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Unwavering Faith – Episode 10

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To err is human but to forgive is divine. There’s no pain that’s unique to only one person alone because everything you have gone through and will ever go through has been witnessed by someone else before you, so it’s best you forgive when the right time comes. Majority feel they are doing the person that wronged them a



favour when they forgive but fail to realise that they are first doing themselves a favour by letting go of that grudge and burden from their heart. When you forgive a person, you take charge of any power they could ever have to use that pain against you but when you don’t forgive, they get to keep that power.




In Susan’s case, God had blessed her and wiped away every years from her eyes. God answered her prayers and restored her joy within, he brought to nought her adversaries and made an open show of blessings for her mockers to see. At that point in her life, there was no room for anger, hatred or bitterness. She was willing to forgive anyone that had hurt her in the past because she wanted to move on completely with her new family and didn’t want to get pulled back every now and then by any incident from her past.

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When the news was broken to Susan and everyone gathered in the room, that her ex-husband ‘Raymond’ was at the door, they were all shocked because that was the last person they were expecting at that time. There was fire on the mountain but it seemed no one was running yet.




“What’s he looking for and why is he here?” Susan’s mum flared up but her Dad calmed her down. “Baby, do you know why he’s here?” Susan gently asked as she breastfed her daughter, “No, should I let him in?” Williams inquired, “Do whatever you want to do babe, it’s all in your hands” Susan wisely concluded.




One look at Raymond and he looked sober and lost. Williams wanted to excuse


him away from his family happy moment but had to consider his fellow man; at


least to first hear him out. “How can we help you, do you have anything to say?” Williams curiously inquired, “I just want to apologise to my ex-wife before I loose my mind. Please just give me few minutes and I promise that I’ll be out in no time” Raymond said.

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Out of compassion, Williams asked everyone if they were in approval for Raymond to come in and they all murmured quietly without directly answering the



question. Susan picked up a towel that was lying on the bed and covered her breast and part of her baby’s body. The door was finally opened and there was pin drop silence. Raymond gently walked into the room and the first place his eyes went to was the baby Susan was carrying. He almost broke down in tears when he saw the beautiful baby sucking Susan’s breast. The fact that the beautiful reality right in front of him could have been his but wasn’t, broke his heart over again.




After being mute for a while and ignoring the rude stare Susan’s mother was giving, Raymond finally spoke; “I first want to say that I deeply regret the way I treated majority of the people in this room. Susan, you deserved better and I’m so happy that you have found someone that gave you that fulfilment I never did because of my pride and ego; even though it hurts me. You were such a good woman to me and it kills me each day knowing that I treated you unfairly. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me, your forgiveness will mean the whole world to me. I pray your parents find a place in their hearts to forgive me as well because I wasn’t the best in-law to them. I’m so sorry for making the past 5 years of your life a miserable one and making you think it was your fault that we couldn’t conceive when it was all my fault” He soberly said and turned towards Williams direction, “Please take care of her, you are a true man indeed and I’m glad you both have each other” he said.




Immediately Raymond was done talking, Susan smiled and looked at him pitifully. She genuinely wished him all the best but not with her because she was now with someone she loved and could move mountains for. After looking at her ex-husband for a while as he stood in front of her, she finally spoke; “I forgive you, it’s absolutely fine. You really shouldn’t have come all the way here to say all this because I forgave you a long time ago when I met my dear husband. Thanks to you, I was able to meet the one man that has shown me what patience, hope and perseverance feels like. With him, my faith suddenly became strong and never wavered again after you previously crushed it. Thank you so much for walking away, thank for for letting me go and thank you for signing those divorce papers. This my daughter is the blessing in disguise you gave to me by doing all those things. Move on and stop being hard on yourself because I have forgiven and forgotten all that happened in the past and wouldn’t want you to invade my



husband and new family’s privacy again. Take care and I wish you all the best” She said.




With that being said, Raymond knew it was time for him to excuse them and take his leave. He smiled faintly and walked away. Deep down in his heart, he was still heartbroken for loosing Susan but at least a bit relieved she had forgiven him. More interesting stories available @generalloaded.com. The hospital door was shut immediately after he left and that made him feel unwanted and deserted.




The reality is that Raymond never remained the same again, while Susan enjoyed a blissful marriage with her new found family. Another baby boy came a year after her first pregnancy and the couple had three children in total. Raymond took his fertility treatments serious and hoped to be called a ‘Dad’ someday.




Life moved one but Raymond still remained and wallowed in regrets. Happiness became a taboo for him but we pray he finds his ways again and truly reconciles with his past.




So many couples are fighting the battle of infertility but might never tell you they are trying to conceive. Don’t go about asking people why a baby hasn’t landed after one or two years of marriage because you don’t know what they deal with behind closed doors.




Be a pain relief to people and rather not cause them pain. Children are gifts from God and he will give everyone their own child in due time. Also, fertility issues aren’t exclusive to women alone, as men can also be the cause of infertility too. As a man, you could be the one making that woman suffer and carry the shame of being called ‘Barren’. Check and take your fertility health status as serious as the woman takes hers.



Let’s all try to be better co-workers, neighbours, in-laws etc to couples that are going through this phase in their marital life, the world is already cruel enough so let’s be kind.




More interesting stories available @generalloaded.com.

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