properties were gone.


She pretended to be a friend of mine and stole all my legal documents to her husband. How she managed to get my signature on those documents is still a mystery to me.”


After learning the truth, It was still not enough to go our separate ways because I was already heart, body, and soul into the relationship. Besides I thought if he has the property, he will still marry me anyway and that he won’t abandon me like the previous one did. It continued for three years…”


Six years in total? My mother had something going on with Paula’s father for six years?


“… until he had to leave to take responsibility for his other family.”


“What do you mean?”


Helen thought, after she has taken my assets to her husband, he will start caring and change his behavior towards her. Perhaps, that was what Miguel used to promise her with. So when Helen got to know that, his husband was still seeing me, she results to drinking.

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“Miguel was being the a good man he think he is so he felt responsible. At the time, I understood but it was starting to get to me when I heard nothing from him for almost six months.


Nothing. Not a word or a sign of him. When he eventually showed up, I was ready to tell him I had enough and I was sure he would find the situation agreeable.



He refused; he said he had made a lot of bad decisions but he was going to fix it right. A few months later, I had you.”


My eyes went wide. Did that mean…?


“For four years, Miguel tried to stay true for his wife and little daughter and us but Helen snapped. She came to know about us again and delivered threats this time. I wasn’t scared of her but then she did something that let me know I was going to regret ignoring her.”


“What did she do?”


mom hesitated in telling.


“All you should know is, I’m taking revenge on what she did.”


I was ready to ask Mom to elaborate on that but she shut me down with a raised palm “That’s all you need to know.”


” So what did you do about your lost assets? Didn’t you strike back?” I asked.


“I lost it after their death. Miguel got bankrupt and he already mortgaged my properties for loans. So after he died, no one was there to pay his debtors. So my properties were taken.” She explained.


That’s bad.


The day had turned dark outside and it seemed to go well with the atmosphere in the room.


Silence filled the room and when I realised mom was not saying more, I asked the question that had been rolling over in my head since I started putting things together from mom’s story.


“Is he… is he my father?”


mom took quite a pause before she answered.



“And I’m sure the next question you’ll ask me is if the girl is your sister?


Grow up Pablo, it’s not one of your novels. You think I would know that and still let you two get engaged in front of me? I would’ve killed her at that spot. Is not like I liked her anyway.”


“Well, what do you want me to think? You never want to talk about my father when I ask and this… what you’ve just told me, it all fits. You loved him… you were together when you had me…or is that not true?”


mom kept her silence.


“Mom, come on. What is there to hide anymore?”


“Oh god, how do I tell Paula all this?”


“Forget about it.”


“You should just stay away from that girl.”


“Are you sure he was not my father?”


Mom sighed before letting herself up.


“All I can tell you is, you are not related to that girl and that’s no lie. What I would not lie about is, that I don’t like her. She reminds me of the past. If you want to have your old mum back, stay away from that girl.”


I was still in shock at the whole situation i unexpectedly found myself in.


“Anyway what was Jude doing here. What bussiness do you have with him? Or do you have a thing for young guys now?” I asked teasingly.


“What nonsense! Have you perhaps lost your sanity to that bitch? How dare you think such of me?” She barked.



I think I’ve gone too far. But if mum has no business with him, then what will he be doing here?


“Then what was he doing here?” I asked back.


She rolled her eyes,” The reason why you came here was to know my hostility towards your so called Fiance. Not to question me about something I know nothing of”. She replied.


Somehow, she is right. Why I’m I even suspecting Jude? Forget about it. He was a friend and still is so no biggie.


I could feel my head almost burning from the load of information I got today. What was I to do with all that?


mom had still not made what i wanted to know clear. It was either I’m Miguel’s son or Paula was not his daughter since mom was nice enough to clarify we weren’t related. Great for me. I thought as I settled in my bed.


doubt I could be Miguel Devante’s son anyway because if that were the case, a number of things would still not make sense.


Besides, it seemed the reason for mom’s hatred towards Paula was because of her mother’s past. Which she still hadn’t made clear. I think I have to get the rest of the story from Paula.


I groaned when I took a peek at my phone and saw Paula’s name flash on the screen. She was calling again- for the nth time.


When it stopped ringing, not a minute after, a text came in. I unlocked my phone to read what the text from Paula said. She was asking if I am the one who sent the chauffeur. I did anyway. But I took an elderly man. I don’t want any young man gawking at my fiance.


Not long after I finished reading, her call came in again.





“Pablo,” Paula called out my name in what sounded like relief.


It made me get ashamed of my act. I could have sent a text or replied her’s to avoid this.


“Why are you not picking up? I’ve been worried sick and imagining the worst.


Don’t you ever do that to me again.” She breathed it all out.


I bit down on my lip in shame; I had just been selfishly embedded in my own thoughts.


“Are you okay?” Her voice had suddenly gone calm. “Is this about your mom?”





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And if Pablo is not related to Paula, then who is Pablo’s dad?


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